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backup office 365 locally

Need an office 365 email backup solution? It is right here so that you can backup Office 365 with 100% results and no risks. Let us take a look at the best Office 365 backup solutions which can backup Office 365 locally at high speeds without needing much experience.

Now you can backup office 365 locally with the right tool. Finding the right Office 365 backup tool can be a daunting task since there are so many office 365 backup solutions on the internet. So if you want to backup in Office 365 with precise results, you should read this article till the end. Here you will find out how to safely backup Office 365 locally with the results that you want. You will also learn how to backup Office 365 database with 100% accuracy and no risk of data modification.

There are several online tools that offer to backup Office 365 for you but you need to be very particular while choosing any Office 365 email backup solution. You need to certainly know what you are looking for and that too with absolute clarity. Online and free email backup tools make a lot of huge claims but fail to deliver on the most important thing, i.e. safety. So if you are a user who wants to backup Office 365 locally but without losing any email items, you are going to need a solution that is 100% safe and reliable. There are a lot of possible solutions but very few practical ones.

How to get the safest Office 365 backup results without being an expert?

If you don’t have any experience of creating a backup in Office 365, do not worry. You are not alone. There are thousands of users who want a dependable Office 365 email solution but do not have the right information. Traditionally users would hire a software technician to manually backup Office 365. It would turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. Manual methods cannot be relied upon since they are unpredictable and can cause data loss. Even a single mistake on the user’s end can mean disastrous amounts of data loss and file modification. The only solution to get safe and accurate results is with the help of professional tools.

What are third party tools and how are they useful?

Third party tools are dedicated Office 365 backup software which are created to ensure the safety of the user’s email data during and after email backup and archiving. These tools are created with added safety features which ensure no data loss or file modification regardless of the user’s experience. Users who want safe and reliable results with minimum chances of data loss are suggested to try professional tools. However, you need to ensure that the tool should be easy to use and also affordable so that you can backup Office 365 locally without any data loss or file corruption.

The Mail backup X: The best Office 365 mail backup solution

The Mail backup X was created by InventPure as the perfect way to backup Office 365 emails. It is a certified office 365 backup solution that works directly on mac and is incredible easy to operate. You get a package of powerful features which ensure the safety of your database. The tool comes loaded with a lot of powerful and noteworthy features. It works on mac and comes with a user friendly interface that ensures seamless email backup and archiving.   You don’t have to be an expert to backup Office 365 mail so no matter who you are you can get the results that you want with this tool.

Here are some of the most promising features of this Office 365 backup tool

Inbuilt mail viewer

The tool comes with the ability to view email items from multiple clients and formats. This way you can view emails from other clients without having to switch. You can view emails from different formats like OLM, PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, RTG etc. This gives you control over multiple email applications and formats all under one roof.

User friendly interface

It does not matter if you are a first timer or an expert in Office 365 backup. This tool gives you step by step instructions so that you can be lead to the perfect results. The user interface is clean and clutter free for the best user experience. So even if it is your first time or 100th, you can perform well with 100% accuracy.

Backup and archive in PDF format

This is the most revolutionary feature of this Office 365 backup tool. Now you can backup and archive Office 365 in PDF files. These PDF files can be protected with a password and you can share them with anyone. You can also access the email archive with any PDF viewer. This is the best way to keep portable backups. You should definitely check out this feature as it gives your data wider accessibility.

Advanced compression engine

When you backup Office 365 locally, storage space plays a crucial role. You can now compress your Office 365 backup to save 3 times the storage space with this tool. The tool automatically compresses the database so that you can back up even large databases without fail. This saves valuable space, effort and time.

Data safety assurance

This tool offers you a great benefit that most online and free tools cannot give. It offers to protect your email database from any form of data loss or file modification. You get 100% assurance that you will not lose your valuable email files both during and after the backup process.

Advanced search feature

The tool comes with the advanced ability to search for your desired items in your email archive. All you need to do is enter specific search items and that tool will scan through the database to find the files or items that you were looking for. The tool will then bring to you the exact email items that you were looking for.

Back up multiple clients

You can not only back up office 365 but also other email applications with this tool. You can backup Yahoo mail, Gmail, Apple mail, Thunderbird etc. You now get total control over other email clients as well. This is the best chance at getting multiple mac based email applications for backup under one roof.

