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Learn how to archive in Yahoo Mail with this tool that is here to stay

 What is the importance of archiving and how to archive in Yahoo Mail?

How to archive Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is an excellent email client which has been available to people for many years. It provides amazing features that people truly love. As great as the client is, there are some problems. This is not limited to Yahoo Mail alone but all the other email clients too. When you use a web email client extensively, there is always the fear of something going wrong. Your data can be modified, deleted or misused. Unfortunately, the hacking of accounts has only increased with time. You have two options in this case. You can stop using a web email client completely or you can do something about the situation.

Isn’t the second option so much better? Email has become such an integral aspect that most businesses cannot do without it. The usage of emails has only been steadily increasing over time. Emails are useful, quick and easy to use. Everyone knows how to use emails and loads of time can be saved when emails are used. Since emails are going to be with you for time to come, it is better if you archive them. Backing up your emails in this manner ensures your email messages and attachments are with you. When you archive Yahoo Mail emails regularly, then you ensure that your email data is secure with you.

Yahoo Mail archiving ensures your data is with you. If someone deletes your emails from your mailbox, then too your emails are going to be with you. When you archive, your emails can be accessed without an Internet connection. This is particularly useful when there is no Internet connection available and gives you more convenient access to your email data. An archiving software tool that backs up your attachments too is the one you should use. Yahoo Mail archiving solutions are many which can make it complicated to make an informed selection. However, if you know which the best tool out there is, you can make the right decision.

How do you get a Yahoo email archive with this tool?

You can use Mail Backup X by InventPure to archive your emails. This Yahoo Mail archiving software tool is the best there is when you want archives that represent the original. This tool is the most advanced and sophisticated one ever created. It is stable and works on every Mac of yours. This helps you work with it anywhere you wish to. The most advantageous part is the ability to be used by anyone. There are no specific user types that can use this archiver as anyone wants to archive can use it. It is great for business users as well as freelancers who want to archive their important Yahoo Mail emails on their Mac.

There are many things to love about this Yahoo Mail archiving software tool. One of them is the ability for the archiving tool to preserve your data. Your mailbox can be filled with thousands of attachments. It can have messages in a myriad of languages. Your mailbox can have folders and sub-folders that are too many to count. You can have any combination of these and the application can archive all that data from your Yahoo Mail mailbox. It has the ability to retain folder names, folder trees and the emails in it. This enables perfection in preservation capabilities with only this software tool.

The tool’s speed is something you should know about too. The tool can archive your Yahoo Mail emails in impressive speeds. This is not a one-time wonder but takes place every single time that you archive Yahoo Mail. This helps you archive many folders at a go. You can import older Yahoo Mail archives too with the help of this. The tool is very freedom giving as it allows you to change your settings when you want to without any complications at all. Trust us, you do not need to read anything in order to understand what this tool is about. You can use the tool straightaway without any prior technical knowledge.

How to archive Yahoo Mail to keep the archived data safe?

The safety of your Yahoo Mail archives is crucial. If anyone and everyone can access your Yahoo Mail archives then what is the point? It gets worse if the person is able to delete the emails. This is why Mail Backup X is a genius. It always archives your emails and keeps them protected by encrypting them. The encryption method is automatic and happens by itself. This ensures that your every email is archived and encrypted at the same time. You will be the only one who will be able to access your data. This gives only you who is the authorized individual access to your Yahoo Mail email archives that you can monitor.

As we pointed out earlier, your Yahoo Mail emails are most vulnerable when they are only stored in one location. The second way of keeping your Yahoo Mail email archives safe is by storing them in various locations. Don’t worry you don’t have to manually save in different locations. During the Yahoo Mail archiving process you will be asked about the location. You can locate where you want the Yahoo Mail email archives to be saved. Once you specify, every time the tool archives, all your Yahoo Mail archives are saved on that location. You can be particular about the locations on your Mac and change it when you want.

You can save on two extra locations with this fantastic email archiving tool. The first is an FTP server. You can load your archived Yahoo Mail folders there when you want. This FTP server is secure too which provides you with an additional layer of security for your email archives. The second location is your USB drive. You can keep an additional copy of all your Yahoo Mail emails there. There is a brilliant feature of syncing that is available with this feature. When you first sync, you need to specify certain things. For example, you need to tell the tool where the folders from your Mac need to be copied to in the USB drive folder. After this, the sync happens automatically and your files are automatically saved on the particular folder location in the USB drive.

How is the Yahoo archive folder viewed and searched?

Mail Backup X enables you to store anywhere as specified earlier. This gives you the ability to store your email archives in a centralized fashion. There is an embedded feature in the archiver which is called the viewer. This helps you simply view all the Yahoo Mail email archives that you have archived. It merges all the email data together which is how you can view the entire set of archived Yahoo Mail emails together. You have the additional benefit of being able to import archives from earlier. This helps you view your repository of Yahoo Mail email archives in one place without having to go between tabs in your browser.

You can view emails of all archived data from all the different email clients. If you have a Gmail account, then you can use the tool for archiving Gmail data too. There is no limit on how much you can archive which is how you can secure all your email data with a single tool securely. The benefit of this is you can monitor all your emails’ data in one place. This makes it super convenient and easy to view. When you have something organized, isn’t it so much easier to access it and use it for the purpose you had intended? This is how Mail Backup X ensures it is at the top; it makes complicated things simple just for you.

We have all gone through the time when we desperately need something but realized there was too much of a mess to search through. We usually simply gave up. Similarly, you can have a whole pile of Yahoo Mail email archives if you keep archiving everything on a regular basis. This can become difficult for you to manually search through. If you have thousands of emails then this becomes a herculean task easily. Mail Backup X helps you out by giving you a search tool. You can get it through the dashboard. It helps you search using keywords, date, phrases, and queries too. This helps you get the email or the attachment that you were looking for in a jiffy.

What else does Mail Backup X offer?

  • The bonus is that your emails are compressed up to three times as well. This helps to upload, save space and download faster too. The compression happens automatically on every single Yahoo Mail email that you archive.
  • There is a conversion tool that comes along with the software tool. This allows you to convert between different email formats. You can convert from and to all the popular email client formats. This helps with easy export and import of data files.

You get a free trial version which helps you to test the software tool for free on your Mac. This is the best way to determine how the tool is suited to you. Try it today.