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Best way to restore outlook backup: Go automatic starting now

Mail backup X can backup and restore outlook backup files in easy steps

  • Directly restore outlook backup to live mailbox
  • Easy step by step process to restore outlook email backup
  • Automatically backup and restore Outlook emails and more
  • Backup and restore multiple email services in easy steps
  • Wizard based interface to backup and restore outlook file backup
  • Choose what you want to restore from outlook backup profile
  • Convert outlook archive to desirable format so that you can restore the mailbox to a different email service
  • Search within outlook email archive before you restore the files to mailbox
  • Make portable backups easily with auto USB backup and sync
  • Remote usage with team version for admins

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Want to know how this tool restores emails? Here is the complete process with detailed steps.

How to restore Outlook backup? Here is how you can do it automatically

  1. Launch Mail backup X by double clicking on the tool icon.
  2. The tool will launch. Enter the password if you have set any to access the application and data contained within it.
  3. You will see the Main dashboard where your setup backup profile exists along with all the activities done before. The tool remembers where your backup is stored so you don’t need to worry about anything.
  4. Click on “My backup profiles”
  5. You will see your backup profile associated with the email account that you have linked with the tool. You can also see if the backup is scheduled automatically. You can also see where the backup is located along with the folder information.
  6. Click on “export data” located at the bottom right corner.
  7. You will see a “restore” option below the option to export/convert emails. Click on Restore to initiate your Outlook restore process.
  8. Now, select the email account where you want to restore the backup.
  9. The tool will now automatically locate your backup folder and bring the mailbox data to you in an organized manner.
  10. Now, you will be shown the folder structure of your email mailbox that you have chosen to restore. You can select/deselect the folders that you want according to your wish.
  11. Once you have chosen the folders that you want, click on continue.
  12. The tool will now start the restore process to your selected email account. Once the backup process is finished. You will see a detailed log report of the restore process.

Your restore process is now finished. This was as easy as creating a backup with Mail backup X. You should remember that in order to restore emails, you need to have a backup first.

Features and benefits of Mail backup X to restore outlook backup

  1. Automatically restore Outlook backup in easy steps

Restoring outlook PST backups or outlook mac backup is a cakewalk with this tool. The tool is self-explanatory and doesn’t need any training or skill to work with. You can just follow easy steps and the tool will itself automatically restore outlook backup. You don’t even have to locate your backup since the tool scans the folders on your computers.

  • Compatible with both mac and windows

This is one of the best reasons to choose this tool. It is platform independent and ensures that both mac and windows users are able to backup and restore their emails whenever they wish to without any restraint.

  • Backup your Outlook files anywhere you want

While setting up the backup profile, you can specify where you want your Outlook backup to be stored. You can store the Outlook backup to your local folders or to an external hard drive. The tool also allows you to store the backup on selective cloud services for quick recovery.

  • Directly restore backup file to live mailbox

The tool does not store the restored email files in some outside destination. These files are totally usable and can be restored to the live mailbox with little to no effort. You will get a separate folder for restored emails so that you can recognize the restored files easily.

  • Choose the folders that you wish to restore

While restoring outlook, the tool asks the user to select the data or files that they want to restore from the backup file. It is possible that the user may want to restore only select few items from the large backup. Our tool permits that and allows you to choose the folders and items that you are restoring.

  • Backup/restore multiple email services

One of the best things about Mail backup X is its unique ability to work with so many different email services. You can backup and restore multiple email services like Yahoo mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, Outlook mac/windows, Office 365, Postbox and many other IMAP based email services flawlessly without any errors.

How to restore outlook backup file Manually

The manual process has been used since a long time. There are many users who believe in DIY approach. We are sharing the complete outlook restore process so that you can decide if it is the right approach for you.

Do you want to manually restore outlook file with just your Outlook application?

Note: Before you begin restoring your outlook backup, you need to copy the backup to a more convenient folder from where you can restore it easily.

  • Open your outlook application.
  • Go to the file option and then click on Open and Export
  • Click on Import/Export
  • Choose “Import from another program or file”
  • Click Next
  • Click on Outlook data file. Click Next.
  • Now you will be asked to browse to the location where the backed up email file is stored. Select the file and click on next.
  • Select the folder that you would want to restore. Make sure to include the subfolders if you want to restore the chosen backup completely.
  • Click on finish.

This is the manual method to restore outlook backup manually with Outlook email application.

Limitations of the manual method

  • This process can be slow and time consuming
  • The manual method is not 100% failproof
  • This method is not viable if you are restoring important files of high value
  • You can experience data loss at times
  • The tool can hang or lag while restoring large backups
  • Users have reported file corruption while working with oversized backups
  • This method is not good for personalized backup and recovery
  • Wrong steps taken by the user can lead to data modification or data loss
  • This process needs experience and skill to do successfully

The choice is yours. If you are a normal user with very few emails that you want to backup or restore personally, then you can go for the manual method. However, if you are a professional dealing with official data, it is not suggested to use restore outlook mail backup file manually. Automatic tools are better equipped with more developed security features. They can handle large amounts of data with ease.

How to find the location of your outlook backup?

The biggest problem that users face is the issue of finding their email backup in their computer. This is a major reason why email users are not able to restore their backups. Many Outlook backups are lost this way. However, we will share the exact location where outlook stores your backup.

Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 and Office 365 (default location)
C:\Users\%username%\Documents\Outlook Files\

Why use outlook?

Outlook is one of the most widely used email services across the world. It is the default email management service offered by Microsoft. The demand for outlook was so high that mac users demanded Outlook for themselves. That is when Outlook for mac was also launched. Since then, Outlook has ruled the email management industry. The reason for the massive popularity of Outlook is its ease of use. It is immensely versatile and compatible with both mac and windows. However, Mac and windows work with different formats. Outlook has numerous other benefits which make it the best email service to manage massive quantities of email data.

Why backup and restore outlook?

There are plenty of reasons for Outlook email users to want to backup and restore their outlook or other emails. Email users create email backups in order to safeguard their email data in times of crisis or emergency. Email backups are stored in local folders, hard drives or cloud service according to the user’s requirement. Furthermore, email backups are only valid and valuable if the user can restore the backups whenever needed. This is a very peculiar thing that has confused users since a long time. For eg, many users know how to backup Outlook but don’t know how to restore outlook backup. However, if you can backup and restore emails whenever you want, you can say that you have total control over emails.

Using windows emails in mac and vice versa

Another reason why users may want to backup and restore Outlook emails is the wish to change the operating system. If you are someone who are going through a transfer and wish to shift entirely from mac to windows, you can take a backup of your outlook windows and then convert the PST archive to mac compatible format. You can then easily restore the entire mailbox in your mac outlook. This way, you will be able to use your windows emails in Mac OS with backup and restore facility.

Benefits of knowing how to backup and restore Outlook

  • Complete control over your Outlook email mailboxes
  • Restore old data to live mailbox
  • Free up space in live mailbox by deleting active emails after backup
  • Store emails outside of your PC if you want added safety
  • Backup and restore emails to any email service you want
  • No unexpected delays due to slowed down email application
  • Zero failure rate due to complete control of data in your hands
  • Freedom from issues like crashes or internet problems
  • No risk of hacking or falling prey to ransomware or malicious attacks

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You can choose the full version based on your budget and requirement and you will have complete control to backup, archive, convert and restore multiple email services with a single solution.

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