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Now everyone can backup Outlook 365 emails without risks of data loss

Outlook 365 mail backup tool

 If you have been searching for ways to backup Outlook 365 mails, you are going to need a reliable Outlook 365 email backup toolBacking up Outlook 365 mails has been considered to be a difficult process by many. However, if you are able to find the right Outlook 365 email backup software, you can do it with ease. The most important thing while searching for an Outlook 365 mail backup tool is ease of use and reliability of the tool. If you are a first time user with no experience, you are going to need a tool which can backup Outlook 365 emails without asking you to perform any complex steps. So how can we find a safe and easy to use tool to backup Outlook 365 mails without any risk?

Make the right choice: backup Outlook 365 emails professionally

There are a lot of online and free software those backup outlook 365 emails. However, these tools are not created or equipped with the right safety features. Safety is the most important aspect of email backup and recovery. Therefore, you are going to need a solution which is safe and easy to use. Beginners are mostly found to be terrified of backing up Outlook 365 or any other email applications because of the fear of data loss or file modification. However, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore. There has been much technological advancement in email migration technology and third party email backup tools were created especially for this purpose.

Professional backup Outlook 365 email tools are specialized software created to ensure that all mac users are able to safely back up their Outlook 365 emails without worrying about the safety of their database. Since Outlook 365 is a cloud based service, protecting the email data is a high priority task. Therefore if you want to back up and archive Office 365 mails with absolute safety, you are suggested to use professional tools. They are created to back up your email data with absolute assurance of safety. They are created with advanced safety features which protect your email database from any dangers like data corruption or file modification. So if you are someone who cannot afford to lose even a single email file from your email database, you are advised to get a professional Outlook 365 mail backup tool.

How to export OLM files in Outlook mac manually

If you want to backup Outlook 365 emails to lighten the load on your mailbox, you are making the right choice. This is why you need to know how to backup Outlook 365 either manually or automatically. First we are going to learn how to backup Outlook 365 emails manually. Basically the process allows you to export the Outlook 365 files to an OLM file and then keep it anywhere in your desired location on the PC. You can also store these files in another computer and access them with a different Outlook 365 account.

  1. For the first step-Go to the Tools tab, select the Export option.

It might happen sometimes that you might find it difficult to find the export option. If you cannot find the export button the first thing that you should do is update your Outlook application to the latest version. If you want to update the application you can go to the help menu and choose the “Check for updates” option. However, sometimes users cannot find the export option even then. You can then find the export option under the file menu.

  1. You will now go to the Export to Archive file (.olm). option In the Export to Archive File (.olm) box, select the items you want to export, and click on Continue. This option gives you the chance to choose the type of items that you want to export. You get the option of choosing mails, tasks, calendar, notes and contacts.
  1. The next window will be the one that prompts you to save the archive in your desired location. This is very important since you will need to know the location of the stored file. In the Save As box, look under Favorites, then choose the Downloads folder, and click Save.
  1. You will get notified once the process is completed. Once you are notified that the process is finished, you can then click on the finish option.

Exporting files is the first part of the manual process. If you want to know how to access the exported data in your OLM file, you need to find out how to import the OLM file in Outlook.

How to import an OLM file from Outlook mac

This part of the article will guide you to import the file that you have exported to your desired location. Since OLM files are used by the outlook application to store mails by default, you are going to have to import the OLM file. If you know the location of the exported OLM file in the computer, you can import it with manual steps.

It is important that you know where the OLM file is stored. You should follow the given steps and you will be able to import the file.

Here is how to import OLM file in Mac outlook

  1. In Outlook 2016 for Mac or Outlook 2019 for Mac, go to the Tools tab, choose Import.
  1. In the Import box, select Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) > Continue.
  1. Find the .olm file on your Mac, and then choose the Import option.
  2. You can find the imported items on the navigation panes. These include Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks and Notes etc which can be found in “On my computer”. Under the people tab, you can find the contacts, under the mail tab, you can find the email messages, you can find the calendar items under the calendar tab. Everything is assorted in the navigation pane.

The best email software to backup Outlook 365

The Mail backup X was created as a one stop solution for all Outlook 365 email backup problems. It is a professionally created solution which is directly compatible with mac. It runs at high speeds and ensures that all mac users are able to backup Outlook 365 mails without fearing for the safety of their email data. The tool comes with added safety features which ensure that the backup process is smooth and error free. You get a wizard based user interface that takes you from installation till the end results. The greatest thing about this tool is the fact that it gives you 100% guarantee of data safety. You will not lose even a single file with this tool. All the credit goes to the list of powerful features which the tool flaunts proudly.

Here is how you can backup Office 365 mailbox in a few steps

Step 1: Launch App and set up new backup Profile

This is the initial stage of archiving your Outlook 365. After opening and launching the application, you need to set up a new backup profile. This step brings you to the part where you can set up an automatic backup from multiple clients. 

backup outlook 365 emails

Step 2: Add new Backup

Now in the next window you are going to see the “backup setup options”. You are going to click on the “Add new backup” option which will take you to the next window where you are going to choose the email client that you are going to back up.

backup outlook 365 mails

Step 3: Choose Outlook 15/Office 365

This is the step where you are going to select the mail client that you want to archive. You have to choose Microsoft Outlook 2015 option then click next to continue.

backup outlook 365 email software

Step 4: Reading the Database

This is an important step where the tool goes through the computer and fetches the archived OLM file. You can see the progress as the tool goes through each folder.

Step 5: Choose storage location and click on done

Now the tool will ask you to choose the storage location for the imported file. Once you have chosen the right location, you can click on done. You can also choose a backup schedule for automatic backup and syncing.

Backup confirmation screen

This is your confirmation screen. You can see the log report and the location of the saved files. You will also see the number of mail items which are backed up.

 You get the most powerful and innovative features with this tool

–          Backup multiple email applications

The tool is not just limited to Office 365. It can also backup and archive Mac outlook, Yahoo mail, Mac mail, Gmail, Outlook for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. So if you get this tool, you will have the power to back up all these applications whenever you want.

–          Inbuilt email viewing system

The inbuilt mail viewer of the tool lets you view archived email items. You can view the items and ensure that everything is going as planned. This also ensures that none of the files or folders are missing during backup.

–          Ability to import multiple formats

The tool can import multiple email formats for users who work with multiple clients. Through this feature you can view OLM, PST, MBOX and RGE files without needing to switch to another client.

–          Save data with data compression algorithm

You can now save 3 times the data with this Office 365 email backup tool. It has an advanced compression feature which compresses the archive in 3X lesser space.

–          Find your files with the search engine

If you are confused that you might miss out any specific email items from a particular sender within a particular date, you can use the search box. You just have to enter specific search items and the tool will scan the database to bring you all your required items in no time.

–          Backup and archive in PDF files

You can now archive and save Office 365 data in PDF files. By archiving your data in PDF format, you can access it on any platform with a PDF reader. You can also print it and keep a hard copy of your mail archive. You can also protect it with a password and share it with relevant parties. Overall, this feature is the best thing to have happened in mail backup.

–          All in one email conversion feature

The tool comes with an inbuilt mail converter that can convert to and from all major file formats. This ability to import and convert files is unique to this mail backup and archiving tool and makes it the topmost solution for all users.

–          Auto USB backup

This auto USB backup feature allows you to set up an external USB drive and map it with the tool so that when you plug in the device, the tool automatically syncs and creates a backup within the USB drive, giving you a portable backup.

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