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The best outlook 2007 backup and restore solution

Automatically backup all outlook emails with automatic tool

Mail backup X by InventPure lets you Outlook backup 2007 till the latest outlook version without any problems. You just need to have the data/credentials and the rest will be handled by the tool. You don’t need to take any complex steps to backup outlook 2007. No matter how old your files are, this tool has been designed to backup and archive everything successfully. You can even restore old backups to your mailbox if you need them.

  • Automatically backup and restore outlook emails in simple steps
  • Incremental backups for all users who want automatic regular backups
  • Restore outlook 2007 backup to live mailbox
  • Search any items within Outlook 2007 archives with advanced search box
  • Backup and archive multiple email services apart from outlook
  • Inbuilt email compression allows you to save up to 3X space in hard drive
  • Inbuilt email converter allows you to convert email files to and from different email formats
  • You can filter or choose the items that you want to backup from Outlook 2007 emails
  • You can load large PST files without any lags or errors
  • You can view the contents of the PST files and backup or restore only what you want
  • The tool is compatible with both mac and windows
  • The user interface of the tool guides you so that there is no need for experience

Why wait any longer to backup your Outlook 2007 files? Get started with the free trial of Mail backup X and see how it works for you.

Why would anyone want to Outlook 2007 backup emails?

With the importance that emails have today, we cannot afford to ignore the value of older emails that we might have used some time back.

You might have started your business a long time ago back when you were using an older but now obsolete version of outlook. This is a situation which many users face. Many times, a need may arise to access some of the old email data that you were dealing with more than a decade ago. Most users just forget it but current legal situations can put your business in a position when you might have to produce that data for litigation purposes. This is why it is essential to have all the emails in a safe place where you can access them any time you want. Even a single email can mean a lot when the time is right. So here we will try to find out how to backup outlook 2007 mailboxes easily with the solutions we have.

How to backup Outlook 2007 in automatically?

The first thing that you need to make your Outlook 2007 email data usable is by bringing it to your latest Outlook application so that you can manage it with the help of Mail backup X.

There are two ways through which you can backup outlook 2007 or explore outlook 2007 backup

  • You just need to connect your old outlook 2007 email account with your current email service/application so that it can be backed up with Mail backup X
  • You need to have the PST file with your Outlook 2007 backup data so that it can be imported into your new outlook application and then backed up with Mail backup X

Scenario 1:

In the first case, you need to connect your outlook 2007 account to the new Outlook email app by connecting the old account with the new app. Just go to your latest outlook application and find the file menu. From here, click on “add account” and enter your outlook email account credentials which you used with your Outlook 2007 service. Your emails will get configured with the new app and you can then use Mail backup X service to backup these emails in a newer safer location or use them like you want.

Scenario 2:

In the second case, you need to find out the location of the old PST files that you might have exported from your outlook 2007 application. Outlook stores these PST files in very specific locations.

  • Outlook 2007 and previous (default location)

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Before you restore your old PST outlook 2007 file to your new outlook app, make sure you copy the PST file in a convenient location since you will have to locate it while you are importing it.

Then you need to import that PST file in your new outlook application by going to the file option and selecting Import/Export option. Select “Import from another program”. Choose “Outlook data file (.PST). You will be given an option to browse to the location where you have stored this PST file. If the file is password protected, you will be asked to enter the password.

The tool will then ask you to choose the mailbox into which you want to import these emails. After selecting the email address, click on finish. If you don’t want to move the PST emails to a particular email address, you can select the “current folder” option and click on finish. Do not forget to click on “include subfolders” if you want all folders to be included.

Note: Outlook 2007 stores emails in a separate PST file and other information like calendars and contacts in a different file. So, make sure you repeat the process if you want to import other types of data as well.

After you have imported the Outlook 2007 backup to your new outlook email service, you can use Mail backup X to back it up in the secure location you want from where you can use or access it any time you want.

How to Outlook backup with Mail backup X: Easy step wise process

Note: Make sure you are logged into your Outlook email account in your email app.

