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Email backup and recovery is an email management practice that can elevate your email experience to a different level. Now that the volume of emails shared globally has increased exponentially, it has become even more essential to keep a regularly maintained backup for the safety of your crucial email information.

Use the best way to backup emails automatically – With Mail backup X (for windows and macOS)

  • Automatic email backup and archiving
  • Restore email backup to live mailbox
  • Retains folder hierarchy during email backup
  • PDF archiving and sharing
  • Double layer encryption of email backup
  • Smart backup and resume feature
  • Inbuilt mail viewer to view email archive items
  • Search box to find email items in email backup
  • Inbuilt email compression to compress email backup in 3X lesser space
  • Step by step email backup and recovery with user friendly interface
  • Inbuilt email converter feature
  • Backup emails from different email services
  • Store email backup to cloud services

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Mail backup X as your email backup tool

Even though there are numerous options available to backup your outlook or Gmail emails, there is a particular email backup software that works for all. It is Mail backup X by InventPure. It is a dedicated email backup and recovery solution which is designed to backup Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, Thunderbird and Postbox etc without asking the user for any effort. It is compatible with both mac and windows so that no users feel left out and can effortlessly manage their email mailboxes for superior management of their email information.

What are the best things that you should know about this email backup tool?

These are the top features of this email backup tool that you should know

Backup and restore multiple email services

You don’t have to be limited to one single email service. This email backup software allows you to backup, archive and restore multiple email services like Apple mail, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird and Postbox etc. Choose your preferred email service while setting up your backup profile. This gives you endless options for email management.

Set up Auto USB backup and sync

With this email backup tool, you can backup your mailbox in multiple ways. One of those features is the auto USB backup and sync feature. You have to assign a particular USB drive while setting up a backup profile. When you plug this USB drive in, the tool automatically detects it and stores the latest snapshot backup in your chosen USB drive. This way you can keep a portable record of your backups.

Backup emails in PDF files

This option opens up endless avenues for your email data. You can store your email archives in PDF format. This makes it possible for users to share these files with the parties they want. To view these PDF archives, the user does not need to have an email application installed. You just need a PDF viewer and the encryption key if it is set by the user for added protection.

Inbuilt email converter

You get an inbuilt email converter with this tool. You can easily convert to and from major email formats with this feature. You don’t need to spend your time and money in finding a separate email converter. This gives you two in one benefit which should not be missed in any way.

Smart backup and resume feature

For users who might expect having connectivity issues, this feature can be a life saver. There are times when due to connectivity issues, your backup fails and then it has to be started all over again. However, Mail backup X offers a feature that pauses the process and holds the progress when connectivity is lost. You don’t have to lose your time and progress even if you lose your internet connection.

Preserves entire mailboxes

Nothing is left out from the backup process. All components of your email mailbox are protected during and after the backup process. The tool is entirely secure and also gives you the option of setting up an encryption key to prevent unauthorized access. All components of your mailboxes are preserved and the uniqueness of each file is retained. The folder hierarchy of your mailboxes is also retained.

Easily backup and restore large files

This tool has been tested with files as large as 100 GBs. It is well equipped with the necessary features to ensure that the tool does not lag while working with large files. You don’t have to worry about any glitches or setbacks while using this email backup and recovery tool.

Customize your email backups

Client testimonials – from recent users

“I wanted to backup Outlook emails on my mac computer but I didn’t want to do it the manual way. I just had too much data that I could not lose. I chose Mail backup X because it loads large files and works with them fluently. I haven’t lost even a single file with this tool and the best thing about this is that I can restore the backup to my life mailbox anytime I want.” – Gerard Verne

“I was looking for solutions to backup thunderbird emails but I wasn’t sure how to do it on my own. I sought help and landed with Mail backup X. This professional tool is extremely easy to use and it lets me backup thunderbird and even other emails. I can also use it as my email converter if I want.”- Sebastian

System requirements

Most users think that using a professional tool is difficult and needs a high-end computer. This is not true about Mail backup X. It can be used by anyone on a simple PC or laptop.

These are the system requirements of the tool

System requirements

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- Mac OS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

Most frequently asked questions by users

Can I backup thunderbird emails with Mail backup X?

Yes, you can easily backup thunderbird with Mail backup X. This email backup software has been developed to backup emails from different email services. You can backup Yahoo mail with equally great results. Users can also backup Gmail and outlook or IMAP based email services.

How to backup emails with an assurance of no data loss?

The only way to ensure no data loss during email backup and archiving is to use professionally designed tools which are designed with exclusive security features which eliminate any steps which might cause data loss or file modification. It is widely known that free and online tools are available but they are not safe enough to be used with confidential or professional data. So, you are suggested to try Mail backup X which is a certified method which works well.

What should I consider before I choose an email backup tool?

This is a topic which needs to be discussed in detail. However, these are few pointers that you can remember before you select your email backup software.

  • The tool should be from a professional source
  • You should be able to operate the tool without any issue
  • The tool should be able to offer easy instructions
  • You should get enhances safety features
  • The tool should offer data encryption
  • The tool should offer portable backups
  • You should be able to customize your backups
  • The tool should be able to restore the backups
  • You should be able to backup multiple email services with the tool
  • You should be able to test the free demo

If you haven’t been able to find such a tool which offers all these benefits, you are suggested to try Mail backup X. This email backup software clears all the checkpoints listed above. You can even try this tool for free in its demo.

Why is it necessary to archive data?

Archiving is an essential practice where users move inactive or old email data to long term storage locations in order to protect the data for a long time. This data can be used for compliance purposes or to keep old records for future reference. Archiving also frees up space from your active email systems and keeps your email services smooth and working better.

Which version of Mail backup X is best for me if I have a team of around 30 employees?

If you are an employer who is in need of email management for 30 users, you should choose the team version of this email backup software. You can get this version and also upgrade with a top up package which gives you 10 more backup profiles which can be assigned to any user. This team version is best for multiple users. It is available for both mac and windows users. Each user can backup and manage 5 mail profiles. Get it right on www.mailbackupx.com

What are the main dangers of using free and web-based tools?

There are a lot of dangers that online and free tools bring to your life. There are a lot of tools that you can find online for email backup and recovery. You can do a Google search and a lot of free and web based services will pop up. The problem with these tools is that they make such huge claims that first time users might mistake them for genuine software. These are generally found to be tall yet empty claims which provide mediocre results. Many users have reported losing their precious email items with these online web based tools. These tools ask the user for their credentials and load their data on anonymous servers which is extremely risky. These are just some of the risks of using such methods so experts suggest users to use only professional tools which are designed to prevent data loss or dangers like theft or corruption.

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Personal Edition:- https://www.mailbackupx.com/mail-backup-x-personal-edition/

Team Edition:- https://www.mailbackupx.com/mail-backup-x-team-edition/