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Choose the Mail Backup X for Outlook archive 2013 and repent no more

outlook archive 2013 emails

Losing out on data files in the process of Outlook archive 2013 can lead to losses that might never be compensated. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the crucial data that is contained on our email files holds great significance in our lives. Therefore, each user puts in all they have into securing perfect archives of their data files.

What is the best solution to archive Outlook 2013?

If Outlook archive 2013 process is to be taken up with full precision, the users must choose to do it with the help of InventPure Software’s Mail Backup X. This tool has an intricate design which is meant to serve all the aspects that come annexed with the Outlook archive 2013 process.

What makes this Outlook archiving tool so special?

The viewing of archived mails, for instance, is made easier with the inbuilt mail viewer feature of this tool. It enables the users to access all the archived mails at one place without the requirement to switch between different options. This is just one of the many convenience options that are encountered by the users in their Outlook archive 2013 emails journey with this magnificent piece of technology.

The final results are so gratifying that the users never feel the need to replace or re-verify their decision to use Mail Backup X. Let us discuss in detail the merits of picking up this tool to get Outlook archive folder.

Mail Backup X is unquestionably the ‘best way to archive Outlook’!

Mail Backup X instantly connects with its users due to its extremely intuitive interface. Interface is of course the medium through which the user interacts with the tool and its simplicity profoundly attracts each and every individual crossing its path.

Free support 24*7

The support team that remains available 24*7 through a customer care helpline number also ensures a smooth and rewarding experience for every user taking up the archive Outlook emails journey. There are a lot many ways in which users gain by making use of this tool.

Here are the greatest benefits of using this tool

  • Mail Backup options: The users get to choose from multiple backup setting options. The incremental backup is meant to backup the data files as and when they arrive. However, with the mirror-backup settings, the users can have added locations for extra safety of the data files.  
  • Mail Viewer: The inbuilt mail viewer option lets the users access archived mails from one location without needing them to switch between different clients.
  • Allows conversion to multiple formats: In addition to the backup and archive function, this tool works equally well to provide conversion of the data files. This is possible for all the major email client formats like MBOX, RGE, EML, OLM, PST, etc.
  • Import of archived mails: With Mail Backup X, the users can also import archived emails from email clients such as Outlook Windows (PST archive), Postbox (RGE files), Apple mail (MBOX archive), and the like. 
  • Advanced search module: The convenience that comes with this option is pure bliss. The users get to make use of advanced search options with input characters of the likes of subject, attachment type (PDF, word, excel, etc.), complex inputs with ‘And-Or’ entries, etc.  
  • Saves space: The ultra-high compression algorithms are helpful in saving up to 3 times the space while this tool backs up the data on the drives.
  • Integrity of the files: This tool preserves the integrity of the data files to the fullest. In that, it maintains the folder hierarchy structure of when the files are archived as PDF files. Accessibility becomes much easier with this option.
  • Auto USB sync: As the name suggests, this option lets the users setup auto USB sync. This means that when a drive is plugged in, this tool automatically syncs all the data to it; thus saving time and energy of the user.
  • Integrated FTP client: This tool has the provision of constant upload of data onto secure FTP servers. Thus, the users experience enhanced security and safety of their data files. Of course, they get the power to restore the data as and when desired by them.

Easy to use and also reliable

This method to archive Outlook 2013 email to hard drive is not only safe but also simple to follow. The users feel comfort and at the same time experience long lasting results with this tool. The confidence of having secured a fully functional backup of the data files is extremely reassuring.

Choose the package that suits you

This tool can be procured at very reasonable prices. There are 3 license keys to choose from and all of these come with free maintenance updates for 1 year. Isn’t it an amazing package to have Archive Outlook 2013 email to hard drive process?

If you feel like testing the interface and features of this tool before making an investment, then simply grab a copy of the FREE demo version.

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Doubtful about the need to take up ‘Outlook 2013 archive email to hard drive’? Think again!

If you are uncertain as to why users become desperate for taking up the task of Outlook 2013 archive email to hard drive then the below mentioned situations will vividly illustrate the urgency of the matter:

  • Outlook, like every other mailing client, comes with a limited storage space. In case the users surpass the upper limit, they are forced to delete important mailers which might not be the best idea.
  • Accidental/permanent deletion of email files is a situation that no one wishes to be in. Recovery of the files in such scenarios can either be extremely expensive or in other cases impossible too!
  • Outlook users often find themselves struggling with server maintenance and server downtime issues. These situations leave the data files inaccessible. However, with an archive in place, the users can have instant access to the files.
  • Precaution in the form of a safe backup for confidential files cannot be a debatable notion.

