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The secret behind Office 365 email backup that only experts know

backup Outlook 365 emails

Looking for an Office 365 email backup tool which can backup Outlook 365 emails instantly? You should take an expert recommendation and get the best Office 365 email backup and restore tool that really works for you. Here you are going to find an Office 365 email backup software that you can trust. Even though there are several online office 365 mail backup tools, you should be aware of the safest methods which only experts know.

If you want to backup Outlook 365 emails, you may try to do it manually. However, if you are looking for a safe Office 365 email backup solution, you are going to have to change your strategy. There are a lot of tools to backup Office 365 mail online, but they are mostly not what they claim. While this is unfortunate, you can now find better solutions in the form of a professional Office 365 email backup and restore tool. There are several certified Office 365 email backup software available.  However, if you are a first time user with no experience, you are going to need an Office 365 email backup tool which is both easy to use and affordable. Online Office 365 mail backup tools are not able to give you data safety so using professional tools is the only safe choice left. In this article, we will find out how to backup Outlook 365 emails with absolute ease and precision with the help of a certified solution.

Professional Office 365 email backup software: The safest solution

There are many Office 365 mail backup solutions out there which claim to backup and restore Outlook 365 data for you. However, the safest method which is proven to give results is the use of certified or professional tools. Professional Office 365 email backup tools are created especially to make sure that all users are able to back up their Office 365 emails with ease. The manual process is too complicated for most users so third party solutions are the best bet for first time users or regular users. However, choosing a third party tool can be complicated. Many third party or professional tools are often too complex or expensive for normal mac users. So what we need is a tool which is both easy to use and affordable. Fortunately, there is an Office 365 backup solution that works for all. It is often used by experts that have to deal with confidential data that cannot be afford to be lost. Professional solutions are used by professional users who know the ins and outs of the backup process.

The safest Office 365 email backup solution for all: Mail Backup X

It is a professionally created tool by InventPure which was created to ensure that normal mac users are enabled to backup Office 365 mails with ease. The tool has been created to work right on mac so that mac users can work on their own computers. The tool works flawlessly and can be installed in less than a minute. It works at high speeds and saves a lot of time and effort for all users. It has been created in a way that even first time users or inexperienced users can easily backup Office 365 emails in just a few clicks. The whole process has been divided into easy steps which can be followed with clear instructions given by the user friendly interface. So if you are a user who has no experience of Office 365 mail backup, this tool would be the best choice for you. You get everything done for you automatically without needing to be a professional.

The tool comes with some of the most powerful features that you should certainly check out

Inbuilt mail viewer

The tool comes with a unique feature that enables it to view emails from different formats and applications. This way, you don’t have to switch the application in order to view data from a different one. In other words, you get control over multiple applications with just one.

Backup several applications

This Office 365 mail backup software can also back up emails from Yahoo mail, Gmail, Apple mail, Outlook mac, Thunderbird etc. So if you are searching for an all in one solution, this is the best choice to make. This is your chance to get all mac based email applications under one application.

Save backup in PDF files

This unique feature empowers you to a great extent. You can now backup and archive your Office 365 email database in PDF files. PDF files are a great way to preserve your data hierarchy. You can also share these PDF files with others so that they can be accessed by just a PDF viewer. These files can be password protected for data safety. Overall, this feature empowers its users to make the email database more accessible over a variety of platforms.

Advanced search engine

If you want to search for a particular file or email item, you can now do so with the advanced search box given within the tool. This feature is embedded within the tools that all users can be in control and up to date about their email backup and archiving process. So nothing is now out of your reach. You just have to enter specific search items and the tool will bring them to you in no time.

Ultra data compression algorithm

You will now be saving 3X more space with this Office 365 email backup solution. The tool comes with an advanced data compression algorithm which automatically compresses your email data and stores it in your hard drive. You can now back up larger mailboxes in lesser space. This fulfills the role of your mail backup and recovery process.

All in one mail converter

This tool is not just an office 365 mail backup software but also an all in one email converter. You can now convert your email files to and from all major file formats. The tool duly guides you through the process and ensures that you get the best results and nothing else. Enjoy total control over email backups and email migration together.

Auto USB backup and sync

This unique feature sets this Office 365 mail backup tool above all others. You can now take a quick backup in one of your USB drives. The tool lets you map and set up a USB drive so that emails can be automatically synced and backup up when the USB is plugged in. Therefore you are now getting portable backups in your USB drive whenever you want it.

