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Now freely archive Mac mail on your mac with this Mac mail archive tool

Mac mail archive software

If you are searching for a mac mail archive solution that really works, this is the right place for you. Mac users have been searching for a definite Mac mail archive solution so that they can safely back up their mac mail data and keep it out of harm. When you start searching on the internet, you might find several Mac mail archive software that offer you mac mail archiver shortcuts. However, these online and free mac mail archive tools are not fit to deal with your confidential or classified email data. Earlier, users had to resort to manual mac mail archive solutions but they were time consuming and highly unpredictable. This is why users started searching for a safe method to archive their mac mail account with absolute safety.

 How to archive mac mail on your mac?

You are suggested to try third party methods which have been especially created to archive mac mail with higher levels of safety. These third party mac mail archive software were created to ensure that the user doesn’t have to struggle or live in the fear of losing his database. These tools were created with additional safety features which made them safer than online mac mail archive solutions. However, finding the right professional tool is the one thing that makes all the difference. If you can find the right professional tool which is easy to use and also affordable, your mac mail archive process will be certainly easy and also successful. So, is there a particular solution that you can use to archive mac mail account?

Try this professional solution that gives 100% data safety

The Mail backup X by InventPure is a professional mac mail archive solution that works directly on mac. It has been created so that even inexperienced mac users are able to archive their mac mail account without worrying about data loss or file modification. There are a lot of great benefits of using this tool as your personal mac mail archive software. It can archive and back up data from multiple mac based email applications with 100% guarantee of data safety. You don’t have to be an expert to get results from this tool since the user friendly interface of the tool guides you throughout the process of mac mail archiving. If you have been worried about losing your precious mac mail data while you archive your mac mail folders, you should relax. The tool protects your email database and gives you 100% accurate results regardless of your experience. This tool was created to be the final solution for all mac users so that they could freely backup and archive mac mail.

Get 100% results with the ideal mac mail archive software

In the next part of the article you are going to find out how to archive mac mail with the help of the Mail backup X. The whole process is divided into quick and easy steps which are easy to understand even by first time users. You don’t need to have any experience to archive mac mail on your mac. The tool comes with a user friendly interface which guides you from the first step till you get the required results. The tool guarantees 100% safe and accurate results to all users, beginners or advanced.

Here is how to backup and archive mac mail

Setup a new backup profile

Setting up a backup profile is the first step that you need to take while using the Mail Backup X tool. This is where your mail archive process is initiated. The tool lets you create a backup profile with/without a mail client.

Mac Mail archive software

While configuring a mail client, make sure it’s server settings are correct and it receives the mails with success.

IMAP accounts can be configured directly with this tool. You just need to follow these steps.

Here is what you need to do. Click on Setup a new backup profile.

This will open the next window where you are asked to choose the required email application that you want to back up. You are given several options to choose from and most of the mac based email applications are included. You can choose from Apple mail, mac outlook 2011, mac Outlook 2015, Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo mail and Postbox etc. So even if you need the tool for one time, you can use it with other applications in the future. Let us take a look at the next step.

Choose the Mail client/ IMAP mail account that you want and click on Next. This will lead you to the next window where you will be asked to customize the mail backup process.

Mac Mail archive tool

Next screen shows all the folders in your mail account. You can now choose the folders that you want and ignore the ones that you don’t want to backup. The checkbox lets you choose the folders to be backed up.  You may/may not backup every folder in your mail account. This is the best method of personalized mail backup and archiving.

There is another checkbox at the bottom of the screen that reads “(Recommended) Automatically backup newly detected folders.”

Checking this box makes sure that whenever you are creating a new folder in your mail account, it gets reflected in the Mail Backup X viewer and is backed up along with the pre-existing ones.

Click on Next.

Mac Mail archive solution

The next screen gives you the option for setting up backup name, location, and type. This is an important step since you are going to need the location and name of the backup folder for future.

You can name the backup profile as per your convenience.

The next tab gives you the option for the storage location. The edit button lets you change it as like you want.

The Setup a Mirror Copy button lets you opt for the Mirror copy of your backups.

Next option says: “Choose a backup Schedule:”. This is a great feature through which you can set the Backup schedule for your mails.

The next option says “Auto Export Profile to External USB drive”. This option lets you set a USB drive for auto backup. This auto USB backup option lets you map a USB drive so that emails are automatically backed up into the USB whenever it is plugged in.

Click on Done to save your setup.

Mac Mail archive folder

The next screen brings you to the Dashboard. Here you can see the completed success log and detailed report of the mac mail archive process. You can see the total number of files backed up. You can also export the profile and view the backup log to ensure that all of the chosen files are backed up without any mistakes.

Mac Mail archive gmail

This is the end of your mac mail archiving process. You can now relax and use this backup like you want. The mac mail archive can be stored in any computer and the load on your server is now lightened.

The tool comes with an endless array of useful features

Here are the best benefits of using this tool

  1. 1.      Backup from multiple email clients

This tool allows you to do something truly incredible. You can now backup and archive from Gmail, Mac mail, Yahoo mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. This is a great relief for users who want control over multiple applications. Even if you are getting this tool for one tool, you can use it for others in future.

  1. 2.      Inbuilt mail viewer

The inbuilt mail viewer allows you to view archived email items whenever you want. It is like a preview system that makes you feel that you are always in control of the process. You know what is going on at all times during the mac mail archiving.

