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Create windows email backup with this Mail backup tool for the perfect results

make windows emails backup

Do you want to take windows email backup but don’t know how to do so? To make windows backup is considered a tricky task only when you are dealing with professional data. But these days, most of the data is confidential or classified data. This brings us to the modern problem of how to create windows email backup without any risk of data loss. Let us get to the root of it. In this article we will discuss everything that you need to know about how to take windows email backup.

Why do we take windows email backup?

Email backup is the best way to safeguard our important email data and to keep our files safe from data loss or file modification. If by any case we mess up our email application or lose the active data, we can still have our data kept safe in a backup. This is why backups are necessary.

How to take windows email backup like an expert?

There are two ways to create windows email backups. The old method is the manual method which has been used for a long time. The main issue with this method is that it is slow and unpredictable. You had to hire an expert who would take windows email backup for you. This would be a one-time thing and you would have to pay for this service again and again unless you learned it yourself.

The modern method and the preferred one is using third party windows email backup tools which can make windows email backup process easy for you. There are a lot of windows email backup tools that you can find online. However there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

How to choose the right tool to create windows email backup?

Since there are many online tools available just Google searches away, you need to understand a few things. Most online and free tools are not equipped with the necessary safety features which are required to backup and archive your data safety. This is why you need a solution that you can trust. Professional email backup and archiving tools are the only solution that you can trust.

What are professional email backup tools and how are they different?

Professional tools are specific tools created by experts which are especially designed to ensure that all email users can backup their email data. The purpose of these tools is to provide added safety to all users who cannot afford to lose their email data. These tools are created with additional features which make the process easy and affordable for all.

The issue with professional email backup tools

However, there is one issue with professional tools which needs to be tackled. Most often, professional tools are found to be complex to use for normal users. They are also quite expensive and everyone cannot afford them. This is why when a user searched for a tool to create windows email backup, he seeks freedom from these issues. The only way to offer safety, ease of use and affordability is to find a balance.

Fortunately, there is a tool that has found this balance and offers a definitive solution to all users regardless of anything.

The Mail backup X by InventPure

What is the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X is a specialized email backup and recovery tool for all email users. This tool was created by InventPure after years of research about the needs of all email users. The tool works on both mac and windows. It has multiple benefits that make it an ideal solution for all types of email users. Let us take a look at some of the key benefits of using this email backup and recovery tool.

  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • Step by step process
  • Guided backups by interface
  • 100% data safety
  • Works on both mac and windows
  • Guarantee of no data modification
  • Works on multiple clients
  • Added bonus feature of mail conversion

Here are the top features of this tool which make it powerful

  1. Works on both mac and windows

One of the best things about using this tool is that it works on both mac and windows. So it doesn’t matter if you have a windows or a mac system, you can backup your email files whenever you want.

  • Easy to use

This tool is the easiest to operate for all types of users. You don’t have to be an expert to use this tool to its full potential. Simple steps will take you from the installation till the end results. The tool has a user friendly interface that guides you through each step. So all users can benefit from it, beginners or advanced.

  • High speed backup

The tool works at high speeds to ensure that you don’t have to sit and waste your time while the tool works for you. You don’t have to perform many time consuming steps. Even if the size of your database is large, the tool gives quick results because of its high speed algorithms.

  • Data safety assurance

The main reason why most mac and windows users choose this tool is because of the safety. You don’t have to be afraid of losing your email data while you use this tool. You get to save every small detail without fail.

  • Constant support

The tool comes with 24*7 support option. If you feel lost or confused about the process at any given time, you can reach out and the support experts will help you out.

  • 100% efficiency

The tool preserves each email item without fail. You will get to save all attachments, folder details, profiles, contacts, calendar details, Unicode files and even meta data. In other words, your entire database will be kept preserved.

These are the additional unique features of the Mail backup X which make it special

  • Works with multiple tools

This email backup and archiving tool lets you backup multiple clients like Outlook mac, Outlook windows, Gmail, Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

  • Auto USB backup and sync

This feature readily gives you portable email backups whenever you want them. You can set up a USB drive and map it with the tool. Whenever you plug in this USB drive, the tool will automatically sync and store your email files in the USB drive. Now you can have your windows email backup with you on the move.

