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Concrete ideas to organize your journey to archive Outlook

archive outlook emails

The task to archive Outlook is tiresome only till the point where there is confusion and uncertainty in the mind of the user. This bafflement is often associated with the decisions pertaining to how to archive Outlook Mac emails or how to choose the best archive Outlook software! This article aims at firstly clarifying this aspect of the job before moving any further. Of course, it will also introduce you to the best archive Outlook softwareMail Backup X!

If you wish to set a solid foot on the ground in order to create record breaking results in the journey to archive Outlook, take it on in three phases:

  • Identify the need
  • Choose the right tool
  • Take the first step

Identifying the need to ‘archive Outlook Mac emails’!

Outlook Mac emails are prone to a lot of dangers like data corruption, data inaccessibility, etc. The vulnerable nature of the files often leads the users to take up the journey to archive Outlook emails for easy access to the files in the hour of need.

This journey might also be taken up by the users in case they wish to shift their data to some other mail client service. Yet another reason could be to prudently backup the crucial data files. The bottom line here is that, the users must be able to pin point their requirement to archive Outlook Mac. This leads us to the second phase of choosing the right tool!

Choosing the right ‘archive Outlook tool’!

It is extremely important to pick the right tool for the task. Any mistakes in this could put the data files in jeopardy. Considering every possible aspect of the task to archive Outlook Mac, a tool that passes all the tests is inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X.

The tool is a unique blend of features that allows it to give out splendid performance that invariably leaves the users fully complacent with the final results.

Taking the first step to ‘archive Outlook in Mac’!

Undoubtedly, locating the archive Outlook tool is an important achievement; taking the first step towards building a reliable backup is an even bigger responsibility. With Mail Backup X, the users need not worry even one bit. This extremely user-friendly tool makes this journey a cakewalk even for the beginners at the task.

Now that we have learnt about the best way to archive Outlook emails in Mac, it is time to learn more about the task itself.

The first and last lesson to ‘archive Outlook mailbox’ with utmost precision!

The journey to archive Outlook mailbox is extremely simple with Mail Backup X. It just takes basic understanding and a few clicks to setup the backup for the data files. The under mentioned step-by-step guide would make it quite vivid for the users:

  1. The journey begins with the download, installation, and launch of the tool on the system. The users can follow the straightforward instructions on the installation wizard to smoothly install the tool.
  2. Once the interface of the tool reflects on the screen, the users must proceed with the first step which is to choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’ from the given set of options.
archive outlook
  • 3. The next step is to choose the email client services as Outlook from the various options being displayed on the screen.
archive outlook emails
  • 4. After this stage, a list of files and folders is displayed on the screen. The users must carefully select/deselect these files and folders based on what they wish to backup in the process to archive Outlook mailbox.
archive outlook mac
  • 5. The next step is to finalize the frequency of the backup of the emails. The users can also add mirror-backup settings at this stage. Further, the option of Auto USB sync can be activated at this stage.
how to archive outlook mac emails
  • 6. The backup is finally setup. The users can now easily archive Outlook mailbox.
best way to archive outlook mac emails

This simple click and proceed process is all it takes for the users to successfully archive Outlook files. If you wish to give it a trial run then do not hesitate to click on the link below to grab a copy of the FREE demo version of the tool.

Learn why everyone is talking about Mail Backup X- the best ‘archive Outlook tool’!

Mail Backup X has is an impressive blend of features that are unique to it in many ways. The users certainly benefit on those grounds and therefore it never takes time for this tool to become talk of the town.

Amongst other factors, its great feature list is one of the leading reasons for its popularity. Let us discuss them briefly:

