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Best way to backup emails from Outlook 2018 – Step by step solution (automatic)

Do you want to backup emails from Outlook 2018 with an automatic solution that you can always use without fail?

Mail backup X will help you easily backup emails from Outlook 2013/2016/2019 and more

  • Backup emails from Outlook 2018 mac automatically
  • Compatible with both mac and windows OS
  • Step by step process to backup emails from Outlook 2018
  • Backup and restore emails from multiple email services
  • Make remote USB backups instantly
  • Archive Outlook 2018 in PDF format
  • Uninterrupted backups even with poor network (smart backups)
  • Quickly customize your backups according to your need
  • Inbuilt mail viewer to view different email formats
  • Inbuilt email converter feature
  • 24*7 support and regular updates
  • Remote backups with team version

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How to backup emails from Outlook 2018 – Manual step by step method

Backup Outlook emails with the Outlook application by following these steps

  • Open your Outlook application
  • Click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  • This should now open the Import/Export wizard
  • The tool will ask you to choose the action that you want to perform. Select Export to a file. Click on the next button.
  • You will get two options. Comma separated values and Outlook data file (.PST). Choose the PST file option and click on next.
  • The next step involves selecting the email account that you wish to backup. The user has to ensure that the subfolders are selected. However, you should know that you cannot backup multiple folders with this manual method. If you choose the inbox folder, only the inbox folder will be backed up at one time. Once chosen, click on next.
  • The tool will suggest the default location to store this backup. If you want to store it to another location in your computer, click on browse. Then you have to select the location and click on OK.

Notes to remember

  • If you have backed up your files before, the old folder name will appear. If you wish to avoid over writing, give a new name to your backup folder.
  • If you are making a new PST file, the tool will ask you to encrypt it with a password. This is the right thing to do since your confidential Outlook email backup needs to be safe and protected from any unauthorized access. Enter the preferred password twice and click on OK. If you don’t wish to protect your Outlook email backup with a password, leave both of the columns empty and click on OK.
  • It is important to remember that this process can take a lot of time depending on the size of your PST file. If you have too many emails and attachments, you will need the similar amount of patience. This method is not for instant backups.

As you read, there are several limitations to the manual method of Outlook 2018/2019 email backup. You will have to repeat the process many times if you have multiple folders. Additionally, you will need some sort of previous experience if you wish to backup outlook emails manually. Since the process involves making a lot of choices, there is a lot of scope for human error. If you are new to the email backup process, it is suggested that you avoid the manual method and go for more automatic methods which are reliable and secure.

The power of professional tools – How to backup emails from Outlook 2018

Professional tools are specifically designed tools which are developed to enhance the process of email backup and archiving. The manual method of email backup and recovery can seem like a daunting task for beginners and this is why the demand for automatic tools was rising. With time, a lot of professional tools were launched and some of them truly solved major problems related to email management. Our goal here is to find a safe and reliable method to backup emails from Outlook 2018 with 100% data safety assurance for even first-time users who have never done this before.

Let us find out what it takes to be the best way to backup emails from Outlook 2018.

The perfect tool is a subjective term since the needs of all users are different. However, we are going to try to find a solution which is the most comprehensive and includes the greatest number of features and facilities to enhance the email backup process. Currently, the best tool to backup outlook 2018 emails is Mail backup X by InventPure.

Why choose Mail backup X? What makes it the best?

Mail backup X is packed with a lot of powerful features which enable it to deliver the most flawless performance without affecting the uniqueness of your outlook email mailboxes. The tool has been developed after years of research and development. The designers of this tool have studied the requirements of Outlook email users and created a specific solution to solve the most common and frequent problems. The tool works on both MacOS and windows OS so that all email users are able to manage their emails without any discrimination. The tool also allows you to backup and archive different email services with it. Let us take a deeper look.