Data safety assurance

This Office 365 email backup tool offers data safety above all other features. You can just jump right in without thinking twice. The tool takes care of your email files and gives you an assurance that none of your files will be lost or corrupted during or after the email backup or archiving process. Your data is valuable and the makers understand that so they have done everything to preserve your database as effectively as it can be done.

It helps to read what others have asked. Check out this FAQ section to learn more about the tool.

Q1. How a professional tool differs from an online app when both claim to do the same thing?

Just like how a toy car differs from a real one, these tools differ in the same way. You can actually put the real car to use and same way professional tool is actually useful. But with a tool, one more issue is there. Online tools are potentially dangerous and many users have lost their data or had their devices hacked in the past.

Q2. How can I make it work without any experience?

The tool works on its own and does not rely on a user’s experience or expertise. It only waits for a user to press the command. So, there is no question of your experience playing any role in this case whatsoever. You can make it work as good as any one else. Go for this.

Q3. Is there any tutorial to help for using this tool?

No tutorial or any experience is needed in the case of this easiest to use backup tool on Mac. To establish this, we offer a free demo to users. It helps you get rid of this fear of using a software without experience. It is with good reasons that ours is the best backup tool.

Q4. Can I use this tool for a year or more?

The full version that you purchase is then available to you for an unlimited use and period. The key is given to you for access and is unique for every user. It is only the free demo which works for a very short time. But the full version, which is paid, has no such restriction.

Q5. I read that this tool works for Mac. Will I need to buy a backup tool for my Windows device from another company?

Our tool runs on both Mac and Windows operating system. We know that most users have both of these especially the professional users. So, you don’t have to find a different tool and just enjoy this ease.

Q6. How do I find a free demo of this mail backup tool?

You don’t have to search for it anywhere. Right at the end of this article, we have provided you a link which on clicking will lead you to the free demo as well as the option for buying full version.

Q7. Does this tool have an option for external back up? If yes, do I have to pay extra charges for it?

This tool comes with external backup option in the same package with no additional charges. This feature is a fixed part of this software and any client may use it without any hassle.

Q8. Who will help me understand the process and how to select options?

Actually, you will not need any help for backing up email with this software because of the simple nature of commands and a graphic interface. Still, if you do have any kind of query, you can address that to the support team which can be contacted round the clock.

Q9. As I run a company, can this tool be suitable for me to backup emails which come in a large number?

With the team package that gives flexibility to choose more users and has different options depending upon number of users, you are well placed with this tool. It can easily backup a large number of emails for every profile.

Q10. Is this a good tool to use when time is running out?

We suggest that one starts backing up even without any urgency. But if you do it when situation becomes urgent, best would be to use this tool as it is speedy and saves time throughout the process.

Our clients have something to say- Happy testimonials

I had a fixed budget but required a really efficient tool for backing up emails on Windows 8. I was suggested Mail backup X by InventPure. My friend whose company was using this software was the one who told me about it. I am really thankful to him for this timely suggestion. I have never faced any issue and even after months this tool is working so well. It has taken a huge mental burden off me.-

Robert Chaplin

I needed a tool to backup my data on Mac. Being a medical professional, I have too many records to backup which I receive via emails. I needed a completely reliable tool as this data has to be meticulously backed up. I was skeptical about a professional tool due to my non-technical background. But this one has been a surprise package with the convenient installation and use. I am really happy with it. If anyone asks me, I would suggest just this tool for mail backup.- Ileana

Something about the packages

We offer both individual and team packages.

Individual package can be

  • Used on two systems
  • Meant for single user or two people
  • Updates and maintenance are free for a year with purchase
  • Convenient as can be used for MacOS as well as Windows

Team package has-

  • Options for 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 users
  • Can be used for Windows as well as Mac
  • One year updates and maintenance free with purchase

For both, you can buy top up packages if more than five mail profiles are there.

Check these system requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Let’s summarize the non-ubiquitous benefits

  • User ease and economical pricing which is unmatched.
  • Twenty four hour support through different portals.
  • Regular updates which are free for a year after purchase. You can pay a small sum to get more.
  • The most advanced compression algorithm ever seen in a backup tool.
  • Safest and most comprehensive backup.

Get a free trial of this Office 365 mail backup tool today!

You are suggested to get a free trial of this tool before you go ahead. The free demo has been designed to work for a limited time but long enough so that you can understand its performance, features and results. You can then upgrade to its easily affordable full version. The full version also comes with added benefits like free support and free updates for life. It is available in different packages designed according to needs and budget.

To download the free trial right now, click here