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Most effective way to overcome the problems that come in the way to archive Outlook 365 Mac

archive outlook 365  emails

InventPure has created an exemplary product in the form of Mail Backup X– a tool that helps the users to backup their emails unaided. This means that the users need not rely on expensive self proclaimed experts in the field; they can solely and confidently pursue the job with full assurance of success in the task to archive Outlook 365 Mac.

The tool comes with a brilliant set of features that are aimed at ruling out all the loopholes that can come in the way of getting fully functional files from this task. The tool has right skills and algorithms in place to archive Outlook 365 Mac without any flaws.

7 issues that Mail Backup X will help you eliminate in the process to ‘archive Outlook 365 emails’!

With Mail Backup X, not only do the users create impeccable backups of their data files but also do so without any hassles in their journey. Let us look at the top 7 issues that can be overcome with the help of this tool.

  • Leaves nothing behind: First and foremost, the users can archive Outlook 365 calendar and contacts with this tool without leaving anything behind. It also lets the users can successfully archive content with complex details such as non-English content, graphics images, attachments, etc.
  • Safeguards integrity: Secondly, this tool does not impact the folder hierarchy structure of the mails i.e. the integrity of the database is fully maintained.
  • No wastage of space: Thirdly, the users get to save a lot of space as this tool uses ultra-high compression algorithms to archive Outlook 365 emails.
  • Hassle free data location: Fourthly, it comes with a superfast and advanced search module which allows input of complex or combination operations like subject, timestamps, specific attachment types, etc.
  • Added safety: Next, with its integrated FTP client, the users can setup mirror backups for instant access to the data. Certainly, it enhances the safety of the content too.
  • Convert the files too: Further, the users need not look elsewhere for their conversion needs. This tool is a one stop solution for backup, archive, and conversion of email files. Using this tool, one can convert from and to all the major clients such as Apple mail, Thunderbird, Gmail, and the like.
  • Less manual labor: Lastly, it is a unique tool using which the users can setup auto USB sync which lightens the burden of backup on the users.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Mail Backup X is the best way to archive Outlook 365 Mac. It simplifies the journey and thus lets every user have a chance to archive Outlook 365 email to hard drive without any hiccups.

‘How to backup Outlook Mac 365’ swiftly and precisely with Mail Backup X!

While a lot of users might consider archiving Outlook 365 manually, it is not recommended for 3 major reasons.

  1. When you archive Outlook 365 manually, the chances of leaving behind the data increases manifold.
  2. The process to archive Outlook 365 manually is time and energy consuming.
  3. Even after the process to archive Outlook 365 manually gets completed, there is no guarantee with regards to the safety of the content. As a matter of fact, the OLM files often get corrupted in the transition phase; thus rendering the whole exercise useless.

Mail Backup X comes with a simple solution on how to archive Outlook mails 365 in a jiffy. The users simply have to follow series of quite interpretative steps that lead the users straight to the final results. And the most important factor is that no harm is brought upon the data files with this tool being in the picture.

Here is a line-up of the steps that must be followed to archive Outlook 365 folder using Mail Backup X.

Step 1: The first step is to download and install the tool on the system. This can be done by following the intuitive steps in the setup wizard of this tool.

Step 2: Once the tool has been installed, launch it on the screen.

Step 3: Choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’ from the given set of options.

archive outlook 365 mac

Step 4: From the list of service clients being displayed on the screen, choose the relevant Outlook service.

archive outlook 365  emails

Step 5: Select/deselect the folders that have to be backed up from the list of files and folders being displayed on the screen.

archive outlook365  calander

Step 6: Setup the frequency of the backup of the data files. Additional settings like distributed/mirror backup and Auto USB sync can also be adjusted at this stage.

how to archive outlook mac 365

Step 7: The backup profile is in place.  

best way to archive outlook mac 365

The users can archive Outlook 365 folder hereafter with absolute ease. This simple and straightforward pathway to archive Outlook 365 Mac is unique to this tool. It empowers all the users to confidently stead forward on their backup/archive/conversion journeys without the fear of failure.

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How the budgeted license keys will make the journey to ‘archive Outlook 365 folder’ exciting for the users!

