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Now you can backup mac IMAP email like an expert in just a few steps

IMAP backup mac

Do you want to backup mac OS X IMAP emails but are reluctant to do so? Many mac users are afraid of IMAP mail backup in mac OS because of the risks associated with it. There have been many instances of data loss and file modifications with several clients. This is one of the main reasons why mac users are reluctant to backup IMAP on OS X. It is absolutely necessary to be sure before you go on with the process because safety is going to be our first priority. If you are someone who wants to backup IMAP in mac OS, you are at the right place. Here you will find the most authentic information about backing up your IMAP emails on mac with 100% precision. So let us get started and find out how to backup IMAP on mac OS X with safety and absolute accuracy.

Want to backup IMAP mac emails? Here is everything you should know

Let us find out how everything works. Before Outlook 2013 and 2016, it was relatively easy to back up mac OS emails since you could export the backup in two separate PST files. However, there were a few changes in the later versions with the IMAP backup process. IMAP process makes a local copy of the files in the server and keeps maintaining it. However, there are a few folders which are not synced with your local directory and that is where the loophole lies. If by any chance there is an error or accident with the mail server, you have the chance of losing your important email files. This is where the process of IMAP mac backup comes in. By creating a safe archived copy of the database in your hard drive, you have 100% assurance that your data is safe in case anything goes wrong with your mac application.

How to backup mac IMAP emails manually?

The first method we are going to try is the manual method which is used by many users who are searching for a solution. In this manual process, the user converts OST file to PST format with the help of the inbuilt Import/Export feature.

Here is how to manually backup IMAP email on Mac

  • Open Outlook and select File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export from the top menu
  • A wizard will opens up in the next window, select Export to a file
  • Click Outlook Data File (.PST), and then click on the Next button
  • Select the name of the email account to export. Remember that information from only one account can be exported at once.
  • If you want everything in the account to be migrated including calendar, contacts and inbox, ensure that you check on the Include subfolders box.
  • Click on the Next.
  • Choose a destination to save the exported file and you should be done.

What is the best way to backup IMAP in OS X?

Earlier, people used to rely on experts in order to backup IMAP mac. However, that process took a long time and was a one time thing. You needed to hire an expert and pay them for their assistance. However, this was also not very safe or reliable. The results were unpredictable and the process was not economically viable. This is when the need for third party tools surfaced. Third party tools are created with advanced safety features to ensure no data loss or file modification.

Professional mail backup tools were created to ensure that mac users don’t have to be scared of backing up their emails. They were designed to simplify the whole process for all types of users, beginners or advanced. This is also when online tools surfaced and started circulating on the internet claiming to backup mac OS X IMAP mails. However, it was found that these online and free methods were not safe or reliable to be used professionally.

What is the best solution to back IMAP mails on mac?

All experts recommend using a professional email backup tool to do this task. Professional tools are specifically created with advanced safety features which make sure that you don’t lose your email files during the backup process. They also make the job easier by simplifying the whole backup process so that even first time users are able to back up mac OS X IMAP mails without needing any experience.

Try an automatic solution that never fails

backup imap mac

The Mail backup X is a certified tool created by InventPure which was created to ensure that all mac OS users were able to back up and archive their email database in just a few steps without the risk of data loss or file modification. The tool comes embedded with some of the most modern and innovative features which cannot be found elsewhere. The tool works right on mac and gives you quick results whenever you need them. You also get 100% assurance of no data loss or file corruption during or after the backup process. If you wish to find out more about the tool, read further and find out the benefits of using this tool. 

Back up an IMAP account

The Mail backup X can be used to directly back up IMAP account without any limitations on the mail account which is being used.

 The IMAP server settings for most of the mail providers are already provided; you might need to manually enter the server settings for only a handful of accounts. The Mail Backup X automatically detects the IMAP server configurations for quite many popular mail providers. You will just need to enter the mail account ID and password. This is all that you need to do.

Here are the steps that you need to follow.

1. Click on Add new backup

imap backup mac

2. Click on the mail account that you want to back up (Gmail/ Yahoo/ AOL or other IMAP account). Click on Next.

imap backup mac os x

3.In the next dialogue box the tool asks you to enter the email ID and the password of that account. Click on Next.

imap backup macos
imap backup os x

 4. The next dialogue box shows you all the mail folders in the mail account. You may/ may not select all the folders. “Automatically Backup newly detected folders” is recommended. Click on Next to proceed.

imap email backup mac

 5. Set up the desired backup type and location.

mac os imap mail backup

 6. A pop up opens up and asks you to choose whether you want to back up your files since the beginning or from the current date. You can choose the option that you want.

7. Click on done to complete the setup.

Your IMAP backup can now be seen in the dashboard.

Timeout settings

This is a special function specific to IMAP accounts only. This specialized IMAP backup account keeps a check on the deliverability of mails from the IMAP server. If a network problem or any other reason disallows it to extract mails from the server, Mail Backup X comes with an error message indicating the failure to back up the mails. This can be fixed by adjusting the Time out settings.

1. Click on “Settings” button.

 2. Click on “Server Settings” at the top right corner of the UI.

 3. Enter the required time (based on your network connectivity. Better is the network, lower the time needed.) Hit Save.

 4. Click on Done.

Here are the key features of this tool that you cannot miss

Inbuilt mail viewer

The tool comes embedded with an advanced option that allows you to view imported email items before back up. This also gives you a preview of the files that you are going to back up and archive.

Imports mails from multiple clients

If you want to back up data from different formats that don’t even run on mac, you can easily do so. The tool allows you to import items in OLM, PST, MBOX and RGE etc. formats so that you can have total control over multiple formats.

Backup and archive from multiple mac applications

This tool can back up and archive mails from Yahoo mail, Gmail, Apple mail, Mac outlook, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

Advanced search engine

The advanced search feature enables you to enter specific search items in the search bar and the tool brings you those email items immediately. This gives you total control over the backup and also adds as extra security for the files you really need.

Data compression feature

Data saving is a top priority for anyone who is going to back up multiple mailboxes. The compression engine of the tool compresses the backup and stores it in 3X lesser space to save space in your hard disk.

Filter option facility

You can filter out the items that you don’t need. This gives you the power of selective email backup. You can back up an entire database or just a few files that you need.

Save backup in PDF format

This is the most innovative feature that can be rarely found in other tools. You can now save your IMAP OS X archives in PDF format. These PDF files will also save the folder hierarchy of the database.

Auto USB backup and sync feature

The auto USB sync feature allows you to create a portable backup of your email data. You just need to set up and map a USB drive so that whenever the USB is plugged in, the tool automatically backs up and syncs your data.

Try the demo for free

The free demo of the tool is now available for download. It allows you to check out all the features and the performance of the tool. It has been designed so that you can ensure that it works according to your needs. The full version of the tool is also very economical and comes in various packages designed according to the needs of different users. Make sure you are fully satisfied before you upgrade to the full version. The full version also gives you free support and free updates for life.

To download the free trial right now, click here.