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Create instantly accessible backup of files with the best way to archive Outlook 2019 emails in Mac

archive outlook 2019 to local drive

There is no doubt that Outlook email data always remains vulnerable. Issues such as accidental deletion of mails, mail server crashes, etc can lead to unexpected loss of data files. In situations like this, one can rely on backup files so as to recover data in the hour of need. However, to achieve complete success in tasks such as to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive, it is utmost important to choose a proficient tool like InventPure Software’s Mail Backup X!

Mail Backup X gives the users the freedom to adjust the backup settings as per their needs. This medium of archiving the mails is full-proof; it has sturdy mechanism in place and it is extremely safe for use. Thus, the users get to have an instant solution to have easily accessible data as and when they need.

When to take up the task to ‘archive Outlook 2019 to local drive’?

Sometimes, the users realize the need to have a safe archive of the data files too little, too late. It is therefore in the right interest of users to take up this task sooner than they plan to. Here are a few reasons that might help you in reconsidering your plan to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive.

  • One of the top reasons to consider archiving of the email data is due to limited storage space in Outlook. In case, users reach full storage limit, they are forced to either delete their existing emails.
  • With Outlook, the users can never rule out server maintenance and server downtime issues which lead to inaccessibility of essential mailing data.
  • Increase in online activity is accompanied by threats such as data breach, data theft, etc.
  • Recovery of accidentally deleted mails is impossible with Outlook. Therefore, a backup in place can ensure safe recovery of the data files!
  • Backing up data can never be a bad idea. Therefore, to keep the confidential and crucial data files accessible at all points of time, task to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive must be taken up.

After reading the above mentioned reasons, it shouldn’t take any more convincing to start the process of archive of the data files. In order to do so, simply click on the link below to get a copy of Mail Backup X today!

‘How to archive emails in outlook 2019 to local drive’ with Mail Backup X, at a glance!

If you have chosen to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive with Mail Backup X then you are definitely on the right track. This tool will empower you to derive maximum benefit with regards to having a secure backup of the files in place.

Here is a line-up of the steps to be taken to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive with this tool

  1. Download and install the software using easy setup wizard. Launch the tool on the screen.
  2. Choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’ from the three options given on the screen.
archive outlook 2019 to local drive
  • Select Outlook profile from the list of email clients.
archive outlook 2019 email to hard drive
  • Now, select/deselect the items from the list of files and folders as per the requirement to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive.
how to archive emails in outlook 2019 to local drive
  • Setup the frequency of backup. Setup mirror backup for additional security. Activate Auto USB sync.
best way to archive outlook 2019 emails in mac
  • The backup is up and working now. The users can go right ahead to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive.

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Get 15 days FREE access to all the features of the ‘best way to archive Outlook 2019 emails in Mac’!

Mail Backup X is undoubtedly an outstanding choice to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive. This tool:

  • Backup, archive, and conversion of data: With this one tool alone, users get to perform any or all three of these actions for their email data. The tool supports all the major email clients for such services. These include Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Backup Options: Increased security for the data files can be ensured with this option. With incremental backup, one can get backup settings wherein the mails get backed up as and when they arrive. They can also use mirror and distributed backup settings.
  • Inbuilt mail viewer: Mail Backup X comes with a professional mail viewer. This option simply enables the users to view all of their archived mails in one place as opposed to constantly switching between different email clients to get to the files.  
  • Folder hierarchy structure: Needless to say, one can expect absolute transmission of data files without any affect on the integrity of the same. In short, every component on the data files is restored alongside the overall folder hierarchy structure.
  • Advanced search module: The advanced search options such as inputting complex query with ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ operators, attachments types, etc make the search quicker and easier for the users.
  • Storage space: The ultra high compression algorithms save up to 3 times the storage space in the process to backup the mailing data.  
  • Integrated FTP client: Additional safety of the data files is fully assured as this tool constantly uploads the data on secure FTP servers. Therefore, the users get to have access to their files as and when they desire.
  • USB Auto sync: This is a feature that is unique to this tool. One can active Auto USB sync which helps in speeding up the backup process. This smart features works by mapping the previous interactions with the USB drives and accordingly auto syncs all the data under the apt folders.