  1. 3.      Import from multiple formats

This is an extraordinary feature that allows you to import from multiple email clients. The tool lets you import OLM, PST, RGE and MBOX formats etc. So even if the format is not supported by the OS, you can view the files in the tool.

  1. 4.      Compress your database

Data saving is important and the makers of the tool understand this. That is why the tool comes with an advanced compression algorithm which compresses your email data and ensures that you save 3X the space that you would normally do with another tool.

  1. 5.      Search what you want in the search box

The advanced search feature is an added benefit that gives you total control. You can enter specific search items related to the email items that you want to find and the tool will scan the database to find them for you. You will not miss even a single email file during the mac mail archive process.

  1. 6.      Backup and archive to PDF

This is the greatest feature which gives you endless possibilities. You can now archive Mac mail account in PDF files. PDF files are easy to store and easy to share. You can even protect them with a password and keep them safe. PDF files are also useful to preserve the hierarchy of your email database. You can also print the archives to keep a hard copy for future use.

  1. 7.      All in one email conversion feature

The tool is not just an email backup and archiving tool. The makers of the tool embedded an all in one email converter feature. You can now migrate to and from all major email applications with this tool. So you are getting email backup and email conversion under one roof.

  1. 8.      Auto USB backup and sync

The auto USB backup and sync feature is a unique feature that this mail backup tool offers. You can map and set up a USB drive to store your email archive whenever the USB is plugged in. It uses smart technology to auto detect the USB and then syncs the archive to ensure that you have a portable backup ready whenever you want.

Benefits of using this Mac mail archive solution

  1. Anyone can use it without experience
  2. Wizard based interface
  3. Data safety assurance
  4. Result consistency
  5. No lags or errors
  6. High speed results
  7. No wastage of space
  8. Dedicated support team working 24*7

Commonly asked questions about this Mac mail archive software

  1. Why is Mail backup X the best mac mail archive solution?

The Mail backup X is the best mac mail archive software because it is loaded with unique features and gives the user a reliable solution to backup emails without the risk of data loss.

  • Is it difficult to install the tool?

It is incredibly easy to use this tool. You can install the tool in just a few clicks by following the instructions. Just double click on the installed file and the tool will guide you through the rest.

  • What guidance is offered after the installation of this mac mail archive software?

The tool comes with a wizard based interface which gives you step by step guidance throughout the process. You don’t need to be an expert to use this tool successfully.

  • What other email apps can I backup with this tool?

You can backup Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Office 365 for mac, Gmail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  • What if I want to ignore some of my email files from the backup?

If you want to ignore some of the email files from the backup, you can leave them unchecked in the dialogue box where you are given a chance to choose the files that you want to backup.

  • Which is the most unique feature of this tool?

The most unique feature present in this mac mail email backup and recovery tool is that it comes with an inbuilt email converter that you can use to convert email files from one format to another.

  • Which is the most useful feature of the Mail backup X?

The most useful feature of the Mail backup X is its ability to directly archive mac mail account in PDF files. PDF files can be shared with other users. They are also useful for maintaining the folder hierarchy of the database.

  • Can I archive mac mail account in a portable device?

Yes, you can use the auto USB backup and sync feature of the Mail backup X to create portable backups in a USB drive. You can just plug in the USB device and the tool will automatically sync the latest backup in the USB.

  • Can a normal user afford such a professional tool?

The Mail backup X has been created to ensure that all types of mac users can afford this tool. It is extremely affordable and available in many packages created according to the needs and budget of different types of users.

  1. How can I trust the Mail backup X?

You don’t have to take anyone’s word. You can test the free demo version of the Mail backup X to see how well it can archive your mac mail email database without spending any money. Once you are sure that the tool works, you can get the full edition.

Ratings matter when you want to backup and archive mac mail

The Mail backup X comes with 5 star ratings. Most of the users and experts alike, have rated this tool as the best solution for mac mail email archive.

Look what our clients are saying about this Mac mail archive tool

“I was searching for a mac mail archive solution that I can trust. I found the Mail backup X to be the ideal solution for the purpose of email backup and recovery. It is due to its highly innovative and powerful features which have been created by experts to safeguard the database and to enhance the overall experience of data backup and archiving.  It is really safe and can be used by all types of users.”- Daniel Shivas

“I wanted to archive my mac mail account but I had no experience. That is when I realized I needed a safe and reliable mac mail archive solution that even first time users can use without experience. I was suggested the Mail backup X as a solution by a colleague and I gave it a try. To my surprise it didn’t feel like I was using anything complex. It is a simple tool that works on mac and guides you all the way. So I would definitely suggest this to anyone who wants to archive mac mail emails.”- Bruce Atkins

Requirements to run the Mail backup X

System Requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here are the affordable and well designed packages of the Mail backup X

Mail backup X – for Personal use

  • Available in both MacOS and Windows versions
  • Works for a single user
  • Can be installed on two computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Get top up package to get 10 more mail profiles
  • Free support and maintenance for 1 year

Mail backup X- for Team

  • Available in windows and MacOS versions
  • Works for 5. 10, 20 and 30 users in different versions
  • Works in multiple computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Buy a top up package to get access to 10 extra mail profiles
  • Free support and updates for 1 year

You can assign these profiles to any users.

What are you waiting for? Try it for free!

The free trial of this tool allows you to understand how it works. Once you are sure that the tool works for you, you can upgrade to the easily affordable full version. The full version also gives you free support and free updates for life. The full version comes in affordable packages designed according to different needs and budgets. This is a one-time chance that you should certainly not miss at any cost.

You should test it right now, click here.