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Mail Backup X is the key ingredient you have been missing to create a fabulous Outlook archive 2007

outlook archive 2007 emails

Accumulation of email files in the inbox is quite common for users. Some mailers pertain to day to day communication with peers or business associates while other may contain crucial documents and information. Regardless, these form an essential part of our lives.

Here is why you need the perfect tool to archive Outlook 2007

In case of Outlook users, accumulation of emails can be a huge burden as these can become vulnerable to situations like data deletion, data loss, inaccessibility due to server crashes, etc. The users, thereby, need to take up tasks such as Outlook archive 2007. And to ensure 100% success in the same, they must do it with the help of InventPure Software’s Mail Backup X.

What do you get with the Mail backup X?

Mail Backup X is a tool that extends arrant support to the users for Outlook archive 2007 emails process. With this tool, the users get the freedom to archive the emails as per their preferences. There are vivid options offered all through the Outlook archive 2007 process. The USP of this tool lies in offering advanced services in a simplified manner. This means that the interface is extremely intuitive; a convenience that most of the tools fail to provide.

Easy to use for all: Offers 24*7 support

With Mail Backup X,one can, without having any technically complex knowledge in hand, succeed at the task with this tool’s intuitive interface. The process is a quick run through a series of simple steps. The users can also contact the 24*7 customer care services to resolve any sort of confusion they might have.

Let us look into the details of the process of Outlook 2007 archive folder before moving any further.

An all-inclusive guide to create sublime ‘Outlook archive 2007’ with Mail Backup X!

Mail Backup X lays down an extremely simple process for the users to follow and create Outlook 2007 archive email to hard drive without any flaws. The steps involved in the process have been enlisted hereunder:

  1. The first step is to download a copy of the tool. The installation process can be completed successfully by following the under-mentioned trail of steps in the setup wizard:
  2. Double clicking on the downloaded file. Open the setup wizard.
  3. Click on continue to move further with the process.
  4. Select a location considering the required disk space.
  5. Click on continue while the installer checks the disk space.
  6. Click on install. Enter the system password. Let the tool complete the process.
  • After launching the tool on the screen, initiate with Outlook archive 2007 process by choosing ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’ from the list of options.
outlook archive 2007
  • Select the email client service as Outlook from the given set of options.
outlook archive 2007 emails
  • A list of files and folders gets displayed on the screen. Here, the users must act as per their preferences to select/deselect the items basis their backup requirements.
outlook 2007 archive folder
  • This is the last step for Outlook 2007 archive email to hard. The users must first setup the frequency of backup. They can simultaneously select the mirror backup settings for additional security. It is also recommended to activate the auto USB sync option.
outlook 2007 archive email to hard drive

After completion of these steps, the users can easily go ahead with Outlook 2007 archive email to hard. It is simple and efficient. To try it out now, click on the link below.

‘How to archive mails in Outlook 2007’ with the best features in place!

Mail Backup X is a full-fledged display of modern technology in an understandable language. The users benefit greatly with its brilliant combination of traits that help in creation of fully functional backups efficiently and effectively. Here are a few of the best features on this tool:

  • Backup options: The users can setup different type of backup options with this tool. The incremental backup has been included to provide backup of files as and when they arrive. The distributed and mirror-backup settings help in increasing the locations and thus security of the backed up files.
  • Archived mails import: Mail Backup X can be used to import mail archives from all the major email clients like Outlook Windows (PST archive), Apple mail (MBOX archive), etc. 
  • Conversion of mail formats: A third service offered by this tool is the conversion of email formats. This means that in addition to backing-up/archiving their data files, the users can also convert these files to make them usable in another email client. This works for all the emails formats like RGE, PST, OLM, MBOX, etc.
  • Inbuilt mail viewer: The access to all the archived email files from one location is supported by the inbuilt mail viewer option. The users are not required to switch between different applications to get this done.
  • Integrity of the data files: The tool is proficient at maintain the folder hierarchy structure of the data files. In addition, the users can save their archived mails as PDF files which prove to be helpful for archiving and printing purposes.
  • Advanced search module: There are advanced search options that can be made use of to accelerate the search of particular files. Combination input with ‘And-Or’ characters are allowed which greatly enhances the chances of locating the files quicker and easier.
  • Saves storage space: With its ultra high compression algorithms, this tool saves about 3 times the storage space in the process of Outlook archive 2007.
  • Auto USB sync: This is a smart feature added by this tool for the convenience of the users. By activating auto USB sync, the users can direct the tool to sync all the data to the plugged in local drive automatically. This is done on the basis of previous interactions with that drive.
  • Integrated FTP client: The integrated FTP client is a much needed support options that gives the users the confidence that each and every file is secured. The users can thereby retrieve their files also most instantly, if required.