Auto USB backup and Sync

The tool comes with the ability to automatically backup and store the backup in an external USB drive. You just need to set up the USB so that the backup gets automatically stores in the drive. The tool can auto detect when you plug in the USB and it syncs your data accordingly. Backup in Office 365 is now as flexible and innovative as it can be.

All in one mail converter

This tool also comes with a remarkable ability to convert to and from all major file formats. You can backup and also convert your email files from one file format to another. This feature is rare or non existent in most Office 365 backup tools. You are going to get the benefit of two tools in one.

Questions always find a way. So let’s see the most frequent ones.

  1. I found a great online app but my friend advises against it. How do I make the right decision without any previous experience?
  2. Trust your friend as your friend is right. Online tools cannot be trusted especially with regards to device and data safety. Choose a professional tool. This one is the best and doesn’t even cost much.
  • Can this tool be used by someone who has never backed up data before?
  • This is the USP of this tool that using it does not require any training or experience whatsoever. You can still put this to use and results will be same like for any experiences user.
  • How long does it take to purchase and use this tool?
  • This would take less time than most of your routine tasks even. Make up your mind and simply click on the link given for the purpose. You can install in less than a minute followed by choosing the option to purchase or try free demo. You can instantly start using it.
  • Should I use this tool if I have a lot of non-English content in my mails?
  • You should only use this tool in that case. It is the only one which comprehensively covers and preserves Unicode content.
  • Is there an economic package for someone who can’t afford an expensive tool?
  • You should just check the price of this economical tool. You won’t find a more budget friendly tool and that too which is certified.
  • I have to travel for work and may need a portable backup. Help.
  • Great. Go with this tool and use USB sync option to create this portable backup on a USB drive or any portable drive.
  •  I have more than five mail profiles. Can I get help with that?
  • Great news for you. Top up packages are there at amazingly low prices for adding more profiles.
  •  I still wish to ascertain if this is the best tool for me. Is there a way for that?
  • What best than a demo version for you to ascertain the worth of this tool. To help you the most, we offer this short use demo at zero cost to you.
  •  I would like to have backup at two places. One on device and one on a drive. What to do?
    • For this scenario, all you have to do is buy this tool as this one allows you to do both with an unexpected ease as well as speed.
  1.  I have both Windows and MacOS in my office. Don’t want to use different kind of tools for both. Will this tool work?
  2. This tool works on both of these operating systems. This means you can go for this one and enjoy the simplicity which using same tool on both can offer.

Benefits of using this software compared to any other professional tool

  • Unimaginable ease that user cannot get with any tool
  • Speediest it is
  • Version for Windows as well as Mac OS
  • Less space consumption, more data preservation
  • Most comprehensive yet most economical
  • Packages to suit varied needs

Listen to what our clients say

I run a small company where most of my employees have little or no knowledge of technical tasks like data preservation. I had to ensure that all of them were aware of the importance of timely backups without affecting their own tasks. I found Mail backup X by InventPure. I tried it before buying it for the staff. I must say I haven’t tried an easier professional tool. My staff has faced zero issues and backups have been great.- Timmy McClain

 I review software and my focus is mainly of user friendly tools. I was skeptical about this one especially with such a low price for a professional tool. But man! Was I blown with the results. I never thought that precision and economics can both be so beautifully managed for even general users. But Mail backup X by InventPure just surprised you. Good work!- Lorean Fischer

Basic system requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

A package for each

You may need this tool for use for few or more people.

Get an individual package.

  • This one works for one person
  • For use on two devices
  • Great for five mail profiles
  • Windows and MacOS compatible
  • For more profiles, top up options available at special prices

We have a team package too.

  • Get a package for 5/10/20/30 users depending upon the need
  • This is for five mail profiles per user
  • For more than five profiles, special offer available

Both packages come with free updates and maintenance for a whole year.

What to conclude

The best companies make user friendly and safe software. For data preservation, you won’t find a better tool as safety, ease, economics, and comprehensiveness are all combined in this single tool. The best thing is that this task is done in background so that you can continue doing the task you are required to do in that time. Two different packages ensure that one can select a package which best suits his or her need or need of the organization. Be it for individual use or team use, you can ascertain how well this functions before buying a package. Read ahead.

Try it for free

The free demo of the tool can now be downloaded for use. Once you are sure that it is right for you, you can upgrade to the full version. The full version of the tool is available in different packages which are created according to different budgets and needs. The full version also gives free support and free updates for life. There is a dedicated support team waiting to help you 24*7.

To download the free trial right now, click here.

The best Office 365 email backup solution is here for you