  • Advanced data compression

Data saving is always an important factor while you backup your email database. Most users avoid backing up their email data because it will take a lot of space. However, with the Mail backup X, you can make windows email backup and store it in 3X lesser space. Now you don’t have to get rid of your old mailbox which might house a lot of memories.

  • Search box

If you have a large database to back up, the chances of missing something are there in your mind. To solve this, the Mail backup X offers you a search box where you can enter specific search details and the tool will find those items and mails for you. This is like a second layer of security.

  • PDF archiving

This is probably the most innovative and exciting feature of the Mail backup X. You can now create windows email backup and save it in the form of PDF files. PDF files are easily compatible and portable. They can be password protected and shared. You can also preserve the folder hierarchy of the database while you backup windows emails in PDF files.

  • All in one email converter

Now this is one of the most exciting features of this tool. You get an inbuilt mail converter embedded with this tool. You get two tools in the price of one. You can convert your email files from one format to another. What can be better than this?

This tool is the ideal solution for all users who want to take windows email backup without the risk of data loss and file modification.

Wondering anything? Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions

  • How can I install the Mail backup X?

You can download the tool and double click to launch it. The tool will open and guide you towards the installation process. Just follow the simple instructions

  • What is the next step after installing the tool?

The next step would be to choose the email application that you want to backup and archive. You will find a list of applications and you have to choose the one you want to backup.

  • How is the performance of the Mail backup X?

This windows email backup and recovery tool has been created with superior features and complex algorithms to make it the most powerful solution to create windows email backups. The tool does not lag or cause any errors.

  • What is the consistency of the results?

Since the tool follows a fixed pattern for email backup, the consistency of results is 100%. If you follow the same steps every single time, you will get the same quality of results, every single time.

  • Can I ignore the email items or files that I don’t need?

Certainly, you can filter out the items that you don’t want to back up by de-selecting them from the list of your database.

  • How safe is my data with the Mail backup X?

The Mail backup X is the safest email backup and recovery tool out there. You are not going to lose even a single email item during or after the backup.

  • Which is the most useful feature of this tool?

The tool comes with a PDF archiving option which allows you to directly store the windows email archive in PDF files.

  • Which is the most unique feature of this tool?

You get an inbuilt email converter that you can use to convert email files from one format to another. You get the power of two tools in one.

  • I am a first time user. What if I need help?

You can reach out to the support team they will help you any time you need.

  • Can I make portable backups whenever I want?

Yes, with the auto USB backup and sync option, you can create instant backups and sync them in the USB device.

Ratings given by experts

The Mail backup X is a professional tool which has been given a 5 star rating by experts from around the world.

Messages from happy clients

“I think choosing the Mail backup X has been the greatest decision I have made at work. Now I can backup, archive and restore my windows email messages any time I want. Even better, I can share them anytime. Kudos to the makers.”- Tiffany Abraham

“Before the Mail backup X, I used to say that email backups are a waste of time. Today I can boast about my email backup abilities. I want to reveal my secret which is the Mail backup X. In just a few clicks, I can get instant backups without the fear of data loss. What else can a user need? It is the perfect tool.”- Joan Stewart

System requirements for Mail Backup X

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Here are the exciting packages from which you can choose the one you like

Mail backup X- Personal

  • Available for single users
  • Designed to work on two PCs
  • Available for both mac and windows
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles
  • Free support and updates for a year

Mail backup X – Team

  • Available for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
  • Works on multiple computers
  • Backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
  • Comes in both Mac and windows versions
  • Free support and updates for a year

Additionally, if you need 10 more mail profiles, you can get an affordable top up pack.

Taking it to the next step

If you have come so far, it would be best to try this tool for free. You can get the free trial version of this tool to make windows email backup at first. Once you are sure that the tool works according to your requirements, you can upgrade it to the full version. The full version of the too is available in different packages. These packages are created according to the requirements of all types of users. Choose the right one.

To get the free trial of the tool right now, click here.