This is undoubtedly the best way to Outlook archive 2007 and thus it is time now to own it as well. The users can exercise two ways to procure this tool. These have been discussed in the upcoming segment.

Secure a copy of Mail Backup X at favorable prices for Outlook archive 2007!

The users can choose to purchase any one of the three license keys that have been offered to the users. These are:

Mail Backup X: Meant for individual use; allows 5 mail profiles; installable on 2 systems. 

Mail Backup X for Small Business: Meant for small business units; allows 5 mail profiles per user; installable on 20 systems; protects 20 users.

Mail Backup X for Enterprise: Meant for large enterprise units; allows 5 mail profiles per user; installable on 100 systems; protects 100 users.

These come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. One can also purchase top-up options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How safe is this backup tool?

The Mail Backup X provides you with high safety, ease and reliability. It keeps the data safety on top and gives you 100% assurance that your data is safe with the tool.

  • Is the tool only suitable to archive Outlook 2007?

The tool supports a wide range of email clients. It allows you to back up the data from clients like Postbox, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and IMAP clients.

  • What about email format conversion? Does the tool provide assistance for that?

Yes, indeed it does. With Mail Backup X you not only get a backup tool to archive Outlook 2007 but also allows you to convert emails from one file format to another.

  • How does the tool help users with shortage of storage space?

The Mail Backup X runs on special ultra-high compression algorithms specially designed to accurately and safely archive your data. The tool saves up to 3X the storage space and allows you to store more data in less space.

  • Email archive solutions have always lacked a good search functionality. Does this tool solve that problem?

With this tool you get a lightning fast search module. It allows you to search files on the basis of special keywords, time frame and even the sender’s name.

  • Can my employees upload the archived Outlook 2007 emails directly to the company’s FTP server?

With an integrated FTP client, you can easily set up primary or mirror mail backup for additional safety of the data. You can easily transfer the archived data on to the integrated FTP server with the tool.

  • Is the tool a good choice for absolute beginners?

The Mail Backup X is very intelligently and intuitively designed. It helps in making the process of archiving Outlook 2007 emails easy, quick and accurate.

  • I don’t like to put my important data at risk. Is the tool risk free?

Yes, the tool is completely free of any kind of risk. You can carry out with your backup process without any concern. The tool provides you 100% assurance for safety of your data.

  • Can the performance of the tool be relied upon?

The performance of the Mail Backup X has been consistent and of top quality. The accurate and precise backup of your data gives you a flawless backup process free of all kinds of errors.

  1. Is the support team available for a particular time window only?

The customer support team is available for your aid 24*7.


The Mail Backup X has received high praise and rating from all the experts around the world. It is a 5-star rated backup solution.

Client Testimonials

“The Mail Backup X has been the best thing to happen to my backup process. The tool provides you with a seamless experience with your Outlook 2007 emails archiving process. It is simple yet powerful and that is what I like the most about the tool.”- Jerry Rogers

“The Mail Backup X was recommended by a friend of mine. He has been using the tool for a long time and now I know why. The features that the tool provides are exceptional for the price it comes. It a must have if you want to have an exceptional archiving experience without having to burn a hole in your pocket.” – Donovan Matthew


The tool comes in multiple packages. Mail Backup X has something for all kinds of users.

Mail backup X – Professional Edition

  1. The usage of this is restricted to a single user.
  2. 5, is the number of mail profiles that a user can backup. Plus, user can run it on two machines.
  3. Top up packages can help you add more mail profiles to your package.
  4. Free maintenance and updates for every user for an entire year.

Mail Backup X – Team Edition

  1. The size of team that this package supports includes 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. Every user can back up to 5 mail profiles.
  3. The number of profiles can be increased with top up packages as per usage.
  4. Free maintenance and updates for each and every user for an entire year.

A free trial awaits you! Get it now

If this does not sit well with the users, they can first get a FREE demo copy of the tool. This version allows the users to test this tool overtly over a 15 day window. The users can go all out on checking the performance of this tool with regards to Outlook archive 2007.

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