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Need to backup and restore outlook 2010? Here is the best way to do it

Mail backup X: Learn how to backup outlook 2010 PST automatically with certified solution

  • Set up incremental backups for outlook 2010 mailboxes
  • No need for manual method to backup outlook 2010
  • No need for old version of Outlook 2010
  • Select any files you want to backup from Outlook 2010 mailbox
  • Backup Outlook 2010 archive as PDF files
  • Set up automatic USB backups for Outlook 2010 email data
  • Store outlook 2010 backup in 3X lesser space with data compression
  • Backup all versions of outlook with ease
  • Backup and restore multiple email services
  • Remote user function in team edition of software
  • Compatible with both macOS and windows
  • Search box to find email items within Outlook archive
  • Free trial version for all interested users

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How to Outlook backup 2010 emails to hard drive

You can backup Outlook 2010 in PST format manually. If you don’t know how to backup and restore outlook 2010 on your computer, follow these steps. This is the manual method to backup outlook 2010 emails.

Note: You need to have Outlook 2010 installed on your computer. These steps are specifically to backup Outlook 2010 files in 2010 version of outlook.

Here is the complete process to Outlook backup 2010

Step 1: Launch the Outlook 2010 application

Step 2: Click on “File” and go to “Options”

Step 3: Select the “advanced” option and click on “Export”

Step 4: This will open the import and export wizard. You will find an option “Export to a file”. Select it and click on Next.

Step 5: Select “Outlook data file” and click on “Next”

Step 6: In this step, you will be asked to choose the folder that you want to backup. In this case, we are going to select the “Inbox” folder. Make sure that you click on “Include subfolders” and hit next.

Step 7: Now you are asked where you want to store the backed-up outlook 2010 files. Click on browse and remember the folder location where you are storing the backup. You can put a password if you want to protect this file. Click OK.

Your backup will now begin. You now have a PST file backup stored in the location of your choice. You can restore it any time you want.

The process to restore these emails is similar. However, the time taken in recovery totally depends upon the size of your mailbox. Sometimes you might face data loss if you don’t follow the steps carefully or your outlook application crashes. To avoid it, use professional methods to restore outlook.

Limitations of manual method

This process works, but it has its own drawbacks. There are many limitations of using the manual method to Outlook backup 2010 PST files. This method is not 100% reliable since it takes a long time to finish depending upon the size of your mailboxes. You can also backup one type of data at a time and you will need to create a different PST file if you want to store other types of data like contacts and calendars. So, it is evident that you will have to repeat this process in order to create a complete backup. Consequently, if you want to backup highly confidential files with 100% data security and retention, this method might not be the best choice for you. You should instead opt for more professional and targeted solutions like Mail backup X.

Mail backup X by InventPure: Best way to Outlook backup 2010 emails for all

Mail backup X was designed to specifically protect your Outlook email data during the backup process. Email users were hesitant to start the backup process since they did not know how to Outlook emails 2010 backup safely. Fortunately, with Mail backup X and its automated process, users don’t have to depend on any third party. Its user-friendly wizard-based interface ensures step by step instruction for all users so that they can backup and restore outlook emails as a backup plan which it is meant to be. Mail backup X allows all types of email users to reap the benefits of email backup and recovery like it was always intended. More than 40,000 email users have tried and approved this Outlook backup software and love the way it works for all users, regardless of their experience.

Why choose Mail backup X to Outlook backup 2010 emails?

Mail backup X is the best choice to backup outlook 2010 and other email services because it primarily works to give dedicated results for all users regardless of their experience. The tool has been developed with a lot of features that ensure the highest quality results without asking the user to follow complex or risky steps where there is too much scope for error. The tool completely eliminates the need for outside assistance and removes the possibility of data loss or file corruption due to human error. The developers have invested a lot of time and effort into creating a comprehensive solution that is free of all previous issues. They have dedicated their time into finally resolving all existing issues related to email backup and recovery with this one professional solution that will certainly work for you too.

Let us take a quick look at some of the features of this outlook 2010 backup tool

Backup all outlook versions emails with ease

Mail backup X tool does not restrict you to backing up just a single version of outlook. With this tool, you can backup outlook 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/MS 365 etc. You don’t have to worry about compatibility since the tool can import emails from any version of outlook.

Backup and restore several email services with single tool

The latest version of Mail backup X is able to backup, archive and restore multiple email services like Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Gmail and other IMAP/POP etc. This is a great benefit since you are able to backup and manage multiple email services with a single email tool.

Restore outlook emails directly to live mailbox

Most users find themselves unable to restore Outlook emails after backing them up. You don’t have to worry about this while using Mail backup X tool. You can directly use the restore option to directly restore outlook emails to your live mailbox in just a few clicks. The tool will automatically search for the backups on your computer.

Filter outlook folders and items that you want

Mail backup X gives you the chance to choose the email items that you want to be there in your email backup or archive. You can easily select the email items that you want. The tool shows you the complete folder structure of your email archive and lets you check or uncheck the folders that you want to include or exclude. You can ignore all empty folders at once if you want. This gives you greater control over the whole email backup process.

Smart Outlook backup and resume

You might have heard that if you lose connectivity during the backup process. The backup process stops and you have to start it all over again. However, Mail backup X has developed a solution for this. You get the smart backup and resume feature which can easily halt the progress of the backup when it senses that connectivity is lost. The progress of the outlook backup is preserved and it is automatically resumed as the connectivity is re-established.

Inbuilt email conversion feature

Yes, Mail backup X comes embedded with an inbuilt feature to export your email archive to different formats. You can convert the email archives from the compatible format of one email service to another. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues anymore. This email export/conversion feature adds a lot of value to this tool since it becomes a dual use tool which does the job of two software at the price of one.

Double layered encryption for outlook backup

The whole point of email backup and archiving is to safeguard and secure your mailboxes. If a piece of software cannot offer you absolute data protection, then it is not really useful. Mail backup X offers you double layered encryption which allows you to encrypt the backup with a strong password so that your backup cannot be accessed outside of your computer. This gives you peace of mind and protects your outlook 2010 backup data from any unauthorized access.

Automatic USB snapshot outlook backups

Who doesn’t like portable backups? Mail backup X offers you the chance to setup instant and automatic portable USB snapshot backups. You just have to map the USB drive once and the tool will automatically store the latest snapshot backup in it when you plug it in. This gives you portable backups without needing to make any extra effort.

Client testimonials – Latest users

“I wanted to be able to backup and restore outlook emails regardless of the version. I had an old oversized PST file which no tool would backup. I used Mail backup X to restore it to my live outlook 2019 mailbox in just few clicks. I am a first time user and I had no problems in doing this. Would certainly recommend.”- Derek Oliver

“I wanted to Outlook backup 2010 PST file automatically to my new mailbox but I didn’t know how to do it securely. A friend suggested Mail backup X and I have not looked back since then. I can use it to backup other email services as well as all versions of outlook. I even use it to export outlook windows to outlook mac. It even has a free trial for all.” – Charles Robin

Get the free trial of Mail backup X tool

The free trial of this Outlook email backup tool is available for download if you are interested. Once you are sure that this free trial works for you, you can upgrade the tool to the full version in the package that you want. The tool comes in different packages according to different budgets. Feel free to explore and go ahead as you gain total control over email management. Now you can backup, archive, restore and convert any emails you want with a single tool.

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