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How to backup outlook mailbox : Tried and tested solution

If you have been waiting to find a secure and reliable method to backup outlook email mailbox, your wait is over. It might have been a difficult journey for you if you are a first-time user. There is a lot of confusion about choosing the right methods to backup outlook 365 mailbox or any version of outlook. Since it is the most commonly used methods to manage emails for professionals, the number of users who work with different versions of outlook is huge.

Mail backup X by InventPure (Backup Outlook mailbox automatically – and more!)

Mail backup X is a professional solution to backup Outlook mailbox emails on both mac and windows. This tool has been used by more than 40,000 users from all around the world. You don’t have to be an expert in order to use this tool effectively. Just following a few steps with the help of the user interface will ensure that you have the best results. The best thing about using a third-party tool is the fact that you don’t have to worry about data loss or file modification.

How to backup outlook mac emails mailbox? Here are two ways you can do it

The first method is the recommended method which enables you to create automatic backups with a one-time setup. We are going to use Mail backup X for this purpose.

How to backup Outlook mac mailbox automatically with Mail backup X

Step 1: Launch the tool by double clicking on the tool icon

Step 2: You will be at the first window where you will see the “Setup a new backup” option. This will enable you to set up a new backup profile. Click on it.

Step 3: In this new window, you will be shown the different email services which you can backup and archive with Mail backup X tool. Since we are trying to backup Outlook mailbox, you have to click on Microsoft outlook.

Step 4: The tool will now automatically look for outlook identities and Outlook related installations on your computer. You can backup outlook 365 or outlook 2019 or any other version. Just choose the identity folder that you want to backup.

Step 5: You will be now shown all the folders that you want to backup. You will be shown the complete mailbox with all the folders organized in a neat format. The folders that you choose will be selected for backup and the ones that you de select will not be backed up. You can also ignore all empty folders. Click on “automatically backup newly detected folders” as well. Once you have chosen the folders that you want to backup, continue.

Step 6: Now you are at the most important step where you can customize the backup according to your need. This is the advanced setting window.

  • Setup the frequency of the backups in your chosen time intervals. It is suggested to choose the automatic setting.
  • You can also encrypt the data according to the level of security that you want. You can use the double layer encryption of the data so that these files can only be viewed on this PC
  • You can also set up automatic USB backups, where setting up a USB drive enables the tool to use it as a destination for instant snapshot backups. It makes a snapshot backup of your local backup in your USB drive automatically.

Step 7: This window also allows you to choose the storage location of the backup according to your preference. You can choose to store your data either on your local drive or on a cloud service like Google drive, DropBox or Microsoft OneDrive.

Step 8: Your backup profile is now set. The backup will now start according to the specific settings that you have chosen. You can track the progress of this backup in the activities section of the dashboard.

You will get all critical notifications on the dashboard. You can also download a detailed log report on the dashboard when the backup process is complete.

This was the process to backup outlook mac mailbox in easy steps with Mail backup X tool.

Method 2: Manually backup outlook mac mailboxes

The second method is the manual method which is used by many users. This method includes a lot of steps but we are going to share the process with you so that you can really understand how it works.

Traditional method to backup Outlook mac mailbox manually – Backup Outlook mac mailbox with OLM archive method

Outlook offers an inbuilt feature to export Outlook mail to Outlook mac archives (OLM format) occasionally. If you experience app failure or a system crash, you can use these archives to restore the backed-up emails to your live application. If you want to do it yourself, follow these steps.

  1. As a first, you need to add a new category in Outlook. You have to give it the name “Outlook mac backup”
  2. Follow it by adding a new rule and call it “30 days Outlook mac backup”. You have to select the option to add all emails sent/received older than 30 days
  3. Hold CTRL + Click and use the “30 days outlook mac backup” rule to the “Outlook mac backup” category
  4. Set a reminder to timely perform File>>Export in Outlook and select only to export the emails from the category “Outlook mac backup
  5. By doing this process, you can be ensured that you will have an OLM file which contains emails older than 30 days. You can re import them if you need them in time of an emergency.

Limitations of the manual method

You should realize that this option is not one which you can depend upon. It is found many times that the OLM file gets corrupt during the export process. This makes the OLM file unusable and then there is no point of creating a backup file in the first place. If the exported file gets corrupt then you cannot restore the file in a usable form.

The manual process has many limitations and you should realize that the automatic method offers more benefits and higher security. The manual method is not reliable if you are a professional user who is dealing with confidential or important data.

Benefits of using Mail backup X to backup Outlook mailbox

There are a lot of benefits of using this tool which work in your favour. Let us take a look

  • Backup outlook mailbox in few steps

You don’t need to follow a complex process to backup outlook emails anymore. Mail backup X guides you through the process till you get the end results. The most common problem with professional tools is that they are too complex to use. Our tool solves this and offers you a direct solution to backup email files in just a few clicks.

  • Backup multiple email services

You are not limited to backup just a single email service with this tool. You are offered the chance to backup multiple email services like Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Outlook windows, Office 365, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. You can backup and archive IMAP email services with ease.

  • Step by step process with user friendly interface

Mail backup X has a wizard-based interface which allows even first-time users to understand how this tool works. You don’t have to feel confused about the process anymore. This tool has been developed specifically to make the process simple for anyone who wants to backup and restore outlook mailbox emails.

  • Choose where you want to store your backup

The tool allows you to store the Outlook mailbox backup on either your local/external hard drive or to a cloud service. You can store the backup on cloud services like Google drive, OneDrive or DropBox. This gives you the chance to free up space from your active mailbox. You can also restore the files when you want.

  • Auto USB backup and sync

This is another unique feature of this tool which proves to be extremely useful for many users. This feature lets you create quick and automatic USB backups with no effort. You just need to do a one-time setup while setting up the backup profile. You can set up a USB drive to store snapshot copies of your local backup. You just need to plug in the USB drive and the tool will store the latest backup in this device.

  • Backup outlook mac mailbox to PDF format

This is another remarkable feature which allows users to archive mac outlook emails and other emails directly to PDF format. You don’t have to download any additional plugin or extension to do this. PDF files are great to store data and to keep organized archives. You can access these through any PDF viewer. You can also protect these PDF files with a password and share them with any one with you want.

  • Search box to find email items

The advanced search box allows all users to find desired email items in the email archives. You just have to enter the email related keywords in the search box and the tool will find the email file for you in seconds. This aims to enhance the control that you have over your email data.

  •  Filter items and choose folders to backup

You get to select the particular email folders that you wish to be backed up from your outlook mailboxes. The tool shows you all the files and folders contained within your email mailboxes and you can go ahead and choose what you like. You can even ignore the empty folders if you want. This gives you total control over your backup process and the things that get backed up.

  • Inbuilt compression feature

If you have been delaying the process of email backup and archiving due to the lack of space, this is the time to do it. You get an inbuilt compression feature with this tool which automatically compresses the email backup in 3X lesser space. This means that you can save 3X space while storing the same amount of data.

  • Smart backup and resume feature

The tool comes embedded with a smart backup and resume feature which allows the tool to hold the progress of the backup when there is no connectivity or poor connectivity. Other email backup tools are not able to carry on the backup process in times of low connectivity. Mail backup X allows you to save a lot of time and valuable effort while saving the progress of the process.

  • Inbuilt email converter to convert email files

Mail backup X offers one of the most exciting benefits which elevate its overall worth among email users of all types. The tool comes with an inbuilt email converter which lets you export your email archives to different formats. You can convert your email archive from one format to another in order to make it compatible with other email services. You can convert one format to another and import it in another email application. This is immensely useful for users.

These were the top features of Mail backup X tool

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