Mail Backup X is certainly a beneficial tool when it comes to the ultra modern features it works with. However, that is not the only way in which the users can gain from this tool when they archive Outlook 365 folder. This tool comes at very affordable prices which fit comfortably into the budget of wide range of users.

There are different license keys to choose from depending on the budget and user requirements. These are:

  1. Mail Backup X: This is the basic version that allows the backup for 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on 2 computers.
  2. Mail Backup X for Small Business: This licensed version allows the backup for 5 mail profiles per user. It protects up to 20 users and it can be installed on 20 computers.
  3. Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This final licensed version allows the backup for 5 mail profiles per user. It protects up to 100 users and it can be installed on 100 computers.

Apart from these license keys, the users have the option to invest in the add-on category. These add-ons can be purchased at additional cost and with this the users get access to 10 more profiles as a top up.

All the license keys allow full access to all the features of this amazing tool. These come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. Of course, the users can utilize the 24*7*365 customer care helpline at any point of time during their journey to restore Outlook 365 Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the tool provide the feature to convert my emails files to a different format as well?

Yes, the tool comes with a professional email converter at the core. This helps you to convert email files from one format to another.

  • How much of risk is involved in using the tool? Will I lose my files?

The Mail Backup X is a completely risk-free tool. It ensures that all your data is safely and most importantly accurately backed up. You get 100% data safety assurance.

  • Does the tool lag while restoring Outlook 365 mails?

No, it does not. You get a very smooth and free flowing experience while using the tool to restore Outlook 365 mails. It never lags at any point.

  • Usually restoring Outlook 365 Mac takes a lot of time. Is it the same case with this backup tool?

 The Mail Backup X addresses one of the most underrated features for a backup solution. The algorithms that the tool runs on provide you with a quick and accurate back up process.

  • How easy is to use the tool for somebody with no technical knowledge or experience?

It is extremely easy. Anybody can use the tool- courtesy of the intuitive interface of the tool. It helps you out at every step of the backup process.

  • How accurate is the restoration of Outlook 365 mails with the Mail backup X?

The Mail Backup X stresses the safety and accuracy of your data a lot. It ensures that everything is backed up leaving no room for data losses, gaps or errors.

  • Is the installation process of the tool complex?

Installing this tool is one of the easiest tasks. All you need to do is purchase and download the tool from the website. And once you open it, the installation wizard guides you with all the required information.

  • How compatible is the tool with both Mac and Windows?

The tool runs absolutely fine on both the operating systems. You can choose the system of your preference.

  • How and when can I connect with the support team in case any assistance is required?

You can contact them via email/online chat. They are available 24*7.

  1. Should I be concerned for the safety of my data while using this tool?

The Mail Backup X is the epitome of safety. The tool guarantees 100% safety for your data during the backup process. You won’t miss a file ever again.


The Mail Backup X is a highly rated restoration and backup tool. The tool is in the good books of top experts from all over the globe. It has garnered a 5-star rating from them.

Client Testimonials

“I read an online article that recommended the tool. I was impressed with the features and tried out the tool. It has been the best decision I made. The Mail Backup X is the best restoration and backup solution present in the market. This tool provides you all the latest and the best features for a very affordable price range. A big thank you to the team.”- Mickey Rooney

“The Mail Backup X has passed every test the restoration process threw at it. The tool managed to accurately, safely and most importantly quickly restore all of my email files. And all I needed to do was point and click.” –  Alexandra Weinstein


The Mail Backup X has a very diverse range of packages available. It provides all-round support for all kinds of users.

Professional Edition

  1. This edition is developed with single users in mind.
  2. The user can easily back up to 5 mail profiles using this package.
  3. To add more mail profiles, you need to simply recharge using top ups.
  4. For a year you get free maintenance and support.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. A team of 5, 10, 20 and 30 users can use this package.
  2. Every user gets to back up to 5 mail profiles.
  3. You can increase the mail profiles for any users using a top up.
  4. Free maintenance and support for a year is provided with the package.

What is more is that the users can have a trial run before they invest their hard earned money into this tool. This version allows access to all the major features of the tool and thus is perfect for testing it out. Once satiated, it is the user’s prerogative to invest or restrain from investing into this tool.

So, if you wish to have a secure pathway to restore Outlook 365 Mac quickly click on the link below to grab a copy of the tool right away!