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Improve the way you backup Yahoo email to hard drive on Mac today

How to backup Yahoo email to hard drive

Backing up Yahoo Mail may seem like a herculean task to many people and businesses. This is one of the reasons why many of you are probably running away from archiving. However, everything does not need to be complicated due to confusion. You can perform email archiving easily with the help of a paid email archiving software called Mail Backup X. This tool is developed by InventPure and provides an innovative way for you to archive your Yahoo Mail emails. It provides a way for you to easily set up archiving as you want so that you have no difficulty in archiving all emails or selected emails that you like. If you have been using a tough tool so far, you will be clearly able to experience the ease that this tool provides.

Are you wondering how to backup Yahoo emails to hard drive with Mail Backup X? It is super easy as the tool is designed to be used by beginners too. The number of steps involved in archiving Yahoo Mail emails is the least. The software tool is user-friendly and helps you archive according to your wish without any technical expertise. You can easily backup emails to hard drive while ensuring efficiency each time that you archive with Mail Backup X. The algorithms that make up the software tool ensure smooth archiving and backing up of your Yahoo Mail emails. You can archive the entire set of folders that are part of your Yahoo Mail mailbox. Else, you can archive your emails according to specific folders from Yahoo Mail mailbox.

Mail Backup X’s best feature is the security aspect. When you have Yahoo Mail data for a long time, there is a lot of useful information that can be derived from it. That is, both the emails and attachments can give you a lot of information. Encryption of your Yahoo Mail data ensures that your data is safe with you. This gives your data more security as you will be the only one who will be capable of accessing your Yahoo Mail archived data. The encryption is automatic and so every email archive that you archive is secured with encryption. The compression of your email archives is something else to be happy about. It helps your emails take up less space wherever they are stored and saved.

The brilliant thing about InventPure’s tool is that you can choose the way in which the archiving is to take place. If you do not have the time to archive then you can opt for automatic archiving. Any time an email comes into your Yahoo Mail mailbox, it will be automatically archived. You can set up intervals so that there is a time slot at which your Yahoo Mail emails are archived. This is useful and automatic too. If you want to try your hand at manually telling the archiver to archive, then the manual archiving option is available to you as well. This will help you archive as well. You can make use of the viewer and finder tool for viewing and fining emails respectively. Mail Backup X is one of the most sophisticated tools.

How to backup Yahoo emails to computer and other devices with InventPure’s tool?

You have the ability to backup Yahoo emails on your Mac computer along with other devices of your choosing. You are not forced to use a particular device only which makes this tool more versatile and flexible than others. The following are the ways in which Mail Backup X allows you to back up your Yahoo Mail emails along with attachments on other storage locations.


You can sync your archives to another device. Let us say that you have stored your Yahoo Mail archives in location A on your Mac. You can take a device with lots of storage and one that is recognized with the USB port in your Mac. Then you can sync by setting it up once by plugging in the desired device where you want to save the Yahoo Mail archives. You need to then set up a folder in your device so that Yahoo Mail archives can be copied there. Once done, incremental Yahoo Mail archiving is performed. This enables you to store an email message and attachment once so that there are no unnecessary copies of the device. This takes a few minutes only.

FTP server

An FTP server is one where you can store files. InventPure provides an FTP client to you at the time of purchasing your license. It doesn’t matter which license you choose, you will still have the option of the FTP client. With the help of the FTP client, you can upload your Yahoo Mail archives onto the FTP server. This can help efficiently manage your storage space. In addition to that, you will be able to store your email archives in another location that is safe as well. Do you have some absolutely sensitive mail data in your Yahoo Mail mailbox? Then you can store that data in the FTP server. Hence, the optional FTP server storage option can be quite useful for many individuals and businesses.


PDFs are one of the most popular formats in which you can store documents. Mail Backup X goes a step further and allows you to store your emails in the form of PDFs. That is, instead of storing your emails in the archive format, the email archiving software has the ability to store your emails in the PDF formats. For people who like to work with PDFs, this is a boon because you can easily store your email archives in a recognizable format that is probably easier to manage for you. Remember that this is an option and you can choose to let the emails be stored in the default format if you wish. It won’t affect the quality of the archives through because the software will archive with full preservation.

Additional perks of getting Mail Backup X

InventPure’s email archiving tool has more in store for you as bonus features that come with the software tool.

 Easy restoration

You can easily restore your Yahoo Mail emails and attachments. Restoration is something that you should give some thought to because it is important. When your emails are accidentally or purposely deleted, there are times you want those emails and attachments back in your mailbox. Hence, this email archiving software makes it easy for you to restore your emails so that this task is made much easier. This makes it convenient to get emails back from the backed up emails of Yahoo Mail emails and attachments to your mailbox in only a few steps. This provides easy restoration which is seldom found in other Yahoo Mail email archiving tools. Hence, you can rest assured that you can restore your emails pretty quickly.

Simple export and import of mail data

You can easily export Yahoo Mail data and import data into your Yahoo Mail mailbox. The reason is that you get a converter along with the email archiving software. The converter software provides conversion capability from one email format to another email format. This makes it really easy for you to convert between incompatible email clients. For example, not all email formats are directly supported in the email client that you want to export data to. This converter makes it easy to perform a movement of data. You can use this converter to convert from any popular email client format to another one. This allows efficient conversion and export/import to the desired email client.

 Updates on a frequent basis

You know that emails are here to stay. In fact, despite the sharp increase in social media usage, emails are still more relevant than ever because of their usefulness and ease. Hence, emails are here to stay and Yahoo Mail is definitely here to stay. Keeping all of this in mind, it is important to note that you should be able to get updates so that the tool is useful in the future. InventPure provides regular updates of the software tool so that you are always ahead. This enables you to use the email archiving software tool in the future as well. The updates are regular and free! So you know once you invest in the tool, you are in good hands. You will always be able to archive your Yahoo Mail emails with ease in the future too.

Reliability of software

Mail Backup X is not one of those software tools that you will have to think twice before purchasing. It is one of those software applications that you can fully rely on because it comes from a trustworthy developer. It has already been launched and people all over the world say amazing only things about it. They love how smooth it is to use and how effortless it makes email archiving of Yahoo Mail data. The email archiving solution has many top clients and the number of businesses that rely on it is growing every day. If you want to give the software a try before you invest in it then you can go ahead and do so. You can test the trial version which is available for free after which it is your decision to choose what you want.