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Plan your Outlook archive 2010 task with the experts’ suggested Mail Backup X

outlook archive 2010 emails

If you are in the process of planning your Outlook archive 2010 task then do it with the help of Mail Backup X! This tool, created by InventPure Software, is highly recommended by the experts in the field. The lucid outlay of instructions on the interface makes the process a breeze for the users.

Why choose the Mail backup X?

When a users takes up the task of Outlook archive 2010 they do so with the intent of safeguarding every bit of information contained on the files. This means that not only text on the files but also elements like contacts, calendars, attachments, graphics, and the like have to be restored. And the reason experts strongly suggest this tool is that the excellent technology of this tool assures of 100% restoration of the data in the Outlook archive 2010 emails process.

Find out what other reasons are there to consider investing in this tool for the Outlook archive 2010 emails task.

Choosing Mail Backup X becomes easier with downright display of quirky rewards and clever technology!

It is certainly a user’s prerogative to choose or reject a particular product even if recommended by experts. Therefore, we have included certain unique benefits that the users experience with the use of this product for Outlook archive 2010 folder process. These are:

  • SAFETY: One of the primary concerns of the users pertains to the safety of the data files when they move through the passage/process of these tools. This tool is cent percent safe for use for reasons such as:
  • It is an offline mode tool which means that the users have increased privacy as well as security with regards to the digital elements.
  • It comes from a well-known and trusted company. The credibility can also be verified from several satisfactory testimonials of the users.
  • The tool is entirely bug-free which ensures smooth and uninterrupted flow of data. Of course, it also helps in providing a safe haven for the passage of the data files.
  • UNIQUE FEATURES: The inclusion of the best traits that can be found on such tools is the USP of this tool. Every possible requirement that a user can bring forward with regards to the process of Outlook 2010 archive email to hard drive, this tool has the capability to satiate it. Let us have a quick look at some of the best features present on this tool:
  • Backup, archive, and convert: This tool has a 3-in-1 serving option. From supporting the archived files of all the major email clients to transforming the files from one format to the other; this tool does it all. The clients supported by it include huge players like Apple mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Multiple Backup Options: From integrated backup settings to mirror & distributed backup settings, the users can experiment with their backup profile as per their preferences.
  • Storage Space: The ultra-high compression algorithms of this tool help in saving enormous (up to 3 times) space on the disk.
  • Easy access to files: The inbuilt mail viewer option helps the users in accessing the archived files from one location. And the advanced search module options helps in locating the files with complex input variables.
  • Integrated FTP client: The users get to have added security for the email files as the data is continuously uploaded onto a secure FTP server.
  • Auto USB sync: This smart feature enables automatic sync of the data files onto the hard drive as and when connected.
  • BUDGETED TOOL: The tool is extremely affordable. The creators of this tool have kept under consideration the interest of the users. For this reason, there are 3 different license keys that the users can choose from. These are:
  • Mail Backup X: It can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles and can be installed on 2 systems.
  •  Mail Backup X for Small Business: It can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user and can be installed on 20 systems. It also protects up to 20 users.
  • Mail Backup X for Enterprise: It can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user and can be installed on 100 systems. It also protects up to 100 users.

All of these license keys come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. One can also buy top-up for 10 additional user profiles.

  • FREE TESTING AVAILABLE: A significant benefit of picking up this tool for the task of Outlook 2010 archive email to hard drive is that it can be taken up absolutely free of cost. The FREE demo version of the tool allows full access to the fabulous features of this tool for 15 days. Post the completion of this period, the users can choose to invest their money in any one of the affordable license keys as per their usage requirements.

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‘How to archive emails in Outlook 2010’- the smart way!

Mail Backup X is undeniably the best choice if the users wish to have fully functional backup of their data files. The process that it has for the Outlook archive 2010 process is stunningly lucid. One can easily navigate from start to the end, without any hiccups. Here is a lineup of the steps that the users must follow so as to have a perfect backup profile for Outlook 2010 archive email to hard drive.

How to archive emails in Outlook 2010 with the Mail backup X

Step 1: The users must check the compatibility of the tool with their system and go ahead with the download, installation, and launch of the tool on the system.