These are the top features of Mail backup X which make it the best way to backup emails from Outlook 2018

  • Set up automatic Outlook email backup

You get to setup automatic incremental backups so that you don’t have to worry about manually backing up your mailboxes ever again. With incremental backups, the first backup is a complete backup which is taken from day 1. After that is finished, each email that arrives is automatically backed up in your preferred storage location.

  • Setup automatic USB backups

You can set up a particular USB drive as a destination for instant portable backups. You just have to map this USB drive while setting up your backup profile. The tool will automatically store the latest snapshot copy of your email backup in this USB drive. This gives you instant portable backups without having to do nothing.

  • Restore Outlook emails to live mailbox

This tool makes is extremely convenient to restore outlook emails to your live mailbox in just a few clicks. The process is similar to backing up and can be found right as you launch the tool. Now you don’t have to delay your backup process because you don’t know how to restore it back.

  • Convert emails from one format to another

Mail backup X offers a remarkable and unique benefit which is not found in other professional tools. You are getting an inbuilt email converter embedded within the tool. You can convert to and from all major email formats. This liberates you from the need to find another email migration tool by spending more time and money. With one tool, you are getting the benefit of two tools.

  • Save 3X space with advanced data compression

The inbuilt compression feature of the tool allows you to save up to 3 times more space than before. Most users keep delaying their email backups because of a lack of space. You don’t have to delay or cancel your backups because you don’t have much space to store them. This tool will automatically compress the email items in 3X lesser space.

  • Search box allows you to find email items

The tool comes with an embedded search box where you can enter specific search items and the tool will find them for you. This can be done for individual emails as well. You just need to enter the specific search terms related to that item and you will have that in a few clicks. This feature ensures that everything is in its right place where it belongs.

  • Backup and restore various email services

Mail backup X is not limited to just a single email service. Apart from Outlook, it can also backup and archive Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox and other email services. Multiple IMAP based email services can also be backed up with this professional email backup and recovery solution.

  • Archive outlook 2018 mailbox as PDF files

You can now directly archive Outlook 2018 as PDF files without any extra effort. This single feature makes this tool more worth it than other less appealing and practical options. This feature allows you to make PDF archives which can even be printed. These PDF files can be encrypted and secured with a password. This will prevent any unauthorized access.

  • Smart backup and resume Outlook 2018 backup

This is a new and exciting feature which protects you from the perils of having an unstable internet connection. You don’t have to worry if your connection is lost in the middle of the process. The smart backup and resume feature pauses the process of Outlook backup when the connection is lost and starts it right from that place when the connection is regained. You don’t have to lose all progress like it used to happen with other tools. This feature can save unimaginable amounts of time and effort for you.

Latest client testimonials

“I wanted to backup Outlook 2018 in mac. I needed a solid solution that I could trust but all I could find where few online and free tools that claimed a lot of things. I played it safe and got a professional tool called Mail backup X. I have not needed anything else now after getting this tool. It works for everything and allows me to backup several services.” – Rodney Lester

“If you don’t know how to backup emails from Outlook 2018, get Mail backup X. This is what I did and I have never worried about my emails again. I use automatic incremental backups and they take care of everything. I also use this tool to convert email files when I want to. Its free trial works great.” – Darcey Peak

Here are the most commonly asked questions

What makes free and online tools so dangerous?

The fact that these tools are designed by unknown parties and left on the internet to circulate freely makes it scary. There are no safety features in free methods and you need to be very vigilant while working with them since they can install malware in your PC. They can also lock you out of your own computer which is the scariest scenario for anyone. You might lose your files since you will be uploading them on an unknown server. So if you are working with any official or important files, it is absolutely crucial to stay away from free tools which make huge claims.

Which version of Mail backup X will be best for me as a single user?

The best version for you will be the single user version which you can install on two computers. You don’t have to worry about compatibility since this tool is compatible with both mac and windows computers. You can install the single user version on two computers. You can backup up to 5 mail profiles with the single version. You can also increase the backup profiles by getting a simple top up package which will give you 10 more mail profiles. If you are a team, it is recommended to get the team edition which is meant for more users.

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