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How to backup outlook data with 100% safety and no risk of data loss

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 It is normal to feel confused for an Outlook backup since there are so many options out there. A first time user who doesn’t know how to take backup of Outlook will find it difficult to pick a single tool to backup Outlook data. If you want to know how to take backup of outlook mails but are feeling confused, you are right where you should be. You must have tried to find out how to backup outlook through various websites offering online backup but you must know every aspect of outlook backup before anything. You should be aware of the risks and benefits of each method which is available out there. There are a lot of outlook backup tools that offer to backup outlook data but are not reliable to deal with confidential or classified outlook data.

How to take backup of outlook mails?

If you want to know how to take backup of outlook with safety, you are going to need a safe and affordable solution that you can trust. You might come across many quick fix or online tools that ask you to upload your data on the internet. These tools are quite risky and can be dangerous. If you are dealing with confidential or official data that contains important information, it is advised to stay clear of online methods which have no backing.

The tool that you choose for outlook backup should be reliable and totally professional. Here is when third party or professional Outlook backup tools enter the picture. They are specifically created to ensure that you can take backup of outlook mails without affecting the integrity or uniqueness of the Outlook mail database.

Which is the best tool to take backup of Outlook?

The ideal tool for you would be an Outlook backup tool that works on mac and ensures the safety of your email database. Fortunately there is a particular solution that you can use now. It is a professional tool which is trusted by experts worldwide. It is called the Mail backup X and was created by InventPure. It is a certified solution to backup Outlook mails. It can also backup Outlook contacts and other related Data without any risk of data loss or file modification. It has been created after years of research about the needs of Outlook mac users so that everything they need can be covered and provided without fail. It is true that there are a lot of options that offer to teach you how to backup outlook mails, however, this tool offers you data safety and result accuracy. So if you are a mac outlook user who wants to backup Outlook mail along with other email formats, this is the ideal Outlook mac backup tool for you.

Why should you choose this Outlook backup tool?

It is a very unique and powerful tool which has been created to ensure the peace of mind for The Mail backup X was designed to specifically protect your email database against dangers like data loss or file modification. It works at high speeds and ensures that you get the fastest email backup results from multiple email clients without risk. It is compatible with multiple email applications and is able to import data without needing to switch between apps. It is loaded with brilliant features that ensure the best performance and results without needing any previous experience.

Here are the best features of this Outlook mail backup tool

1.      The tool works on mac

This tool has been especially created for mac users so that they can backup mac outlook right on mac without worrying about compatibility issues. Since the tool works on mac, outlook mac backup is just a matter of few clicks. This also ensures that the process is quick and free of lags. Working on mac makes a lot of difference for many users who don’t have experience with other operating systems.

2.     Backup multiple clients

The tool is created to back up from multiple email clients so that you are able to backup Outlook mac along with other email applications. You can back up and archive from Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. What can be better than having all mac email applications so that you can back them up anytime?

3.     Inbuilt email viewer

The tool has been created with an additional email viewer that allows you to import and view emails from multiple email clients without needing to switch the application. This unique feature brings all email formats under one roof. If you have a large database this feature will be extremely beneficial for you. You can keep an eye on any email items that you might to confirm before backing up.

4.     Advanced data compression algorithm

The tool comes with an advanced data compression algorithm that compresses your email database during the Outlook data backup process. So if you have a large Outlook mac backup, you should get this tool since it will backup your Outlook mac files 3 times lesser space than normally expected. For those users who are getting a backup to reduce the load on their email application, this feature is a godsend.

5.     Lightning fast search engine

You can now find your own files in your database. You just have to enter specific search criteria and the tool will scan through the database for you. It will bring the files that you want so that you can view and confirm the email files or items that you are going to back up and archive. This feature makes you take total control over your email archives.

6.     Backup and archive in PDF format

The tool is able to archive your Outlook mail in PDF format. This is a unique feature that helps you take backup of outlook in PDF files. If you backup outlook data in PDF format, you can take a print out or share after protecting the file with a password. Archiving the outlook database in PDF format helps you ensure that the folder hierarchy of the database is kept preserved. Portable mail archives are a reality for you now.

7.     Auto USB backup and sync

The tool allows you to automatically map and sync the outlook mail backup into an external USB drive. You can map the backup to get archived in a USB drive. This ensures flexibility for users who are always on the go. You get portable backups in a USB drive. What else can you wish for?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

  1.  How to take backup of outlook mails without any risks?

The Mail backup X is the ideal solution for you if you wish to take backup of outlook emails without worrying about the safety of your email database. It is 100% safe to operate.