Planning to do it now? Do not forget to get a copy of Mail Backup X to ensure a successful Outlook archive 2013 journey!

It’s like running a quick errand to learn ‘how to archive emails in Outlook 2013’ with Mail Backup X!

The task of Outlook 2013 archive email to hard drive with Mail Backup X is so quick that the users do not even feel the burden of such a heavy task having been lifted away by this modern day tool. Here is a quick lineup of the steps involved:

Step 1: Download, install, and launch the tool on the system.

Step 2: Choose ‘Set up a New Backup Profile’!

Step 3: Choose Outlook as the choice of email service for setting up the backup profile.

Step 4: Select/deselect files and folders from the list being displayed. Finalize items as per the backup needs.

Step 5: Setup frequency for backup. Choose the type of backup- mirror or distributed. Activate auto USB sync.

 And the user is all done; just like that! It is a promising tool that has impressed a lot many users with its outstanding performance. You will be no different; just give it a quick try.

Click on the download link for the FREE demo version now and test out its brilliance right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is this tool the best way to archive Outlook 2013?

The Mail Backup X is the best backup solution available. The tool provides you with exceptional back up accuracy, ease of use, and is highly affordable.

  • Does the tool support multiple email clients?

Not only Outlook 2013, the tool backs up other email clients like Outlook mac, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox and IMAP clients.

  • Can the tool deal with large amounts of data effectively?

Yes the tool handles large amounts of data, and that too easily. The algorithms that the tool runs on are based on ultra-modern technology which easily, accurately and efficiently handles large email database files.

  • How does the tool handle the problems of data gaps and losses?

The Mail Backup X ensures a 100% accurate backup process. Thus, there are no issues of data gaps or losses. You will never lose even a single bit of data with this tool.

  • Is there any risk involved in archiving my Outlook 2013?

No, the tool is completely risk free to use. It consistently gives safe and accurate performances.

  • I value my data a lot. How safe is to give my data in the hands of this tool?

The safety of data is a priority of the tool. It ensures nothing happens to it and simultaneously everything is accurately backed up too. You can be relaxed regarding the safety of your data while using the tool.

  • Is there any option available to share my archived Outlook 2013 files with this tool?

PDF formats make it easier, safer and simpler to transfer the archived files. Mail Backup X allows you to directly archive your data to PDF files.

  • I have storage space issues. Can the tool help me with that?

The tool provides you with special algorithms which are designed to secure and safeguard your mail data. The tool compresses and extracts files to reduce storage space requirements.

  • How can I create portable Outlook 2013 archives?

With the help of auto USB Backup and Sync option provided by the tool you can create portable Outlook 2013 archives. All you need to do is plug in the USB device and the tool will back up all the data automatically on to it.

  1. What if I want any help with any problem I face with the tool?

You can contact the 24*7 available support team regarding any problem you face.


Top experts around the world rate the tool as one of the best solutions to archive Outlook 2013 mails. The tool has received a 5-star rating from  the best experts from all around the world.

Client Testimonials

“I have been using the Mail Backup X for a couple of months now. It has made my life easier and my Outlook 2013 archives easier and better. It is so powerful but still very simple to use for all kinds of users. I highly recommend the tool for all users, especially beginners like me.” – Christie Thorton

“My husband got the professional edition of Mail Backup X for me. It has been nothing short of revolutionizing. For the price point the tool offers you the world. It is easy going, perfect in backing up the data and solved my problem of data loss that I had with other tools. Go for it.”- Jean Wise


The packages that the tool offers have something for all kinds of users. Mail Backup X offers multiple package variants.

Professional Edition

  1. It is ideal for a single user.
  2. The user can use it to back up to 5 profiles and can run it on two different machines.
  3. If you want to add more profiles, you can simply get a top up upgrade.
  4. A full year of free maintenance and updates.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. This works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 user’s team respectively.
  2. Every user gets to back up to 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. You can easily increase the number of mail profiles per user by using top up upgrade packages.
  4. You get a year full of free updates and maintenance and support.