  • Backup options: This tool offers its users a chance to backup their email files with options such as integrated backup, distributed backup, and mirror backup.
  • Archived emails: The users can import the archived mails from major clients like Windows (PST archive), Thunderbird/Postbox (RGE files), Apple mail (MBOX archive), etc. 
  • Multiple output conversion options: This tool also assists the users with their email conversion needs. This tool allows the users to move amongst all major email clients such as MBOX, EML, OLM, RGE, PST, etc.
  • Preservation of folder hierarchy structure: The folder hierarchy structure of the archived PDF files of the emails is fully maintained by this tool. This is quite useful for archiving and printing purposes.
  • Advanced search options: This tool has a lightning fast search module which can be used by the users to put in filter options like sender, type of attachment (PDF, word, etc.), etc. One can also use complex inputs combining ‘and’ or ‘or’ operators. The users save a lot of time and effort with this option in picture.
  • Inbuilt mail viewer: The users are not required to switch between different email clients to access the archived mails. They can access all the archived mails from a single location with the help of its inbuilt mail viewer.
  • Storage space: The ultra-high compression algorithms of this tool save up to 3 times the space that is used to store backup of the email files.
  • USB Auto sync: The users get an option to setup USB Auto sync which is nothing but a smart feature of this tool. This tool has been enabled to detect the plugged in drive and thus to analyze the destination folder for saving the backup of the email files in the process to archive Outlook files.
  • Integrated FTP client: This feature greatly adds on to the security quotient of the backup of the files. It essentially guarantees instant access to the files as and when required by the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the preferred platform to use this tool on?

The tool works well with both MacOS and Windows. So, you can use the tool on the platform of your choice.

  • How good is the accuracy of the tool? Will it handle anything while archiving my Outlook database?

The Mail Backup X is one of the most accurate backup tools. The tool is capable of handling everything ranging from complex data types to large databases.

  • Is the tool capable enough to handle large and complex email databases?

Yes, the tool easily handles and archives large and complex email databases. This is due to the latest algorithms that the tool runs on.

  • Is it true that the tool can be used as a converter tool as well?

The Mail Backup X is equipped with a professional conversion engine as well. This helps you in converting email files from one format to another.

  • How easy it is to install the tool for a completely non-technical person?

The installation of this software application is very easy. All you need to do is download the tool and just follow the instructions. No technical knowledge is required to carry out the installation process.

  • Can anybody use the tool to archive Outlook database?

Yes, using the tool is as easy as the installation process itself. The wizard based interface guides you throughout the process. All you need to do is point and click.

  • Is Outlook the only email client that this tool can back up?

No, the tool supports multiple other email clients as well. You can use the tool to backup email files from clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and IMAP clients.

  • I struggled with the problem of lagging with my previous backup solution. Will I face the same problem again with this tool?

The Mail Backup X provides you with a seamless backup experience. The tool is free flowing and doesn’t have any lags or errors.

  • I am always short on time. Can the tool help me achieve a faster backup process?

The tool is one of the quickest backup tools around. It is solely because of the algorithms that the tool runs on. They help it to archive a lot of data in less amount of time.

  1. How good is the customer support service post buying the tool?

The customer support you get with the purchase of the tool is excellent. They are available 24*7 to help you out with everything that you need.


The Mail Backup X sits at the top of the rating charts. It is a 5-star rated backup solution. It has received praise and admiration from experts all over the world.

Client Testimonials

“I tired almost every solution in the market but wasn’t able to back up my Outlook emails flawlessly. As I was trying everything, I decided to give Mail Backup X a go. The best choice I made. It is affordable, quick, accurate and to top that all of very easy to use.”- Gunther

“Mail Backup X has been a savior for my data and me. The tool has solved my problem of data loss and errors. The tool runs seamlessly even on a low-end machine and even saves me space by compressing the data without any losses.”- Scarlett


The Mail Backup X offers different editions for different needs. It covers both individual and team users.

Professional Edition

  1. This edition is developed especially for individual users.
  2. The user can back up to 5 mail profiles and work on two separate computers.
  3. You can have more mail profiles. All you need to do is upgrade by getting a top up.
  4. The tool gives you a year full of updates and maintenances.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. This edition works perfectly for a team of 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. Every user can back up to 5 mail profiles.
  3. To have more mail profiles all you need to do is upgrade with top up packs.
  4. Free maintenance and support is provided for an entire year.

Get a free DEMO version copy of the tool!

If you are still unclear on the decision to pick this tool to archive Outlook database then try it first by way of taking home a FREE DEMO VERSION of this tool. The users can experience all the major features and only after being completely satiated with its performance they must go ahead to purchase any one of the affordable license keys as per their requirement.

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