  • How does the Mail backup X give such quick results?

Unlike other conventional tools, the Mail backup X has finally eliminated any old algorithms that were used to backup Outlook mails. So it delivers the quickest results.  

  • Does it matter if I have previous experience or not?

When you are using the Mail backup X, it doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience. This is because the tool has been created by experts to ensure that all beginners or first time users can backup mac outlook whenever they want.

  • I want to create instant portable backups. What can I do?

If you want to make portable backups, just use the auto USB backup and sync option. You will set up a USB drive and when you plug it in, the tool will automatically store the latest backup for you.

  • I want to share my outlook mail backup without worrying about compatibility. Can this tool help me?

The Mail backup X comes with an exciting feature which allows you to store your outlook mac backup directly in PDF files. PDF files are easy to share and you can even protect them with a password.

  • I have a large database and I am worried about missing important files. Is there a solution for this?

Absolutely, you can make sure that you are not missing any of your files. All you need to do is use the advanced search option that allows you to look for any email items in your database. Just enter specific search details and the tool will find them in your outlook mac backup.

  • My friends say that backing up data leads to wastage of space. Is this true?

While it might be true that email backups take a lot of space in the hard drive, it is not true with the Mail backup X. The Mail backup X comes with an advanced data compression algorithm which compresses the data in 3X lesser space.

  • What is the most unique feature of this tool?

The most unique feature of this tool is also its most surprising one. You can also convert emails to other formats with the Mail backup X. Yes, the tool comes with an inbuilt mail converter which allows you to convert email files to different formats.

  • What if I find myself stuck during the backup?

You can reach out to our support team. We are available 24*7 through various channels. So feel free to go ahead and start your journey of email backup and recovery.

  1. What if the tool fails to backup outlook mails for me?

There is a 30 day money backup guarantee for such cases where the tool does not perform. However, this never happens so you can relax and go ahead.

What are some of the benefits of the Mail backup X?

  1. The tool is extremely easy to use
  2. It comes with a user friendly interface
  3. It comes with constant updates
  4. It is 100% safe to use
  5. You get additional unique features
  6. You get 24*7 friendly support
  7. You save time and effort
  8. You get to backup multiple email applications
  9. The tool works on both mac and windows
  10. It also works as an email converter

Here is what our clients are saying about the Mail backup X

“I was about to give up on the idea of email backup and recovery because of so much confusion. I had looked everywhere I could and I was unable to find a dependable and easy to use solution. My coworkers saw that I am worried and told me to try the Mail backup X. I did, and I couldn’t be happier. The tool was remarkable. It is easy to use and gives all the features you can expect. I would strongly suggest this tool to everyone.”- Jeremiah Grimes

“When I thought I had learned most of the office work, a new task came. I was asked to backup mac outlook in the office PC. I had never done this before and since I am a perfectionist, I did not want to fail. I looked for the best possible solution and found the Mail backup X. It turned out to be the ideal solution for me. It works right on mac and ensures that 100% data is secured. I would recommend it.”- Corey Brian

These are the technical specifications of the tool

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here are the latest Ratings of Mail backup X

Expert testers and reviewers have given this tool a 5 star rating. So if you are someone who goes by the ratings and reviews, you are going to get every ounce of satisfaction.

Here are the exciting packages of the Mail backup X

Mail backup X- Personal

  • Works for a single user
  • Works on two computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Works with MacOS and Windows
  • Free updates and maintenance for 1 year
  • Get top up profile pack at an affordable price if you have more than 5 email accounts

Get 10 mail profiles in the extra top up profile pack

Mail backup X – Team

  • Works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users in different packages
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Works with MacOS and windows
  • Free maintenance for 1 year

If you want more mail profiles, get the affordable top up pack and assign these 10 profiles to any users.


In the end, we can say that this tool is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to know how to take backup of outlook mails without any chance of data loss or file modification. The tool allows you to backup your mac outlook files with 100% data safety assurance so that you are able to be at peace. You don’t have to be a professional user to backup mac outlook with safety. The tool brings safety and ease of use to your hands. Everything that mac outlook users had been waiting for has been offered in this single mac outlook archive tool.

Get a free trial

You can now get the free trial of the tool. The free trial allows you to test the performance and features of the tool. Once you are sure that the tool works for you, you can upgrade to the full version at an affordable price. The full version gives you free support and free lifetime updates. The full version is also available in various packages which are offered according to the budget and needs of different users. To download the free trial of the tool, you can click here.