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Best way to backup Outlook 2007 to external hard drive and more

Email Backup outlook 2007 automatically with professional solution

  • Compatible with both windows and MacOS
  • Automatic incremental backups for regular backups
  • Step by step process with wizard-based interface
  • Scan for any email items in outlook 2007 archive
  • Email backup outlook 2007 and other versions of outlook
  • Restore outlook backup to mailbox
  • Backup multiple email services with absolute ease
  • Inbuilt compression feature saves 3X space while storing backup
  • Store outlook 2007 backup in cloud based service or hard drive
  • Archive outlook 2007 directly to PDF format
  • Double layer encryption to provide added data protection

Finding the right way to email backup Microsoft outlook 2007 has been a task for outlook users since a long time. What if you were told that backing up emails in outlook 2007 is not an impossible or impractical task anymore. There is an automatic solution to backup outlook 2007 email data that you can start using right now. If you have been delaying the process of backing up outlook 2007 emails, you don’t have to do that anymore. With the right outlook email backup tool, you will be able to backup ay version of outlook in just a few clicks.

How to email backup outlook 2007? Here are two ways that you can do it

  • All you need to do is sync your old outlook profile with the email service that you are using currently. You can then back it up with the help of Mail backup X
  • You can also backup outlook 2007 if you already have a PST archive of your Outlook 2007 email mailbox. You can directly import this PST file into your current Outlook application and then backing it up would be a piece of cake with Mail backup X.

There are two ways through which you can email backup outlook 2007 or explore outlook 2007 backup

  • You just need to connect your old outlook 2007 email account with your current email service/application so that it can be backed up with Mail backup X
  • You need to have the PST file with your Outlook 2007 backup data so that it can be imported into your new outlook application and then backed up with Mail backup X

Method 1:

This method is really simple and includes just a few steps. You have to connect your Outlook 2007 email with the current version of outlook that you are currently. Open your outlook application and go to the file menu in the top left corner. You will find the option to “add account”. You will be asked to enter the credentials of your email account details from the outlook 2007 account. This is all that you need to do. Your old outlook 2007 account data will be now in your current outlook application. Now, if you want to email backup outlook 2007 , just launch Mail backup X and load the folders you want from your outlook to back them up wherever you want.

Method 2:

In this method, you just need to know the location of the PST file that you have of your old Outlook 2007. If you don’t know where you might have it on your computer, you can look here.

  • Outlook 2007 and older (automatic storage location)

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

This is probably the easiest way where you already have a PST file which you have to import into your outlook application. Just make sure that you know where the file is.

Step 1: You have to launch your outlook application and then go to the Import/Export option.

Step 2: Choose “Import from another program”.

Step 3: The next step will show you a list of formats where you have to select “Outlook data file (.PST). The app will automatically open a new browser window where you have to select and load the PST file in order to import it.

Step 4: Once you have chosen the file, you will be asked to select the mailbox where you want to import this PST file. Once chosen, click on finish.

If you don’t want to load it to a particular folder, choose the current folder. It would be best for your results if you click on the “Include subfolders” option.

Point to remember: You should note that the 2007 version of outlook creates a separate PST file for emails and a different file for calendars and other information. So you will have to repeat this process if you want to import old Outlook 2007 data.

Once you find the files have been imported, you can use Mail backup X tool to email backup outlook 2007 files wherever you want. You can also back it up to the cloud if you want to restore it immediately anytime.

Here is how to backup outlook with Mail backup X automatically

To begin with, you need to be logged into your outlook email account that you want to backup with Mail backup X.

Step 1: You have to launch the tool by double clicking on the tool icon

Step 2: You will find yourself on the first window where you can find the option to set up a new backup. Click on this option to setup a new backup profile.

Step 3: You will see an array of different email services to choose from. These email services are backed up by Mail backup X. Select Microsoft outlook.

Step 4: Now you will be taken to the next window where you will find your Outlook mailboxes in a neat and organized manner. You will see all the folders from your mailbox. You can choose the ones that you want to backup. Once you have chosen the folders or items that you wish, click on continue.

