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How to make email backup in Outlook 2010? Let us find out the best way

To email backup Outlook 2010 mails might seem like a difficult thing to you at some point of time. There can be many reasons for this but our goal must be to find the best way to email backup Outlook 2010 mails. If you are someone who doesn’t know how to backup email addresses in Outlook 2010, go no further. You can certainly learn how to create email backup Outlook 2010 if you find the right solution.

Mail backup X – Best way to backup Outlook 2010 emails

  • Works on Windows and MacOS
  • No need for previous experience to use this tool
  • Backup Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019 and more
  • Backup and archive multiple email services easily
  • Inbuilt data compression saves you 3X space
  • Search bar helps you find email items in Outlook 2010 database
  • Set up automatic periodic backups for regular updated backup
  • Store Outlook 2010 backup files on local device or cloud services
  • Create automatic USB backups for portability
  • Inbuilt email converter allows you to convert emails from one format to another
  • Smart backups and resume feature lets you backup even with unstable networks
  • Get free support whenever you need it
  • Remote backups available in team version
  • Multiple versions of tool available for all users

What’s next? Get the free trial of the tool to find out how it works.

How to create email backup in Outlook 2010? Let us find out

There are two methods to create email backup in Outlook 2010. The first method is the manual method which has been used since a long time. The reason why this method was used is simple: there was no better alternative. Users did not have any other choice to email backup outlook 2010 mails. However, times have changed and email management technology has come a long way.

How to email backup Outlook 2010 ? Manual method

There are two ways. To begin with, we will explore the manual method of Outlook 2010 backup process.

Manual method to create Outlook 2010 backup with Outlook app

Step 1: Launch the Outlook application

Step 2: Go to the File menu

Step 3: Click on Options>>Advanced

Step 4: You will see an option to “Export”. Click on it.

Step 5: This will launch the inbuilt export wizard in outlook. Click on Export to a file and hit next.

Step 6: Choose “Outlook data file” (PST) and click on next.

Step 7: In this step, you will be asked to choose the email account that you want to backup. If you want to export all the contents of your mailbox, click on “include subfolders”. This will backup your mailbox while including subfolders. On the other hand, you can also backup single folders according to your need. You should know that in this case, you can only backup one folder at a time. You will need to repeat the process again if you want to backup another individual folder again. Once selected, click next.

Step 8: The tool will now ask you to choose the location to store the backup. It will also show you a default location where you can store the backup. If you wish to store this somewhere else, you can click on the browse button followed by choosing the folder and then click on OK.

Step 9: If you are backing up folders to a previously existing PST file, you will get various options. The replace duplicates with items exported option works for most.

If you are creating a new PST file, you will be asked to secure the file with a strong password. Do it if you wish to enhance the protection for your PST file and click OK.

The backup process will begin and you will be able to see the progress on the dashboard till it is finished. It is important to remember that this process can take a lot of time depending upon the size of your mailboxes.

Drawbacks of the manually backing up Outlook 2010

  • The process involves a lot of steps
  • There is no room for errors
  • You need to know the process in advance
  • Not suitable for first time users/beginners
  • Not suitable for instant backups
  • Time consuming process
  • Not 100% accurate
  • Backup speed depends on internet speed and size of database
  • Does not offer customization options

The better alternative to create Outlook 2010 email backups: Automatic solution

Third party tools were developed as a way to simplify and make it easy for even regular and inexperienced email users to create outlook 2010 backups and more. Email users have been puzzled with the email backup and archiving process since a long time. This could only be solved with the help of reliable third party tools which have been developed professionally by experts to ensure that the process is simple and totally effortless. If you are able to find the right tool, you will not have to worry about the common issues of compatibility or data modification. The right professional tool will guide you through the process without any inconvenience.

Mail backup X by InventPure: Backup Outlook 2010 automatically

Automatically backup Outlook emails in few steps with this professional Outlook email backup tool. Do you want to get access to a superior technology which permits you to flawlessly create email backups whenever you want to? If yes, then this tool might be just what you are looking for. Mail backup X was designed after keeping a lot of things in mind. A lot of email users were worried that the email backup and archiving process is difficult for a normal user and not at all practical for someone who wants 100% accuracy in their backup. Mail backup X was developed after a lot of research in order to solve age old issues/problems inherent with the email backup and recovery process. Fortunately, the developers were able to remove all the common limitations faced by email users after releasing this Outlook email backup tool.

