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How to backup emails from Webmail: Automatic error free method

Now you can backup emails from outlook webmail without needing outlook application

Mail backup X by InventPure allows you to backup emails from Webmail in easy steps

  • Directly backup emails from outlook webmail
  • Perfect data retention during and after outlook webmail backup
  • Step by step backup process for all users regardless of experience
  • Choose your own email files and folders from your mailbox
  • Store webmail backup wherever you want (hard drive or cloud)
  • Advanced data compression saves 3X space while storing backups
  • Auto-USB backups and archiving feature
  • Archive Outlook webmail emails to PDF format
  • Backup, archive and restore emails from different email services
  • Directly restore outlook webmail email backup to live mailbox
  • Remote access for team version admins
  • Different editions available for different users and needs
  • Free trial for all users to test the performance

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Mail backup X – The best way to backup emails from Outlook webmail

Mail backup X was designed by top experts at InventPure in order to finally resolve the issue of email backup and recovery which was prominent since many years. A lot of email users had expressed the need for a single solution that can backup and recover multiple email services and that too with perfect results and total accuracy. This is the ideal solution to backup outlook and other email services because it has been developed after years of research intending directly to eliminate all causes of confusion or data loss. This tool works with multiple email services so that you can have a single solution to easily backup, archive, restore and even convert emails that you want wherever you want. This tool can handle large amounts of data so no matter how old your mailbox files are, this will work. It has been curated with the perfect set of advanced features which make it a potent solution for personalized email backup and recovery. Let us take a look at the features and benefits of this tool.

Here are the top features of Mail backup X which make it the best way to backup emails from Webmail

  • Backup Outlook webmail directly with easy process

Nothing can be easier than using Mail backup X to backup emails. The whole process is simplified with the help of a user friendly wizard based interface. From the first step of installation till the last step of downloading a detailed log report, everything is guided. All users can now have the confidence to backup and archive their files whenever they wish to.

  • Restore outlook webmail backup to live mailbox

Now, you don’t have to worry about restoring your email backups to your mailbox. Many users consider it difficult to restore mailboxes since they don’t know where their email backup is located. If you wish to have absolute control over your emails, you need to know how to backup and restore emails successfully without any complex steps. This tool allows just that and offers you an easy way to do so anytime you want. You get to restore your webmail backups to the live mailbox.

  • Backup other email services with absolute precision

Mail backup X has been developed as a singlehanded comprehensive solution to backup emails from web services, IMAP email services and different email applications/services. The process is automated and by following a few steps, you can certainly gain total control over email management of different email services. Now you don’t have to be a spectator and watch other people safeguard their emails. You can do it too.

  • Preserve all types of email data regardless of type

Mail backup X does not discriminate against any particular type of data. Backing up all types of data/folders is easy with it. You have to repeat the backup process in different ways for different types of data with manual methods. This is not the case with our tool. Just select the folders that you want and they will be backed up as it is wherever you want.

  • Easily handles large mailboxes without fail

Many users refrain from using backup resources because they don’t trust the method. This also happens when users possess oversized mailboxes and don’t think that the email tool at hand will be able to preserve the data they have. Mail backup X, on the other hand, has been tested with files of up to 100 GB in size. You don’t have to worry about oversized files or mailboxes since we can handle whatever you have.

  • Search box and email viewer

The inbuilt search box allows you to search for selected email items or folder from within the archives. You don’t have to manually wade through your entire mailbox folders to find an email item. Just enter specific credentials related to the items/folders you are looking for and the tool will find them for you immediately.

  • Auto USB backup and sync feature

This is an exciting feature which allows you to set up portable backups with a USB drive as the destination for the portable backup. You can map a USB drive once and when you plug it in, the tool will automatically store the latest snapshot backup in it from your local backup. This gives you the freedom to take on the go backups without actually doing anything. The tool automatically identifies the device and stores the backup automatically.

  • Archive outlook webmail backup to PDF file

You can now directly archive your outlook webmail email files in the form of PDF files. PDF files are sturdy and can be protected with a password. You don’t have to worry about the internet or installing any email app to access them. Any PDF viewer will open a PDF file. These are also great to ensure that the folder structure of your mailboxes is preserved. If the need arises, these can be printed too.

  • Smart backup and resume feature

With the smart backup and resume feature, you don’t have to worry about having poor internet connectivity or an unstable network connection. The tool is able to automatically sense connectivity and carries on the backup according to it. If the tool senses that network is unstable during a backup, it will pause the backup there and hold the progress right there. It is only when you get the desired bandwidth that the tool will automatically resume the backup process. However, with any other tool, the process will stop and will have to be re started from the beginning.

  • Export emails to any format with email converter

This is one of the bonus features of the tool. You don’t have to worry about getting a different tool if you have to convert emails from one format to another. Usually, you would have to buy a different tool to convert emails from one format to another. Fortunately, Mail backup X comes with an inbuilt email export feature which allows you to convert email archives from one format to another so that you can use a particular archive in different email applications.

How is it different to backup emails from Webmail than regular email apps?

There are a lot of differences between webmail and email applications which are installed in the computer. Outlook webmail is accessed through an internet browser while Outlook email application is installed in your computer. While outlook email application stores emails on your computer, the webmail service stores the email and all related data on the server. This is one reason why many email backup tools are not able to backup web mail applications. However, a certified tool like Mail backup X can easily backup and restore outlook webmail service among many others. You just have to install the tool and follow simple instructions that are given by the user interface. The tool then asks you to enter your credentials and it automatically scans the files from your server and brings them to you so that you can choose the folders that you want and back them up to your computer.

Where can I store Mail backup X data? Which storage method is quicker for recovery?

Mail backup X offers its users to store their email data in different locations. You are offered to store your backups on your local device or PC. Additionally, you can also store your backup in an external hard drive. You don’t have to worry about the security of your mailboxes if you have stored multiple copies of your mailboxes in different locations. Hard drives, if rightly stored can offer great data storage and protection. Now, since this is an advanced tool, you also get to store your email backups on cloud based storage services. Currently, you can store your Outlook backup to OneDrive, DropBox or Google drive. As a fact, it is quicker to restore email backup from cloud since these backups can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices.

I am getting lots of ads from backup tools and advertisers about free tools. What should I do?

If you are getting only free tools in your search results, consider it very normal. There are too many free and online tools out there that claim to backup and restore your emails. However, there is a dark side to this and you need to know it before you go ahead to work with such tools. Free and web based tools are highly unsafe and unstable to use. They cannot handle large amounts of data and often cause data loss and file modification. They do not disclose where they are uploading your data. Offline tools and professional tools are always a better choice since they do everything on your computer and are built with enhanced security features which prove beneficial in the long run. If you are a professional with access to important data, you should never upload it to web based or free backup tools since they are not certified or reliable. Lots of users have fallen in this trap and thus you need to understand that nothing comes for free. Your data might get compromised or stolen due to this. However, you should realize that you don’t need to settle for these and there are always better options.

Mail backup X has been developed specifically to ensure that you get a balanced tool which is both easy to use and afford for all.

Is there a way to use your tool for free?

The free trial of Mail backup X tool is now out there for download and use. You can use this free live demo to ensure that you understand how the tool works in real time and in real situations. If you are not sure, you can test the tool with few unimportant emails. You can upgrade the tool to its full version in the package that you want. Once you are sure that it works well, feel free to get the full version since its benefits are limit less. You will get complete control over multiple email services with this single tool.

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