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The best IMAP archive tool- Now archive IMAP emails with 100% safety

imap archive

Today you are going to learn how to archive IMAP emails without any danger of file modification. There are many factors that come to the picture when you archive mac IMAP mailbox. It is accurate to say that to archive IMAP emails has become essential in today’s world. Let us find out why.

Emails are a valuable source on information for both normal users and professional users. This information may be distributed over multiple mailboxes or email accounts. Sometimes due to the increasing size of your mailbox, your email application starts to lag or show errors. This is mainly due to the accumulation of old emails in numerous mailboxes. You can solve this by IMAP archive process. With the help of IMAP archive software, you will be able to archive your IMAP mail locally in your computer. This will also lighten the load on your email application, making it more efficient and responsive. Taking a backup of your IMAP mailbox has many advantaged. If you archive IMAP emails, you can safeguard your old or current emails from data loss or modification due to corruption or power failure. These days we are using cloud based email services so if there is a cyber-attack on the servers, you might lose your data. But if you archive your IMAP mailbox from time to time, you can be free of such fear and have the peace of your mind.

How to archive IMAP emails successfully?

There are many options when you start to look for an IMAP archive tool. However, in order to archive IMAP mail safely, you need to choose only the best solution which can safely archive your IMAP mailbox. The greatest benefit of using safe and reliable IMAP archive software is that it creates central archive which can be accessed anytime. Even if you have large mailboxes with huge amounts of data, archiving IMAP mail with a certified tool will serve you well. With the latest high performance tools that have been created to ensure data safety and result accuracy, there is a lot of hope for mac users who want to archive IMAP emails like experts do. Most probably you will not have to worry about losing or corrupting your email files.

What are the options to archive IMAP mailbox?

If you want to do it for free, there are manual methods. However, these manual methods are not considered to be safe or predictable. Moreover, they need expertise. You can hire an expert to archive IMAP mail but that will be a one-time thing and will turn out to be expensive in the end. Another popular option is the use of online tools which claim to be free for all. Unfortunately, they are not reliable due to the lack of safety features offered by them. Online tools might appear to be a quick solution that all can use but they give no guarantee of data loss or file modification.

What is the best solution to archive IMAP email accounts?

So the best solution to safely archive IMAP emails is to get a professional IMAP archive tool. Certified tools are created especially to archive IMAP folders and to safeguard during the process. These tools are built with enhanced safety features so that you don’t have to worry about losing or missing any of your files. These tools also make the IMAP archive process easy for normal users who have no experience of email backup or archiving. Now the question is how to find the right IMAP archive software.

The best IMAP archive tool for mac

If you are tired of searching on the internet and cannot seem to find a definite solution, you are suggested to try the Mail backup Xby InventPure. It is a professionally designed independent mail backup and archiving solution for mac which gives you the power to archive IMAP mailbox yourself without any risks associated with email backup. It is the best IMAP archive tool that works right on mac and comes with multiple benefits that you cannot find with other tools. This tool can automatically Backup  and archive from Apple Mail, Outlook for Mac, Office 365 for Mac, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo & other Mail Services with IMAP and POP service directly on your Mac. This additional feature gives immense power and control to this tool so that all users are able to take control of multiple tools at once.

Why choose this IMAP archive software for mac?

This IMAP archive software is loaded with extensively powerful features that enable it to perform at high speeds and handle large email mailboxes without any trouble. The tool comes with a user friendly interface which makes it easy for normal or even first time mac users who have never performed the process before. You get step by step instructions so that you are not confused anytime while you archive IMAP folders. You should check out the complete features of this IMAP archive tool which are discussed below.

Here are the key benefits of using this mac IMAP archive tool

 Import stored emails

You can now mail archive files which have been exported from different clients in different formats. These include MBOX archive from Apple mail, PST archive from Outlook windows, OLM archive from Outlook mac 2011, RGE files from Thunderbird and Posbox etc. So, now you get to backup multiple clients in one tool.

Store archives in PDF files

This is a very unique feature of the tool where you can archive your IMAP mailbox in PDF files. It archives IMAP mail in PDF files so that you get to make your email archive more accessible over multiple platforms. You also get to preserve the folder hierarchy of your database. You can even print and share it with anyone you want. Your email archives become accessible through any PDF viewer.

Advanced search module

You get the ability to search for any emails from a particular person or according to date, subject etc. You just have to enter specific search items and the tool will bring the files to you. This feature was highly awaited by mac users and now it is finally here.

Save your space with data compression

This feature allows the compression and easy extraction of your email data. You get to save 3X more space when compared with other mail backup methods. With lighter backups you can have faster retrieving of data over network servers.

All in one email converter

This tool comes with a very advanced and unique functionality that allows you to convert email files from one format to another. You can now easily migrate to and from major file formats like OLM, PST, MBOX, EML and RGE etc which are supported by a large number of major email clients.

Auto USB backup and sync

This is a very important factor in mail backup and gives you an edge when you archive IMAP mails. You can map and set up a USB drive so that the IMAP archive gets stored in the USB drive whenever it is plugged in. You get to create a portable backup whenever you need.

Free trial for all

You are suggested to get a free trial of this IMAP archive software so that you can understand how it works. It can be upgraded to an easily affordable full version that comes with free support and free updates for life. The full version is duly offered in economical packages created according to the user’s need and budget. You can just go ahead and test the free trial to see how well this tool works regardless of your experience. Get it now.

To download it right now, click here.