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Backup Outlook 2011 mac database like never before (Automatic method)

  • Automatically Outlook backup 2011 mac database
  • Compatible with both mac and windows
  • Outlook backup 2011 with wizard-based guide
  • Easily handle old and large mailboxes without error
  • Store outlook backup in desired location
  • Takes 3X less space to store backup
  • Remote backups with team version
  • Search box allows you to find email files in archive
  • Backup all versions of outlook
  • Backup and archive multiple email services
  • Inbuilt email converter lets you convert email files from one format to another
  • Archive Outlook 2011 mac/windows in PDF format
  • Make automatic USB backups for portable instant snapshot backups
  • Single and team versions to choose from

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How to Outlook backup 2011 successfully with permanent solution

If you want to find the best way to outlook backup 2011, you don’t need to go any further. We offer the best tool to backup outlook 2011 mac and much more right here. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a first-time user. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or the CEO of a large enterprise. Choosing a reliable third-party tool to backup outlook emails is the sensible thing that any smart user will do. Since there are so many options that add to the general confusion regarding email backup and recovery solutions, it is more than essential to make the right choice. To save your valuable time and effort, here is a tried and tested solution that you can use to backup Outlook 2011 on Mac.

Mail backup X by InventPure (Automatically Outlook backup 2011 mac database)

Mail backup X is as futuristic as any email management utility can get. A whole team of experts have worked for years to design this professional method which has solved all the existing problems related to email backup and recovery. Each feature has been created to solve an existing issue that had been ruining the process of email backup and recovery for all users across the world. Fortunately, now users have a way to backup outlook and other email services across both mac and windows.

Key features of Mail backup X tool – Outlook backup 2011 with enhanced security

Unique tool with twin compatibility works efficiently on Mac OS as well as Windows

This tool is platform independent and not limited to a single operating system. You can get Mail backup for both MacOS and windows. This means a lot for users who would have felt left out if the tool worked on just one of the two major operating systems.

• A tool that meets all professional archiving needs by supporting IMAP, POP, and Microsoft exchange server-based services

This tool is exceptional in the way it can handle different types of email services and different formats with the same level of efficiency and accuracy. This is a true all rounder tool which works for you regardless of what service you are using.

Beautifully integrated full-fledged email migration function which is flawless and comprehensive

The email migration feature increases the value of Mail backup X many times fold. It is very unique for an email backup and recovery tool to have an inbuilt working email converter embedded in it. You just have to load the files that you want in It and then convert it to the email format that you want. This also saves a lot of time, effort and money for users which would have otherwise gone waste in searching and buying another Outlook email converter.

• Backing up files was never this economical and optimised as with this tool by virtue of 3X compression algorithm

The compression feature of this tool allows it to save the same amount of backup data in 3 times less space. This feature singlehandedly makes the tool more worthwhile and useful for users who don’t have much storage space to spare in their cloud storage or hard drives. Make sure you make great use of the space you are saving by using Mail backup X.

• Same window to view all files removes visual clutter and disruption enhancing productivity

The fact that all your files and folders from your chosen mailbox are brought to you in a clean and organized manner makes a huge difference for email users who are not aware of the contents of their mailboxes. The user interface of the tool is clutter free and anyone will have a pleasant experience while using it since nothing is confusing or put in the wrong place.

• Avant Garde search filters for simplest and deepest search for files

The search box allows you to perform quick yet deep searches within your email archives. You just have to enter specific search items related to the emails that you want to find. The tool will then scan your system and email archives to find those email items instantly. This is great for users to ensure if they have particular files where they want them to be.

• Keep your email application smooth and flowing by freeing up space

Mail backup X can be used to set up backups in such a way that old emails are automatically backed up and deleted after a specific set time. So that they are removed from the active storage and your email application is never overloaded. It is known that large mailboxes often tend to slow down email applications and we are sure that you don’t want that to happen.  

• Options to restore files to desired location, to select desired files, and to restore to desired format

The developers of Mail backup X have paid great time and attention into making this tool as personalized and flexible as possible. You get to restore the Outlook backups to the live mailbox in easy steps. You can also choose the files that you want to backup while also specifying where exactly you want them to be stored after getting backed up.

Client testimonials – Latest user comments

“I had an old PST file from Outlook 2011 that I wanted to include in my latest outlook 2021 backup. I imported this PST file with Mail backup X. It was a huge file and no other tool was able to work with such a huge PST file. Mail backup X was the only tool that worked for me and I used it to merge my old backup with my new one. I now store some urgent files from it in OneDrive cloud service too.” – Steven Gillian

“Many users were telling me that I can backup Outlook 2011 but I didn’t believe them. It was after getting Mail backup X that I truly believed this. This professional tool is very easy to use and good enough to restore confidence in any user. In just a few clicks, I was able to import my old backup and stored it in my external hard drive. I also secured it with double layer encryption” – Brooklyn Rogers

Here are some commonly asked questions by new email users

How Downtime Leads to Data Loss?

Downtime slackens the pace of work and data in transit risks the chance of permanent loss. Moreover, any loophole in network security magnifies itself during downtime and makes servers susceptible to online attacks. Data may as well become corrupt due to loss of files or file structure. One can make all the arrangements for backing up data during such unforeseen times, still there is no surety that data would not become unintelligible. Regularbackup systems may be engaged to secure the data in its pristine form, still things may spiral out of control and customers may panic, leading to loss of trust factor. Data recovery methods may come into play but they attach a significant cost to themselves. These days, data is at the crux and without analysing the data there can be no organizational goals or flow of command. Downtimes often come with the cost of data loss as data in queue is constantly at the risk of going down the drain.

How to save Outlook data in hard drive in a different format than PST?

It seems like a difficult task to think about. Since Outlook offers to export the backup in PST format, you will get a PST file in the end. However, you can save this PST backup in a different with a simple file conversion process. Mail backup X fortunately allows you to convert email files from one format to another. This inbuilt email conversion feature is embedded into the tool and acts like a bonus feature, enhancing the quality of your results. Due to this feature, you don’t have to worry about finding a separate email converter in order to convert these PST files. You might need email conversion at some point of time due to the rising need for cross platform compatibility.

Why to split PST files in smaller size?

It should be known that when users archive files for a long time in Outlook, the PST files tend to get large. The file may grow to several GBs in size. It should be known that oversized PST files are prone to corruption. You may even receive the “Cannot open the PST file” error. If PST files exceed a particular size, your MS outlook application will slow down to a crawling speed. This is why you need to maintain healthy PST files of manageable sizes. With Mail backup X, you can manage the size of PST files in order to have the best safety and performance.  

Does Mail backup X allow the user to restore Outlook backups too? If yes, can I do it?

You can recover the outlook backup to your live outlook mailbox. You don’t have to worry about not knowing how to restore the outlook backup. It is as simple as creating a backup. You just have to start from the first window and instead of creating a new backup, you need to choose the option which allows you to restore an old backup. Now you don’t have to wait any longer to find a method for email recovery. Here, you are getting email backup/archiving/restoration and conversion in the same tool.

Can I install Mail backup X on any computer?

These are the system specifications of Mail backup X

Computer Processor: 1 GHz or Higher

Computer Memory: 2 GB or More

Internet Connection: Cable or DSL

Operating system

Mac- MacOS X- 10.10 and above

Windows- Windows 8 and Above

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