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Mail Backup X OLM to Postbox Converter for Mac :- Convert OLM to Postbox with Step by Step Guide

Best OLM to Postbox converter for mac: Convert OLM to Postbox

Finest tool to convert OLM to Postbox – Mail backup X

Are you still juggling between free OLM to Postbox converter tools? You should read this till the end. You are going to find the best way to transfer OLM to Postbox format without any risk or trouble. If you are a first-time user, you are more likely to feel confused about the process since there are a lot of tools which offer email management services. However, this is your lucky day. Your problem of email management is going to get solved right here.

How to convert OLM to Postbox with 100% accuracy?

The only way to do this is with the help of third-party OLM to Postbox converter software which are designed especially for this. There are a lot of options out there today but you need to be careful while choosing the tool that you will use with your personal data. There are many free OLM to Postbox converters which claim to offer great results. However, they are not worth your time or money and you should only go with certified software which have been tried and tested.

Which is the best tool to convert OLM to Postbox according to experts?

Mail backup X is the best tool to export OLM files to Postbox for all email users. This tool has been designed for simplicity. You don’t need to be an expert to work with this tool and get results. All you have to do is follow simple instructions given by the user interface and the tool will do the rest. Top experts have created this software after years of research about what email users want from their email management tool. The process is automated so that you don’t have to waste your time and efforts.

How to export OLM to Postbox – step by step guide

This is the first step of the process. Once the tool is downloaded and installed, you just have to launch it by double clicking the tool icon. You will see a direct option to convert emails. Click on it.

OLM to Postbox Converter

This will bring you to the next step in the process. You have to choose the source format. Click on Microsoft outlook.

This will bring you to the next window where you can see different options to retrieve your email data. The tool will automatically show you mail profiles and identity folders that you can choose from. You can also manually browse your identity folders. Once you choose the source path, you will be taken to the next step.

convert OLM to Postbox

Now the tool will show you the contents of the identity folder or the mail profile that you have chosen. If there are multiple files, you have to choose the one that you wish to export from and click on open.

free OLM to Postbox Converter

The next step is crucial to maintain control over your conversion process. This is the filter item window. Here, you can choose the folders and subfolders that you wish to export from OLM to Postbox. Once you have chosen the folders, click on continue.

OLM to Postbox Converter free

Now, you have to select the destination format or service that you wish to be exported. Here, we are trying to export OLM to Postbox, so you have to click on Postbox.

transfer OLM to Postbox

Now, it is time to choose the location or storage folder where you want to store the converted emails. You can create a new folder or choose an existing one. Once you have chosen the location, click on open and the process will start immediately.

migrate OLM to Postbox

As you can see, the conversion process has started in the next window. You can see the title of each file while it is being converted from OLM to Postbox.

OLM to Postbox Converter for Mac

Once the OLM to Postbox transfer process is finished, you will be taken to the log report window. In this window, you will clearly see the total number of items processed. You can also see the export path on this window. This is the detailed log report which is also stored in a separate location which you can see later.

step guide to export OLM to Postbox

This was the detailed step by step method to convert OLM to Postbox with the help of Mail backup X utility. As you can see, the process has been completely simplified and is divided into simple steps which all types of users can do.

These are the top features of this OLM to Postbox converter for mac

  • Automatic tool to manage emails
  • Convert any emails you want to and from any format
  • You can choose all emails you want to export
  • You can archive emails with this tool
  • You can use this tool to backup and restore any emails you want
  • Step by step wizard-based interface
  • Auto USB backup and sync
  • Preserve folder hierarchy of database
  • Works on both mac and windows OS
  • Choose from any package you want

These packages work for all users

Single user version

The single user version of the tool is designed to offer the most affordable solution for email management for all types of users. This is the ideal tool for home and work usage. It works on two computers and can be used to manage up to 5 mail profiles. If you need more mail profiles to work with, you can get a $20 top up and get 10 more mail profiles.

Team version

The team version of the tool has been designed for different users. You can get it for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. This tool can be used to manage up to 5 mail profiles per user. You can get the team version and do a lot of things with it. The admin of the team version can remotely operate the tool for other users. If you want, you can get a version customized for yourself.

Free OLM to Postbox converter

Yes! You can try Mail backup X as a free OLM to Postbox converter. The free trial of this tool has been created specially to give users an idea about how the tool works in real time. You can test the tool for 15 days with all the features unlocked. If you are also interested in getting this tool, the best course of action would be to get the free trial and see how it works in real time. You have nothing to lose.

Here are some FAQs

  • Can I convert OLM to Postbox?

Yes, you can convert OLM to Postbox if you want. This can be done manually or with the help of third-party tools. Fortunately, today third-party tools are advanced enough to ensure that you get accurate results. You can find the right tool and work with it.

  • How can I export OLM to Postbox?

If you want to export OLM to Postbox successfully, all you need is a professional and reliable tool that you can trust. There are several options that you can choose from. If you want a solution which works every time, you should choose Mail backup X.

  • How to import OLM to Postbox for free?

If you want to import OLM to Postbox for free, you should ensure that you are not choosing any software just because it is free. The only way to possibly import OLM to Postbox for free is with the trial version of Mail backup X. You should not work with any free tools because they are not able to secure your emails.

  • Is there any risk of converting OLM to Postbox?

The most common risk that users face while converting OLM to Postbox is the risk of working with a below average method. Free and web-based tools are the most common reason why email users have bad experiences with email migration. You should make it a point to only use professionally designed tools that you can trust.

  • Which version of Mail backup X is best for home use?

If you are someone who wants to use the tool to convert OLM to MBOX or other formats but not in a commercial or office setting, you can get the single user version of the tool. The single user version of the tool works for a single user on two computers. You can use the single version of the tool to manage up to 5 mail profiles. This version can be upgrade with a top up which will give you 10 more mail profiles.

To download the free demo version of the tool, click here – https://www.mailbackupx.com/download-mailbackupx/