Step2: Once launched, the users must choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’ from the list of options given. The remaining options become useful once the backup is in place.

outlook archive 2010

Step 3: Now the tool displays a list of email clients that this tool supports. From the list, the users must choose the Outlook profile and proceed further with the process of Outlook archive 2010.

outlook archive 2010 emails

Step 4: This step requires the users to finalize the content that has to be backed up. Therefore, from the list of files and folders being displayed on the screen, the users must select/deselect the items as per their preferences for backup.

outlook 2010 archive email to hard drive

Step 5: This stage relates to advanced settings for completing the backup profile. Firstly, the users are required to select the frequency of the backup activities. Then, they are also required to add mirror or distributed locations for added security. Herein, a smart option for activating auto USB sync is also available. It is certainly recommended to utilize the same.

how to archive emails in outlook 2010

Step 6: This is the stage where the backup profile is completely setup. The users can now proceed with the process of Outlook 2010 archive email to hard drive.

This is how to archive emails in Outlook 2010 without any errors. Hurry up and get your copy of Mail Backup X to create safe archives of your crucial mailing data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Safety of my data is my prime concern. How safe it is to use this tool?

The Mail Backup X is a 100% safe and accurate solution. It ensures that your data remains safe and simultaneously backs it all up flawlessly.

  • How easy is to use the tool for an absolute beginner?

The tool is very easy to use for any kind of user. The user-friendly interface of the tool makes it better for your archiving process and easy to use.

  • Can the tool archive large email databases that contain large amounts of data?

The algorithm that the tool runs on gives it the power to deal with large sized email database. It easily handles these large databases without any complications.

  • What is the tool’s policy regarding sharing archived Outlook 2010 email data?

The Mail Backup X provides you the best and simplest way of sharing the archived Outlook 2010 email data, PDF files. With the help of this tool you can directly archived emails into PDF format, making the sharing process easier and better.

  • Is the tool capable enough to archive the non-English data of the email databases?

Yes, the tool is capable of handling these non-English data present in your email databases. The tool backs up all kinds of data formats without any lapses or loses. The data stays in the same form like before.

  • Other than archiving Outlook 2010 emails, can I archive emails of other email clients?

The Mail Backup X supports multiple email clients. The tool not only helps you archive Outlook 2010 emails but also the emails of clients like Postbox, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and IMAP email clients.

  • Is it true that tool comes with a professional converter engine as well?

Yes, the tool has an inbuilt professional email converter that helps you convert emails from one format to another.

  • Does the tool allow the user to back up the archived files to Dropbox?

The Mail Backup X allows you to back up your archived email files on to popular Cloud Storages like Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

  • How can I view the emails imported from other email clients?

The tool comes with an inbuilt mail archive viewer. This allows you to view and read all the imported archived files from other formats.

  1. When can I contact the support team if I have a question regarding the tool?

You can contact the support team whenever you need. The customer support team is available 24*7.


The Mail Backup X is one of the highest rated email backup solutions for Outlook 2010. It has garnered praise and a 5-star rating from top experts around the world.

Client Testimonials

“I am not good with technology. But with Mail Backup X I never felt left behind in any scenario. The tool is a perfectly balanced solution that provides you with everything required to get the job done. The cherry on top is that anyone can use it. This is the solution to go for,”- Meghan

“The Mail Backup X definitely stands out amongst all the backup solution that I used in past. The tool is completely safe and accurate. It provides you with accurate backup processes day in and day out. Try it out once, you won’t be disappointed.” – Judith


The range of packages offered by the Mail Backup X covers the need of everyone. It provides you with many packages.

Professional Edition

  1. This package is meant for a single user.
  2. A user can back up to 5 mail profiles.
  3. Any time the user can add more mail profiles with the top up upgrade packages.
  4. You get an entire year of free maintenance and updates.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. This package supports teams of sizes 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. Every user gets to back up 5 mail profiles.
  3. Every user can update the number of mail profiles with the help of top up packages.
  4. Tool offers a year full of free maintenance and updates.

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