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The best Office 365 data backup solution is finally here

backup Office 365 data

If you are searching for a safe and reliable method to backup email from Office 365, you are going to find the right solution here. There might be a lot of confusion about the best Office 365 backup solutions but for Office 365 Outlook backup you are going to need a steady method that works for you. If you are a beginner or someone who doesn’t know how to make Office 365 data backup, you are going to find an answer to all your questions and get the solution you need.

With great power comes great responsibility. This is why most of us are looking for the best office 365 backup solutions right now. The cloud based Office 365 service gives you the power to access your database anytime anywhere in the world. This being said, Office 365 online backup becomes more important than ever. Even though Office 365 gives a backup service, its results are not very fruitful. That is why we need to backup email from Office 365 with an outside solution that can help users to backup Office 365 data with safety and security. We cannot afford to lose our data because that would be a loss of millions for many companies. So here we are with the best Office 365 Outlook backup solution.

The Mail backup X to backup email from Office 365 with safety

Here is a professional tool that you can certainly depend on for your Office 365 outlook data backup. The Mail Backup X by InventPure was created to ensure that all outlook users would be able to get their Office 365 online backup whenever they wanted and that too with great results. This Office 365 backup software has been created in a way so that even first time users with no experience can create an Office 365 Outlook backup with ease. It works right on mac and brings you closer to being an expert in the process. The tool offers a refreshing step by step and easy to use interface that grants flawless results due to its features. It is true that Outlook users have been looking for a simple yet the best Office 365 backup solution. And this Office 365 backup software gives them the exact solution which is easy and also very productive. Let us look at the topmost reasons why you should choose this Office 365 data backup solution among all the options.

Why choose the Mail backup X to backup Office 365 data?

This Office 365 mail backup tool has been created to work right on mac so that all mac users can now backup their Office 365 emails in their own territory. The tool offers guided step by step email backup and recovery so that you don’t have to worry about having any previous experience of the process. This step by step process gives you total control over the backup and recovery process which makes it more accurate in the long run. You are offered an array of unique and powerful features that put you in total control both during and after the Office 365 database backup. You are also offered an assurance of no data loss or file modification during the Office 365 email backup process. These are just a few out of the many reasons why you should choose this Office 365 mail backup tool.

Here are some groundbreaking features of this Office 365 data backup tool

Back up multiple email applications as the emails arrive

This Office 365 email backup software is not just limited to Office 365. It can also backup and restore emails from Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook mac, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox and other IMAP and POP based email services. With this tool, you get total control over email backups over the most important email applications and the ability to backup instantly as the emails arrive. Thus you get to backup from email applications as well as online service providers.

Inbuilt Mail viewer to view imported emails from any email clients

The tool comes equipped with an advanced mail viewing system that allows you to view emails from different email applications without needing to switch. With this feature, you can take a look at all the archived email files without needing the mother email application. This feature serves great to users who get email content from multiple formats. You can view it all in one place under one roof.

High speed and Advanced search engine

Now you can gain total control of your Office 365 email data backup process. The tool offers you the ability to search emails from a specific sender, subject, or a date range in your whole database. You can also easily search for emails with specific file type attachments. This gives you an enormous power over your own database so that you can even find emails with multiple types of attachments. This feature is a blessing for those users who want to do a selective email backup of certain files.

High compression algorithm to save 3X the space

Do you want to save some space in your hard drive during your Office 365 local backup? This Office 365 mail backup tool comes with an advanced compression algorithm that allows you to compress the corresponding backup files in 3X lesser space. The tool compresses and extracts files in a smaller size so that it is easy to quickly upload and retrieve from network servers.

Archive your Outlook mail backup in PDF files

This feature is highly unique and will give you an edge over other users in backing up Office 365 mails. You can now archive your mails in PDF format. This makes your Office 365 data archive accessible and searchable. You can also share it with other users after protecting it with a password. PDF files are the best way to safeguard the folder hierarchy of your mailboxes. You can also use these PDF archives for printing.

Auto USB backup and sync

Do you remember when you had to create a copy of your data on an external USB drive and forgot where exactly you backed up your data? Many users like creating a portable backup of Office 365 and that is why you can use the Auto use backup feature that comes in built with this tool. With this feature, you can set up the USB and map the drive to copy a backup. The tool can detect when the USB is plugged in and creates a copy on the USB folder of your choice.

All in one email converter

This tool is not only the best office 365 backup solution but also equipped with an inbuilt email converter. You can convert to and from all main formats like OLM, PST, MBOX, EML and RGE. These are the formats which work on Mac outlook, Windows outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo mail etc. Can you think of any mail backup tool which packs so many benefits in one place?

 If you have come so far, why not give it a try?

You can now get a free trial of this amazing Office 365 data backup tool. The free trial works for a limited time but well enough to give you all the information you need. You can check out the speed and efficiency of the results and when you are satisfied, upgrade to the full version at an affordable cost.  The full version is offered in different cool packages which have been designed for different users and budgets. You should choose the version that suits you and go ahead.

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