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Mail backup X by InventPure as the best way to email backup Outlook and more

  • Automatic email backup Outlook Mac in easy steps
  • Works on both MacOS and windows platforms
  • Backup Outlook and store archive as PDF file
  • Search box lets you find email items in outlook database
  • Modify or personalize your outlook email backup
  • Smart backup and resume feature
  • Save up to 3X space while you store outlook backup
  • Backup outlook emails to cloud based services
  • Military grade encryption for your backup
  • Automatically restore outlook email backup in few clicks
  • Inbuilt email converter to help you convert emails

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How to email backup outlook mails?

There are two ways to do it. The first method is the old and traditional manual method where the user has to do everything. The second method is with the help of third-party solutions like Mail backup X. Let us discuss the first method.

This is the manual method of email backup Outlook. You need to have the outlook application installed and set up on your computer. You need to be signed in to the email account that you want to backup your mailbox from. Let us see how to email backup Outlook mails manually.

Step 1: Launch the Outlook application

Step 2: Go to the file menu and find the Open & Export option

Step 3: Click on Import/Export

Step 4: Choose “export to a file” option and click on next.

Step 5: A new dialogue box will open, you just have to choose .PST file (Outlook data file) and click next again

Step 6: Now you just have to choose the mailbox that you want to backup. Click on next to continue.

Step 7: A new window will open and you are asked to specify the name of the backup and choose the location where you want it to be stored.

Your backup will begin.

Limitations of the manual method

  • You can only backup one type of data at once. This means that the process to export contacts and calendars is different.
  • This process can take a long time to finish if you have large files or too many emails.
  • This method is not entirely safe and there can be errors and unexpected data loss
  • You need some sort of experience to understand how this works else even a single wrong step can translate into data loss

Mail backup X as the best email backup Outlook software

Mail backup X is trusted by over 42000 users from all across the world. This advanced Outlook email backup solution is a certified email backup and restore tool which offers military grade security to your email backup data. It works on both MacOS and windows and offers an array of unique and powerful features which enhance the email backup and archiving process to a level never seen before.

Here are some added benefits of this Outlook email backup tool

  • High speed outlook backup
  • Backup multiple email services with single tool
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Search box to find email items
  • Filter item facility for selective email backups
  • Easily recover email backup to live mailbox
  • Create duplicate backups for added protection
  • Store email backup in chosen external drive
  • USB backups allow you to carry portable snapshot backups when you need
  • Set schedule of backups on regular intervals (automatic recommended)
  • Multiple full versions to choose from
  • Email conversion
  • Remote control usage for admin with team edition
  • Free trial for all users
  • Regular updates and constant support for all users

Client testimonials

How to email backup outlook mails was one of the greatest mysteries to me. I was afraid to lose my data so I wanted the best way to backup Outlook emails. I found Mail backup X to be the perfect solution for this since it works automatically and offers incremental backups across multiple email services on both Mac and windows OS. It is reliable and works on its own.”- Mark Gilbert

“I wanted an outlook email backup software that I can count on even when I am not around. I chose Mail backup X since it does everything on its own once you have set up the backup profile. I use it to backup and restore Outlook 365 and even other services. Its email conversion feature works well and really adds to its overall value. I haven’t lost even a single email since I got this.” – Ashley Corwin

These are two questions which are asked most frequently by users

How to email backup Outlook mails?

There are many ways to email backup outlook mails. If you try to find the best way to backup outlook. You are going to find multiple outlook email backup software, all of which claim to be the best. This is why you need to be careful while you are looking for ways to email backup outlook mac mails. There are manual methods where you need to be very careful since any wrong step can convert to data loss. You need to have a lot of skill or experience to work with manual methods. On the other hands, third party outlook email backup software are increasing in numbers with time. Make sure that you don’t fall for the trap of free and web-based tools that don’t offer any security for your valuable email mailboxes. They are not equipped with the necessary features which ensure data protection against modern cyber threats. This is why the only option that you are left with is the use of professional third-party tools. These are developed to ensure that all types of email users can effortlessly and fearlessly create outlook email backups or any backups that they want. Mail backup X has been designed specially to work for both mac and windows users and that too across multiple major email services which are used all across the globe.

What are the main causes of data loss?

There are many causes of data loss, some of them are discussed below.

Human error There are many times when we make mistakes. It is true for anyone and can happen to anyone. There might be times when a user might mistakenly delete something important or click somewhere which makes an irretrievable error while working on an email application. This is where regular external email backups come into play. If you have set incremental backups which ensure that every new email is backed up in an external drive and a cloud service, you don’t have to worry about messing up or deleting any emails since they can be duly restored in just a few clicks.

Software corruptionThere have been many instances where users have had unfortunate crashing incidents with their email software. This is when you need extra security for the files that you are working with. This is where external backups come handy. Software can crash or hang anytime. It is common for software to slow down or crash while working with large files. If you have had any unfortunate crashing incident, you are not going to lose your email files if you have created an external backup and stored it safely offline.

Computer viruses Computer viruses are the topmost cause of data loss among email users. There are many instances of data being stolen or corrupted due to malware or viruses that find their way into your computer or emails. If you want to stay safe from such dangers, it is suggested to keep external backups away from the reach of internet. External backups made in multiple locations are disaster proof most of the times. You will sleep peacefully knowing that all your data is safe from viruses.

Hardware destruction It is possible for any kind of hardware to break down due to short circuits or natural disasters. There are times when due to power surges, whole grids are burnt and this can also mean a whole array of computers or electronic devices. Even though this risk seems less likely but it is possible. So with the right email backup and archiving tool, you can save your email backups on cloud based services which are out of danger if anything happens to the hardware. Even if all hardware is destroyed, these backups will still exist on your cloud service.

Human failure Humans are susceptible to missing out on instructions. It is possible that one of your employees or partners forgot to backup certain important emails due to some personal emergency. This is totally possible and this kind of failure to perform certain actions happens all the time. This can be avoided by using a dedicated tool which gives control to a single admin who can monitor and control email management of other users in such cases. The team version of Mail backup X offers remote control working to the admin to take prompt actions in case of human failure. This ensures that there is no data loss during such situations.

Choose the package which suits you best

Single user version

  • Works for one user
  • Can be installed on two computers
  • Compatible with both mac and windows operating system
  • Backup five mail profiles
  • Upgrade with affordable top up to get 10 mail profiles

Team user version

  • Works for multiple users
  • It can be installed on multiple computers
  • Works with both mac and windows OS
  • Backup five mail profiles per user
  • Easy upgrade with top up pack to get 10 more mail profiles
  • Packages for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more
  • Remote usage facility for admins

What should you do next?

What can be better right now than to verify these claims yourself? The best way to do so is by getting a free trial of Mail backup X and see how it works in real time. None of the features are locked. You can test the performance of the tool and see how well it works. Once you are sure of its worthiness, feel free to upgrade the tool in a full version. The tool offers multiple full versions in different packages designed for different types of users with different budgets. You can also get your own customized version of this outlook email backup tool by contacting us.

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