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The best thing that you can do in order to refine your Gmail backup experience is to find the right Gmail backup tool. Even though there are a lot of Gmail backup software that you can download from the internet, you need to be clear about what you need from your Gmail backup. Since there are different types of methods, you will be getting results according to the method that you choose.

Let us discuss what can happen if you download any Gmail backup tool without research

  • There is a chance that the Gmail backup software that you downloaded might be embedded with keyloggers or other type of malware that can steal your important details or credentials.
  • The tool might download a virus along with it which can give someone else the ability to view your emails and your transactions including personal or financial ones
  • You might get completely locked out of your email service and your data might get held at ransom
  • Your emails might get deleted as soon as you try to back them up with this unknown software
  • Your attachments may get corrupted
  • Your personal information might get leaked on the internet or sold

This information is not meant to instil fear in you but to make you aware of the consequences of choosing a random tool from the internet. If you wish to have quality results along with military grade security for your mailboxes, you need to get a professional solution for yourself. Professional tools are suggested by all experts because they are developed with the user’s data security in mind. They are designed in order to make the process simple and accessible for all types of users without asking them to take any complex steps in order to finish the backup process. However, your choice of professional tools can be highly subjective.

 Professional tools can vary – How?

There are many users who have had different experiences with different professional tools. This is because these tools are designed according to various needs of various users. Some tools might be right only for experienced users and completely confusing for first timers. Some tools might be completely out of the reach of normal email users due to their price. This is why you need to do your research and find a tool which suits your budget and needs. The ideal Gmail backup software would be one which is balanced. The best Gmail backup tool would be one which is both easy to use and easy to afford for a regular email user.

Mail backup X – Download the best Gmail backup software

Mail backup X by InventPure is a reliable and modern Gmail backup tool, expressly designed to backup email services without asking for much effort from your side.

Let us discuss the best Gmail backup software that you can download

We talked about how there are different types of email backup software available out there and choosing the right one is a totally subjective thing with certain objective requirements. Our goal was to find a balanced Gmail backup software that you can use without putting in too much money or effort. Mail backup X achieves just that and offers you multiple packages which are designed according to your requirements and budget.

These are the top features of Mail backup X which make it such an exciting solution for all

  • Automatic incremental backups

With Mail backup X, you get to set up incremental backups which mean that your data is backed up first time from the very beginning. After that, every email that is received is backed up instantly. Automatic incremental backups mean that you don’t have to sit and worry about your email backups anymore. Everything is done automatically and you don’t have to repeat the backup process since the tool handles it automatically.

  • Automatic USB backups

You get to make Automatic USB backups by following very simple steps. You just have to map a particular USB drive while setting up the backup profile. When the user plugs in this USB drive to the computer, Mail backup X automatically detects the portable device and stores the latest snapshot copy of your Gmail backup in the drive. This means that you just need to plug in the USB and you will get the backup.

  • PDF archiving facility

Mail backup X allows you to archive your Gmail mailboxes in the form of PDF files. This gives you so many new opportunities that the scope of accessibility for your email mailboxes rises many times fold. You can access these PDF Gmail archives through any PDF viewer without needing any email application. You can access these PDF archives offline. You can also protect these Gmail PDF archives with a strong password so that there is no chance of any unauthorized access. These PDF files are also a great way to preserve your folder hierarchy.

  • Smart Gmail backup and resume feature

The smart backup and resume feature permits all email users to enjoy an uninterrupted email backup process even they are having network issues. The tool has been programmed with an ability that even most professional tools don’t have. The tool is able to hold the progress of the backup if you have no network connectivity. Whereas other tools would just stop the process and start from the beginning the next time, Mail backup X can pause and resume the backup according to the network connectivity.

  • Selective email backup and recovery

You get to choose what you want to backup. While setting up the backup profile, you get to select or de select the email folders that you wish to be included in your backup. This also gives you the ability to backup or restore just few specific items from your entire Gmail mailbox. You don’t have to backup your entire mailbox anymore. You can personalize the backups like you want to.

  • Directly backup Gmail to cloud services

This tool offers you multiple choices to store your Gmail backup. You are given the chance to store your Gmail backup on your local device, on an external hard drive or to the cloud service of your choice. If you are backing up Gmail, the best choice would be Google Drive. However, if you have an enormous number of emails or a large mailbox, we would not recommend using Cloud services since the used space counts in the Google storage quota that you are offered.

  • Restore email backups to mailbox

You can easily restore your Gmail backups back to the live mailbox. You don’t need to delay your backups because you don’t know how to restore the Gmail backups. If you wish to get absolute control over how your emails are managed, you need to know how to backup and how to restore the emails. Email backups are meaningful only when you can restore them whenever you want. You can do so very easily with Mail backup X.

What are some strategies to get the best Gmail backups with consistency?

Here we are going to uncover some of the best tips and things you can do

  1. Make regular backups

If you have looked around for ways to backup Gmail emails, you must have come across many tools that offer one-time backups of your Gmail mailboxes. However, the majority of users want much more than just one-time backups. If you are a professional who regularly received important official emails every day; one-time backups are not going to cut it. You will need to regularly backup your emails either automatically or manually. Doing this will ensure that even if you lose some emails or data due to a power surge or any other situation, you can be sure that you have a copy of each incoming email in a safe place.

  • Don’t rely on just one backup/type of backup

If you have the option of making multiple backups, do it. If you can make cloud backups and you have plenty of space, do it. If you have external hard drives, make a backup there if you can too. If your data is of extreme importance, you can never be too safe. The best chance that you have is to make different types of backups in different locations so that it automatically becomes fail proof. The chances of all of your backups getting lost are close to none and that is what are going for. It is suggested to make use of the different types of backups including mirror backups for the maximum security of your Gmail backups.

Get an automatic solution

Who likes to sit and do things manually anymore? Time is money and most of us would find it to be an irritating task to sit and manually backup each mailbox again and again after regular intervals. The only way to solve this problem for good would be to automate the process as much as you can. If you have set up automatic backups, you will not have to consciously think about your emails ever again. Setting up automatic incremental backups is the best way to ensure that everything gets done by itself and you can spend your time doing something that software can’t.

Do your own research

This is probably the most valuable strategy or tip that you can take home. There are many options available out there and this makes it quite difficult for email users to decide which tool is the best. You need to try and test different tools and read about the process to understand the benefits of the tool that you have in front of you. You should know that not all tools deliver what they claim so doing your research before choosing is the best thing you can do. It is recommended to stay away from online or free web-based tools which don’t have any safety features. The main thing you need to discern is the usability of the tool according to your personal or professional email management requirements.

Client testimonials

“Short on time, I wanted to download a Gmail backup software that I could use on my computer. I did not trust web-based tools and wanted a reliable solution. I chose Mail backup X because it does everything that you can want from an email management software. It backs up, restores, and even converts emails from multiple email services.” – Javier Marlin

“I had lost my files already with the manual method. I wanted to download a Gmail backup software that would really work. Mail backup X offered an assurance of no data loss and it was incredibly easy to use. I got its single user license and I use it on two computers. It works so well that you don’t have to think about your emails anymore.” – Ethan Crosby

What next?

A free trial for sure! Free download Gmail backup software

The free trial of Mail backup X is now available for you to download. Once you are sure that this runs well according to your requirement, go ahead and upgrade to the full version. The tool is available in multiple full version packages to choose from. Get the one you like and start your journey of automatic Gmail backup and archiving today.

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