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backup 365 mailbox

Are you looking for a tool to backup 365 mailbox? It is true that to backup Office 365 mailbox can appear to be a daunting task on the outside. Most Office 365 mailbox backup software claim to do the task but to backup Office 365 mailbox online has proven to be dangerous for most. There are a lot of software that are available to backup office 365 mailbox online but these tools are not good enough to deal with important data. They are easily available but one cannot say that they are reliable enough to be used to backup Office 365 mailbox locally with 100% data safety.

What is the best option to backup Office 365 mailbox locally?

Experts say that before the invention of third party Office 365 mailbox backup software, users had to hire an expert and they would do the task manually. However, it was not fully safe and sometimes users would lose a few files here and there. This is why third party tools were created so that mac users could backup Office 365 and other clients themselves without worrying about the safety of their data. However, due to the high demand of such tools, online and free tools surfaced on the internet. It is very easy to believe such methods because they make it look so easy and offer services for free. However, if you are a smart user, you must realize that nothing good comes for free. In the worst case scenario, if you try to backup Office 365 mailbox online or for free, you might end up corrupting or losing your email data. We are sure that this is not something that you look forward to. So let us get right to the solution that you need.

Try professional Office 365 mailbox backup software

Almost all Office 365 users and email migration experts vouch by professional tools because they are designed in a different way. Professional tools are created with the safety of users in mind. They are equipped with the necessary features which make this process simple for all users regardless of their experience. While with the manual method you need to be an experienced user, the third party tools often offer simple steps that simplify the process for mac users who want to back up Office 365 or any other application. Let us find the best solution to backup Office 365 mailbox with ease.

Use an automatic third party Office 365 mailbox backup tool that works

The Mail backup X is a certified tool created by InventPure for all mac users who want to back up their email files in just a few steps. It is certified to work right on mac. It works at high speeds and is so incredibly easy to use that even first time mac users are able to back up any mac application that they want. The tool comes with a highly user friendly interface that guides the users from the installation till the very end. The best thing about this tool is that it is trustworthy and easy to operate. The tool gives an added data safety assurance since it comes with essential safety features which are exclusive to it. The tool works with advanced safety features which enhance the speed of backup while also safeguarding the users database during Office 365 mailbox backup.

 How to export OLM files in Outlook mac

If you want to reduce the size of your inbox or to lighten the burden on your server, you are recommended to archive your email files, contacts etc to an OLM file. The advantage of using an OLM file is that you can store it anywhere in your computer or in another system.

  1. Look in the Tools tab, choose the Export option.

 If you cannot find the export button make sure that you have the latest version of Outlook installed. Go to the Help menu in Outlook. Click on Check for Updates. If you have updated the Outlook application and are still unable to see the Export option, you can find it under the File menu.

  1. You will now go to the Export to Archive file (.olm). In the Export to Archive File (.olm) box, select the items you want to export, and click on Continue.
backup 365 mailbox software
  1. The next window will be the one that prompts you to save the archive in your desired location. In the Save As box, look under Favorites, then choose the Downloads folder, and click Save.
  1. The tool shows you a notification once your data has been successfully exported. You can then click on the finish option.

If you want to now access the data that you have exported and saved in your OLM data file, you need to find out how to import OLM file in Outlook mac.

 How to import an OLM file from Outlook mac

Before you do any of it, you need to know what an OLM file is. An OLM file is the default data file which is used by Mac outlook for archiving your email messages, tasks, calendars, notes and calendars etc. However, before you import the OLM file, you are going to need to export one. The previous section of the article showed you how to export the OLM file and now the next part will show you how to import OLM in Outlook mac.

You just need to know the location where you saved the OLM file and you are good to go.

Here is how to import OLM file in Mac outlook

  1. In Outlook 2016 for Mac or Outlook 2019 for Mac, on the Tools tab, choose Import.
  1. In the Import box, select Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) > Continue.
  1. Find the .olm file on your Mac, and then choose the Import option.
  2. Imported items appear on the navigation panes (Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, Notes) under On My Computer. For example, contacts are in the navigation pane on the People tab, email messages are on the navigation pane on the Mail tab, calendar items are in the navigation pane on the Calendar tab, and so on.

Here is how you can backup Office 365 mailbox in a few steps

Step 1: Launch App and set up new backup Profile

This is the first step in the mail backup process. You are going to launch the application and set up a new backup profile. This step brings you to the step where you are going to setup automatic backup from multiple email clients. 

Step 2: Add new Backup

This dialogue box gives you the backup setup options. You are going to press the “Add new backup” option which will take you to the next window where you are going to choose the email client that you are going to back up.

backup 365 mailbox

Step 3: Choose Outlook 15/Office 365

This is the most important step which is also very easy to take. You have to choose Microsoft Outlook 15 option then click next to continue.

backup office 365 mailbox

Step 4: Reading the Database

This is an important step where the tool goes through the computer and fetches the archived OLM file. You can see the progress as the tool goes through each folder.

backup office 365 mailbox online

Step 5: Choose storage location and click on done

Now the tool will ask you to choose the storage location for the imported file. Once you have chosen the right location, you can click on done. You can also choose a backup schedule for automatic backup and syncing.

backup office 365 mailbox locally

Backup confirmation screen

Congratulations! This is your backup confirmation screen. You can see the log report and the location of the saved files. You will also see the number of mail items which are backed up.

backup 365 mailbox tool

The tool comes packed with a set of powerful features which make it the best

Here are the top features of this Office 365 mailbox backup software

–          Inbuilt mail viewer

This software comes with an inbuilt mail viewer that enables you to view archived email items without needing to switch the clients. This gives you the ability to take control over your email backup process.

–          Data compression to save space

Data is important and that is why saving it becomes even more important. If you are going to back up multiple mailboxes you are going to need space. This tool comes with an advanced compression algorithm which compresses the archive into 3 times lesser space.

–          Inbuilt search engine

The inbuilt search engine gives you the freedom to search for any archived email items in the database. You just need to enter specific search criteria and the tool will bring the items for you by scanning through.

–          Back up from multiple applications

The tool can backup and archive Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc. This gives you total control over almost all mac email applications.

–          Back up and archive to PDF format

This is probably the most sought out features in this Office 365 mailbox backup tool. You can now back up and archive Office 365 in PDF files. PDF files are easy to share and store. You can also save the folder hierarchy of the database with this feature. You can also print the database if you want. This feature gives you endless benefits.

–          Auto USB backup and sync

The auto USB backup and sync feature is another unique feature which gives you an edge over other methods. With this feature, you can set up a USB drive to store your email backup whenever it is plugged in. The backup gets synced when you plug in the USB. This gives you a portable email backup archive for the go.

 So if you have been searching for the best solution to backup Office 365 mailbox locally, this is it. This tool is fast, safe, easy to use and also very reliable. So what are you waiting for?

Try the tool for free

The free trial lets you test the performance and features of the tool. Once you are sure that the tool works, you can upgrade to the full edition at an affordable price. The free trial works for a limited time but the full version gives you free support and free updates for life. The full version is available in many packages from which the user can choose the appropriate version according to his needs and budget. The full version of the tool comes with great benefits and limitless abilities to back up and archive mail files from multiple clients. Don’t miss this chance. Try it now.

To download the free trial, click here.