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Know about the best way to create outlook backup

create outlook backup

Surely many times you have needed to create outlook backup, both to have a backup and not lose them, as well as to get more space because you are running out of it in your hosting, and perhaps the official tutorials have not been of a lot of help. Therefore, we are going to explain the step by step to create outlook email backup in the Microsoft Outlook mail manager and we will also show you how to import them without losing information and also how to view them with different methods.

What is a backup and why should I do it?

A backup is a copy of your files, in this case, a copy of your emails, with their attachments, dates, etc. And why do it? That has an easy answer: because we may need it in the future. There are many circumstances that can make you need a backup of your emails:

The computer crashes and there is no way to recover it.

You do not know how to copy the emails stored in the hosting that you have contracted.

You need to recover hosting space because your website is growing and you don’t want to go to a higher and more expensive plan.

For all this, the backup of your old emails is very important, and just as when we make backups of our files or our website, we should, as a routine, do it with our emails.

How often is it recommended to backup emails?

It depends on you, your way of working, the flow of emails you send and receive, whether the attachments you send or receive are very large (as is our case) and the time you have to do it. In our case, before we made an annual copy, but since we ran out of space in the hosting we made a copy every 6 months.

Where do I keep backup copies of emails?

On an external hard drive, a pen drive, in the cloud … in the place or places where you remember that you have saved it and that is more comfortable for you. For the cloud, it can be Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, …

Tutorial to Backup Emails in Outlook

1. The first thing is to open the Microsoft Outlook program from your Office package and select the email you want to copy.

2. Now, click on the top menu “File”. The vertical menu will appear in blue, where we will click on “Open and Export”:

And then we will click on “Import or Export”

3.  This window will appear, where we will follow a step-by-step.

5 . Choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)”

6. Select the email you want to copy, with the “Include Subfolders” box active and click “Next”:

7. Click on the “Browse” button to select the folder where you will save the .pst file that Outlook generates for you.

8. At the end, a final window will appear where it tells you that you can, if you want, create a password to lock the file. If you don’t want to add any, just click “OK”

And ready! We already have our .pst file created and saved on our computer . Now, if you have not already done so, it would be necessary to save it to an external hard drive, a pen drive or upload it to the cloud.

Best Way to Create Outlook Backup With 100% Security And Without Risk Of Data Loss

It is common to feel confused by an Outlook backup as there are many options available. A new user who does not know how to back up Outlook will have difficulty choosing a single tool to back up Outlook data. If you want to know how to back up Outlook emails but feel confused, you are right where you should be. You should have tried to figure out how to create outlook backup through various websites that offer online backups, but you should know all aspects of Outlook backup first. You should know the risks and benefits of each method that is available on the market. There are many Outlook backup tools that offer Outlook data backup but are not reliable for dealing with sensitive or classified Outlook data.


If you want to know how to create outlook mailbox backup your perspective securely, you’ll need a secure and affordable solution that you can trust. You can find many quick fixes or online tools that ask you to upload your data to the Internet. These backup tools may be risky and dangerous. If it is confidential or official data that contains important information, it is recommended to stay away from unsupported online methods.

The tool you choose for Outlook backup should be reliable and fully professional. This is when professional or third-party Outlook backup tools enter the image. They are specifically created to ensure that you can back up Outlook emails without affecting the integrity or uniqueness of the Outlook mail database.


The ideal tool for you would be an Outlook backup tool that works on Mac and ensures the security of your email database. Fortunately, there is a particular solution you can use now. It is a professional tool trusted by experts from all over the world. It is called The X Mail Backup and was created by InventPure. It is a certified solution to back up Outlook emails. You can also back up Outlook contacts and other related data without any risk of data loss or file modification. It has been created after years of research on the needs of Outlook mac users so that everything they need can be met and provided without fail. It is true that there are many options that offer to teach you how to create outlook message backup, however, this tool offers you data security and accuracy of the results. So, if you are a Mac Outlook user who wants to back up Outlook mail along with other email formats, this is the ideal Outlook backup tool for you.

Why should I choose this Outlook backup tool?

It is a unique and powerful tool that has been created to ensure the peace of Mind Of The Mail Backup X was designed to specifically protect your email database against dangers such as data loss or file modification. The software works at high speeds and guarantees that you get the fastest email backup results from various email clients without risk. It supports multiple email applications and can import data without switching between applications. It is loaded with brilliant features that ensure the best performance and results without the need for prior experience.

These are the best features of this Outlook Mail Backup Tool

This tool has been specially created for Mac users so that they can back up Mac Outlook directly on Mac without worrying about compatibility issues. Since the tool works on Mac, backing up Outlook Outlook is only a matter of a few clicks. This also ensures that the process is fast and without delays. Working on Mac makes a big difference for many users who have no experience with other operating systems.

Backup multiple clients

The tool was created to back up multiple email clients so that you can back up Outlook mac along with other email applications. what can be better than having all your Mac email applications so you can back up at any time?

Built-in email viewer

The tool has been created with an additional email viewer that allows you to import and view emails from multiple email clients without changing the application. This unique feature brings together all email formats under one roof. If you have a large database, this feature will be extremely beneficial to you. You can control any e-mail items that you can confirm before backing up.

An advanced data compression algorithm

The tool comes with an advanced data compression algorithm that compresses your email database during the Outlook data backup process. Therefore, if you have a large Outlook mac backup, you should get this tool as it will back up your Outlook mac files 3 times less space than normal. For those users who get a backup to reduce the load on their email application, this feature.