Step 5: This will bring you to the next step of outlook backup. In this window, you will be able to customize the backup with the advanced settings.

  • This window gives you the chance to select the frequency of the backups according to the importance of the data that you have. However, it is always best to go for the recommended automatic settings which are suggested by developers.
  • The tool offers a double layer encryption feature which allows you to set up a strong password to protect the files on your computer. You can protect these files in a way that these files will be accessible only on your computer with this encryption key.
  • Mail backup X allows you to set up automatic USB backups so that you can have instant portable backups whenever you want. The tool allows you to setup a USB drive as the destination to store instant snapshot backups of your email data.
  • It is on this window that you can choose where you want to store the outlook 2007 backup files. You can choose to store the backup either on your computer or on your chosen cloud service. Currently, our tool supports Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox. You can store multiple copies of the same backup in different locations.

Once you have personalized these settings according to your requirements, click on save. This should start your backup process instantly.

Step 6: You can check the progress of your outlook 2007 email backup under the activities section of the dashboard. You will get any critical notifications here. You will also get the detailed log report of the backup when the backup process is finished.

This was the entire process of backing up outlook automatically with Mail backup X. The process is automatic and involves only simple steps.

These are the added features of Mail backup X tool

  • Automatic incremental backups

You don’t have to worry about making regular backups with this tool. You don’t have to backup again and again if you choose to set up automatic incremental backups. Just a once time setup will ensure that emails get backed up automatically without needing to do anything else. This also ensures that every email gets archived automatically on its own.

  • Preserve entire mailboxes

The whole point of email backup and recovery is data security.  This is where Mail backup X makes its mark. The tool absolutely preserves the folder hierarchy of the mailboxes. The tool also preserves each and every aspect of your email mailbox.

  • Save more space with data compression

The tool is packed with an exciting feature which allows you to save the outlook backup data in 3X lesser space than usual. The automatic data compression feature of this tool automatically compresses your email backup data in up to 3X lesser space.

  • Search box to find emails

You can use the search box embedded within this tool which allows you to search for any email items in your outlook email archive. Just enter specific search items related to the items that you want to search for and the tool will find these for you instantly.

  • Backup multiple email services

You don’t have to settle for one email service with this tool. You can also backup Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Outlook mac/windows, Thunderbird, Gmail and Postbox etc. This gives you the power to backup multiple email services with a single solution

Client testimonials

“I wanted to backup outlook 2007 emails but had no solid way to do so. I got Mail backup X by InventPure to make sure that I had a reliable solution to do so. No other tools were able to handle these files but with Mail backup X, I was able to safely backup outlook in few steps. This tool also works as an email converter so you are getting two tools at the price of one.” – Xavier Engleman

“If you are planning on backing up outlook 2007 emails yourself, stop. Mail backup X can do the job effectively for you even if you are a first-time user. This tool works in simple steps so you don’t have to know anything in advance. The tool backs up many email services so you are not just limited to backing up outlook. The tool comes with many added features like USB backups and PDF archiving which make it the ideal choice.”- Carol Reeves

Here are the versions of Mail backup X that you can choose

The personal edition

The personal version of the tool works best for single users. It can be installed on two computers. You can use it to backup 5 mail profiles. It is compatible with both mac and windows so there is no compatibility issue. You can increase the mail profiles by getting 10 more mail profiles with a simple top up.

The team edition

The team edition of the tool works best for teams of multiple users. You can get this version for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 users. You can also get a customized version of this tool according to your preference. You can backup 5 mail profiles per user for this. This version is also compatible with both mac and windows. This version can be used remotely by the admin for other users. If you want to backup more mail profiles with this you can get an added top up which gives you 10 more mail profiles. It is also very affordable.

What’s the next best thing you can do right now?

The best thing you can do is get the free trial of Mail backup X tool. Once you have fully tried and tested this tool, you can upgrade to the full version of the tool in the price that you can afford. Get the free trial of the tool by clicking here.