This is the simplest way to archive Outlook 2019 to local drive. The users get to have 24*7 customer care support as well to sort out any confusions that may come their way. This means, that come what may, every single user gets to have a fully functional backup in place which is of an everlasting nature.

Get this tool today: Free trial for all

Procurement of this tool is just a click away. The users can choose to take get the FREE demo copy of the tool to test out the best features, interface, operational course, etc. of the tool. This version will last 15 days which are sufficient enough to come to a decision. Once satiated, the users can choose to purchase any one of the three license keys. All of these are nominally priced and the details can be found hereunder:

Mail Backup X: This is a basic key. It allows 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on 2 systems.  

Mail Backup X for Small Business: This gives more access to the users. It allows 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 20 systems. It offers protection to 20 users.

Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This is the largest key. It allows 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 100 systems. It offers protection to 100 users.

These come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. Top-plans are also available to secure up to 10 additional profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I want to use the tool on my professional account. Will it be a threat to my data’s security?

The Mail Backup X is a completely safe and accurate backup tool. It provides your data with 100% safety and assurance. Nothing happens to your data during the backup process.

  • Where does the performance of the tool stand against other tools in contention?

When it comes to performance the tool is the best solution in the business. It is an all-round solution that offers you 100% safe and accurate backup process. It is easier to use and highly affordable.

  • Can you use the tool without any technical knowledge?

The Mail Backup X is designed in such an intelligent manner that anyone can easily use it. No prior technical knowledge is required to use the tool.

  • I want a tool that can archive my Outlook 2019 and store them on to an FTP server. Can this tool do that?

Yes, the tool allows you sync up your archived Outlook 2019 files on to an FTP Server. In fact, you can also store them to a cloud-based storage as well.

  • Is there any risk involved in using this tool?

No, there is absolutely no risk involved in using the Mail Backup X. The tool is a safe and accurate solution that handles your data with care and ease.

  • How many email clients does this tool support?

Not only the tool backs up your Outlook 2019 emails but is also compatible with email giants like Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mac and other IMAP based email clients.

  • Can the tool be used as an email converter tool as well?

The Mail Backup X is much more than just a normal backup tool. It brings a professional conversion engine and can be used to convert your emails from one format to another.

  • Does the tool provide the facility of sharing the archived files?

Yes, the tool does provide you with a sharing facility. You can share your archived files in well-organized PDF files.

  • Can I make my Outlook 2019 archive portable with the help of the tool?

By using the auto USB backup and Sync option provided by the tool, you can easily set up a USB drive. As soon as you plug this in, everything will be automatically synced by the tool.

  1. What is the customer support policy regarding the tool?

The customer support team is available 24*7 for you to contact.


The Mail Backup X is one of the highest rated solutions for archiving Outlook 2019 emails. It has a 5-star rating from top experts of the trade from around the world.

Client Testimonials

“The tool is hands down the best solution to archive Outlook 2019 emails. I didn’t have much luck with trusting third-party tools with my data. But with this tool everything fell into place. It is very easy to use, safe and provides you with an accurate backup solution.”- Riley Charles

“The tool has been the best software that I bought for business. The tool has been a great solution and all the employees love it. It makes the hard process of archiving emails easier for all kinds of users. Must Buy.” – George Boone


The tool offers different packages for different user needs with same excellent performance. The packages that the tool offers include:

Professional Edition

  1. The professional edition is for an individual user.
  2. Any user can back up to 5 mail profiles and can run on two different machines.
  3. If you need, you can add more mail profiles with upgrade top ups.
  4. You get a year full of free updates and maintenance.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. This can support a team of 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. Each user can backup 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. More mail profiles can be added to the packages as per the need with the help of top ups.
  4. Updates and maintenance are free for an year with this package.

Make your choice- free or paid! Act now to safeguard your files in the best way possible.

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