Step 1: Launch Mail backup X app

Step 2: In the first window, select “setup a new backup now”

Step 3: You will see different email services to choose from. Select “Microsoft Outlook”

Step 4: You will now be shown your selected mailbox in the form of neatly organized folders. You will see all the contents in the form of folders. Choose the ones that you want according to your need and click on continue.

Step 5: This is the most important step of the process since you will be able to make necessary modifications in the process according to your personal preference.

  • In this window, you can set the frequency of the backups. It is recommended to choose the automatic settings recommended by the tool.
  • You can use the double layer encryption feature to assign a password to your backup so that there is no risk of unauthorized access. You can do this if you have confidential files in your mailbox.
  • You can also set up USB backups with a preferred USB drive. When you plug in this drive, the tool automatically stores the latest snapshot backup in the USB drive from your local backup.
  • You can also select the storage location of the backup. You can choose to store the Outlook 2007 backup either to your computer or on an external hard drive. Fortunately, you also get the choice to store to cloud services like One Drive, DropBox or Google Drive.

Once you have made all the changes, click on save and your outlook 2007 backup should begin.

You can easily track the live progress of the process on the live dashboard. You can check this progress under the activities section. You can also download a detailed log report from this section after the backup process is finished.

This was the entire process of how-to backup Outlook 2007 with success in 2021 using a modern and reliable solution like Mail backup X. None of the other available options offer so much flexibility and features along with uncompromised results.

Want to know how this tool has worked for others?

Here are some latest client testimonials

“I had some very old outlook 2007 PST files in my old hard drive. I wanted to see what contacts and emails I had back then. I wanted to keep them in a new backup along with my current backup files. I thought this would be a long and tiring process but choosing Mail backup X made all the difference for me. I just had to follow few instructions and now I have my outlook 2007 backup which I can restore and use anytime I want.” – Trevor Scott

“I was always on my mind that I want to backup my old outlook 2007 files along with my current database. I used Mail backup X to import my outlook 2007 PST files. They were pretty large but the tool managed them well. I now have my Outlook 2007 backup along with my latest outlook backup which I can restore anytime I want.” – Alex Mulligan

Here are some frequently asked queries from curious users

These Are the Advantages of Software with Double Encryption

Dual Layer of Security- In this age of utmost privacy, one is better off with fortifying the fortress of data with two rather than a single layer of security. You are rest assured your data is in ‘enhanced security space’ distanced from uncalled for attempts to take a sneak peek into your vital information.

Outsourcing Of Work Becomes a Piece of Cake- You may have a ‘360 degree’, scattered work force, operating on national shores and overseas. In both cases, double encryption ensures that you are taken off the burden of getting the flow of data secured from malicious elements. Always on, super-encryption mode gets the job done with precision.

It Sustains the Quality of Information- Poor data with bits and pieces lacking here and there serves no purpose. You would want your data to retain its intended message and purpose. It’s not surprising that double encryption comes to the rescue in this regard by sustaining the quality of information from tip to toe.

I want to backup my outlook 2007 mails. I have a large PST file that I think is too huge to be imported or used. Will Mail backup X work for me?

Mail backup X is fortunately designed in a way that it can work with large email files without any lags or errors. It is designed with powerful algorithms which make it the most potent solution to work with oversized email files. It has been tested with 100GB MBOX files so you can be sure that it will easily backup your PST files even if they are oversized. You can also split the large PST files into smaller, more manageable chunks. Mail backup X also comes with compression benefits which will store your large email data in 3 times lesser space than usual.

I have read everything that I need to know about this tool. What’s next?

You should get the free trial of Mail backup X if you want to really experience what it is like to backup emails with this professional software. It can be availed by anyone in order to test the real time results that this tool offers. You can upgrade to the full edition right from the free trial anytime you want. The developers have been too gracious since they have unlocked all the features in the free trial so that there is no suspense or suspicion about how the tool operates in different conditions. So don’t wait, go ahead and get the free demo version right now. It is totally worth it. You can upgrade to the full version you want according to your budget and we also offer customized packages to enterprises based on their needs.

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