These are the features which make Mail backup X the best way to backup Outlook 2010 emails

  • The tool is compatible with both MacOS and windows
  • The tool lets you set up automatic incremental backups
  • You can backup all versions of Outlook and its data
  • You can backup other email services with absolute ease and precision
  • Your folder hierarchy is completely retained with this Outlook backup tool
  • You get an inbuilt search box which is designed to find out any email items that you want
  • You can also save up to 3X space in your hard drive while storing the Outlook email backup
  • You can easily restore the Outlook 2010 backup back to the live mailbox
  • The smart backup and resume feature allows you to enjoy uninterrupted backups even with poor network connection
  • You get an inbuilt mail viewer through which you can view email items from archives of different formats
  • You get an inbuilt functional email converter through which you can convert to and from different email formats without any issue
  • You get to archive outlook 2010 emails as PDF files
  • You can set up auto USB snapshot backups while setting up the backup profile
  • The tool offers you to choose only those items which you want to backup from your outlook
  • You can load large PST files without worrying about the tool crashing or lagging
  • The tool offers constant support to users who need it
  • You can operate the tool remotely in the team version with the admin rights
  • Free trial for all interested users

Client testimonials

“I was using Outlook 2019 but wanted to backup Outlook 2010 emails. I had old PST files that needed backing up since they had my old contacts and other useful company information. I used Mail backup X to easily create Outlook 2010 backups by loading the PST files directly to the tool. I have saved this backup in multiple locations and I can also restore it whenever I want.” – Hank Lee

“I wanted to know how to create email backups in Outlook 2010 but did not have a certain solution in mind. This is when I found Mail backup X and realized that it is simple yet very powerful solution that works for all. I was guided through the outlook backup process. I can even backup other email services without fail. Get its free trial and you will see what I mean.” – Trevor Hobbs

Here are some questions that we got from interested users

  1. What makes a tool good or bad? Where does Mail backup X stand?

When we talk about software, good or bad depends upon the needs of the user and the results that they expect. If a user expects particular results and gets the opposite, it is certainly not a good sign. Tools are designed to make things simple, so a good tool would be one which simplifies the process for which the tool is intended. In this case, we are trying to find the difference between a good and bad email backup tool.

In terms of email backup and recovery, there are a few very important things that define the worthiness of the tool in hand.

  • The ease of use and installation of the tool
  • The compatibility of the tool across platforms
  • The user interface of the tool
  • The software requirements of the tool
  • The hardware required to run the software
  • The price of the tool
  • The speed of backup and recovery
  • The number of email services supported by the tool
  • The extra features given to the users
  • Personalization features
  • Extra security features for data protection
  • The data handling capacity of the tool
  • The number of services supported by the tool
  • Data storage methods offered to the user
  • Workability of the free trial
  • Support and guidance to new users

These are the factors which separate an average tool from a superior one.

If you ask where Mail backup X stands between Good or bad. You should know that Mail backup X excels in all the above stated categories and is rated 5 stars by top experts from around the world. Over 40,000 users have worked with Mail backup X and they would not change a single thing about this solution. You are getting a software which is compatible with both mac and windows. It also supports multiple email services and ensures that the user never loses a single email item. The tool is automatic and is powerful enough to work with even 100 GB files. You can also use it as an email converter, making it a two in one tool for all users.

In conclusion, all users are offered a fully functional free trial that they can use till they are satisfied. You can directly upgrade to the full version according to your needs right from the free trial. There are multiple full packages made available for different users according to different budgets and number of users. Mail backup X is a first grade Outlook backup tool which can change your whole life when it comes to email management.

What are you waiting for?

Get the free trial of Mail backup X and see how it works for you. The free trial can be upgraded to the single version or the team edition based totally on your requirement. You can choose the version that you can afford. Feel free to contact us if you are confused about which version will work best for you. You can also get a personalized version of Mail backup X for your enterprise.

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