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Four ways to backup G suite mail – Including the best way to backup G suite email

So, you want to know how to backup G suite emails. You are at the right place. There are many ways to backup G suite emails here our goal is to find the best way to backup G suite emails. If you don’t know how to take G suite email backup, the best thing would be to explore different methods which are available out there.

Method 1: Using Google Takeout

The first and the most simplistic method is to use the Google offered takeout service. Google takeout is a service which allows you to download all of your Google data in a single zip file. You get an MBOX file with different types of data which are chosen by you.

Method 2: Synchronize Gmail to another email service

This is a great way to create backups of your Gmail account in certain email clients like Outlook etc. This means that you will be able to use your Gmail account in Outlook application. However, one should remember that this process is quite technical and tedious. You need to know different processes since this process involves different steps which might require technical skills from the user.

Method 3: Simply forward Gmail emails to another email

If you wish to have something simple as a backup for a low volume email mailbox, you can simply set up your emails to get automatically forwarded to another email service. You just need to know how to forward all incoming email messages to an email address. For this, you just need to go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings and you will get the option to enter the email address where you want to forward your email to.

If you want to customize this and wish to backup particular emails according to your requirements and preference, you can even specify which emails are forwarded to this added email address. You can set up filters which ensure that emails from a particular sender etc are forwarded. Due to these filters, you can ensure that only specific emails are forwarded.

Option 4: Using a third-party G Suite email backup tool

This is probably the most useful and sustainable way to backup G suite mail. This solution is certainly a stable and persistent way to setup G suite email backups without much effort if you are using the right tool. Now the main task which everything boils down to is finding the right G suite email backup software that you can absolutely trust.

Mail backup X – Best way to backup G suite emails

Mail backup X by InventPure ensures that you are able to backup G suite emails without putting any of your email files at risk. This tool is embedded with military grade encryption features which protect your email files at all times, during and even after the backup. Calling this tool just a G suite email backup solution would certainly be an understatement. Let us find out how this tool works and performs.

What can Mail backup X do? Let us find out

There are a lot of things that this certified software can do for you. We are going to check out the topmost beneficial things that you can get by choosing this solution.

  1. Backup G suite emails (and more)

Mail backup X can certainly help you take G suite email backups but it does not end there. This solution is not just limited to G Suite emails. You can also backup other email services like Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox and even more IMAP based email services. This gives you absolute control over all major email services used across the world. You don’t have to worry about losing any email data due to modern cyber threats like hacking or commonly rising situations like Server downtime etc. Everything has been planned and thought out before during research and development.

  • Restore G suite emails

One of the most common problems of creating G Suite email backups is restoring them back to the mailbox. It is noticed that many email users never backup their emails because they don’t know how to recover or restore it. With Mail backup X in your hands, you will be able to restore your Gmail email backups back to the live mailbox in just a few clicks. You read that right. You can directly restore backed up emails to your live mailbox without any added effort. This solves a lot of problems for more users than you can imagine.

  • Archive emails as PDF files

This feature gives the user an opportunity to enhance the scope of availability for their email database. Users are conventionally unable to use their Gmail or any other email archives with anyone else due to compatibility restrictions. This issue has been absolutely eliminated with the PDF archiving feature since it allows you to directly create Gmail archives and store them as PDF files. As we know, you don’t need to have an email application installed to access a PDF file. These PDF files can be encrypted with a strong password and shared with others. This also gives you a meticulous way to preserve the folder structure of your G suite email archives.

  • Set up portable USB backups

This feature allows you to create automatic portable USB backups which can be carried anywhere. You can effortlessly map a USB drive while setting up the backup profile. Once this USB drive is plugged into the computer, the tool will automatically recognize it and store the latest snapshot copy of your backup in the computer. This gives you endless benefits since you can get snapshot backups on the go without needing to follow any manual steps. Just plug in the device and you are good to go. This feature is most beneficial for users who need instant portable backups on the go.

  • Convert email files with a backup tool

The email conversion realm is a different segment of email management in itself. There are many email migration tools out there which offer to convert email files from one format to another. Fortunately, the designers of Mail backup X thought about this and decided why not to include an email converter with an email backup tool so that users can have access to a one stop solution for their email management needs. This is how you can now convert to and from major email formats with this G suite backup tool. You are getting the benefits of multiple services in one service.

  • Customize your backups

This is one of the most important aspects of email management that you need to understand in order to appreciate the worthiness of automatic solutions that work for you. Most manual methods do not allow users to make much modifications in their email backups and make direct backups or the entire database including the things that you might not even need to backup. Mail backup X allows you to easily customize your email backups according to your personal preference. You can set up customized backups like scheduled backups, mirror backups, recurring backups and even more.

  • Save up to 3X space in storage

You can save up to 3X space while storing your email backups. You don’t have to delay your backups for later due to the lack of storage space. The designers of this tool have ensured that you don’t have to think about shortage of storage space while creating backups. The tool automatically compresses your backups in up to 3X lesser space than usual. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to backup large Gmail mailboxes.

  • Smart and uninterrupted Gmail backups

You get to backup Gmail mailboxes without any mishaps even if you are suffering from poor connectivity. The smart backup and resume feature allows the tool to hold the progress of the backup if the network is lost in the middle. The process is then resumed from the point where the process was stopped, after the connectivity is regained. This feature is extremely remarkable since it is able to provide something which no other method does. Mostly, when users lose connectivity, the backup progress is lost and the process has to be restarted from the beginning.

What makes this G suite email backup tool different from the others?

The only thing which makes this tool different from the other available options is the amount of research and dedication with which this tool has been developed. This solution has been so thoughtfully crafted that there is not a single aspect left for the users to miss or wish for. It has been designed with all the features that might be required for flawless email management. This includes, email backup, archiving, recovery and even conversion. The tool has been developed with special algorithms that ensure uninterrupted backups even if you are working with files of large sizes. You will not suffer crashes or performance issues with this tool. Just install it and follow the steps given by the user interface.

How to take G suite email backup – Step by step process

Here is a brief guide on how to take G suite email backup with Mail backup X

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Mail backup X

Step 2: Launch the tool to start the process

Step 3: Click on the option that allows you to setup a new backup profile

Step 4: Select your preferred email service from an array of email clients. In this case, click on “email server”

Step 5: You will be at the next window where you are shown different email services. Select Google mail.

Step 6: Click on sign in

Step 7: A secure Google sign in window will open where you have to enter your Google account credentials and click next

Step 8: Allow access to Mail backup X so that it can manage your email data. None of your data is stored by us. This is completely secured and approved by Google policy.

Step 9: You are asked whether you want to backup your emails from this moment or since the beginning. We suggest you to choose since the beginning since you will have a complete backup of your Google mail account from day one.

Step 10: You will be at the next window which is for folder selection. You can choose the folders that you want to backup. Once you have selected the folders that you want to backup, click on continue.

Step 11: Now you get to make the necessary modifications and customizations in your backup profile. You can choose the frequency of the backups on this window. You can also choose the storage location where you want to store these backups. You can either choose to store these files on your local device or on a cloud service of your choice. Currently, you can store backups on Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox. On this window, you can also set up automatic USB backups which are explained above.

Step 12: After making all the modifications, you can click on save. The backup process should begin now. You will be able to see its progress under the activities section. You will get any updates or critical notifications on the dashboard. You can go to any other task in the backup under the tasks section. After the process is finished, you will be able to view or download a detailed log report of the backup process.

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