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Outlook backup and restore

If you are searching for a tool to restore outlook backup successfully, you are not alone. A lot of mac users are searching for the ideal Outlook backup software because it is not easy to backup and restore outlook. Also, due to the unpredictable nature of Outlook backup and restore, it has been considered to be a risky thing therefore people avoided it. Even though, due to the rise in mass of emails circulated, it has become a necessity to back up your emails. There is huge demand for Outlook backup tools since it has become so essential to keep a safe backup of your Outlook emails so that you can keep them safe from any corruption or modification. As a result, today we are looking for an Outlook backup tool that can restore Outlook backup with ease and precision.

How do people backup and restore outlook?

There are endless services available online that claim to help you restore outlook backup. Moreover, most of these services offer free Outlook backup and restore at the cost of few clicks. Nevertheless, you should never trust blindly. Your data is important and at most, very classified. You can now afford to lose your data at the cost of saving a few bucks. This is why it is suggested to never use an online outlook backup tool that asks you to upload your files on the internet. You can fall prey to cyber-crime and file theft. It is advised to play it safe and get only dedicated and professional Outlook backup software. Professional tools are designed with additional safety features which make sure that human errors are minimized and that there is less need for the user to perform.

Which is the best Outlook backup software?

The best Outlook backup software for many mac users is one which protects your email data and takes care of the email items. However, the right outlook backup tool can vary from people to people. There are some users who want fast results. There are some who need safety. There are some who are looking for ease of use and then there are some who are looking for affordability. What is there was a tool that could offer all of these together? What if there was a tool which was a combination of everything that mac users have been waiting for? Wouldn’t it be marvellous to have such an Outlook backup tool that is fast, easy to use, safe and also affordable? InventPure have created such a tool, let us take a look at it.

The Mail backup X: An ideal Outlook backup software

The Mail backup X is a professionally created tool that runs on mac and gives you the necessary features to safely backup and restore outlook. It is a certified solution that was created to ensure that more normal mac users are able to back up their Outlook mails without worrying about the safety of their email files. Such a tool was much needed in an age of online tools that offer no safety for the user’s email data. In the time of online tools that look attractive but have no merit, this tool was created to set new benchmarks in data safety. The Mail backup X was created to be a user centric tool so it was given a highly user friendly interface and a step by step backup method. So even if you have never done it before, you can now restore outlook backup in just a few clicks. The tool has been created carefully to cater to all mac outlook users regardless of their skill or experience.

Why choose the Mail backup X?

This outlook backup and restoring tool is loaded with a bunch of highly powerful features which enable it to backup and restore outlook automatically without worrying about the safety of the email files. All you need to do is follow simple instructions given by the user interface and the tool will lead you to the results that you deserve. The tool guarantees to protect your email database with 100% data safety assurance and promises that there will be no file modification.

Key benefits of using this Outlook backup and recovery software
Inbuilt mail viewer

The tool brings an advanced email viewing system that allows you to view email files imported from other clients. This gives you total control over multiple email applications regardless of their format. You are getting the power to view any email items without needing to switch to another tool.

Easy to use

The tool is extremely easy to use and can be operated without needing any previous experience. You are given simple instructions that help you in easy and swift operation of this tool. Even a first time user can backup and restore outlook with this tool. So gone are the days where a mac user had to feel anxious with the thought of data backup.

Step by step backup

You don’t need to be an expert to backup and restore outlook anymore. You can just follow the simple steps provided by the user interface of this tool. You can get 100% assured results without worrying about file safety or result precision since it is all taken care of.

Backup in PDF

This feature gives you incredibly powers. You can now backup and archive Outlook files in PDF format. PDF files are really accessible and shareable over multiple platforms. You can also password protect your PDF files before sharing. This is also a brilliant feature for those users who want to preserve the folder hierarchy of their email database. You can also take a print of your Outlook email archive.

Backup from multiple clients

You can now back up email data from multiple email applications other than outlook. The tool works with several email applications like Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook for mac, Office 365 for mac, Thunderbird and Postbox etc.

Search engine

The tool comes with an advanced feature which all users will find useful. The advanced search engine allows you to enter specific search items so that you can find the files that you want. You can enter date range, attachment size and other criteria and the tool will scan the database to bring the files that you want. This feature ensures the 100% data safety assurance.

Auto USB Backup and Sync

The tool offers the user to set up and map the backup to an external USB drive. You can set up the tool in such a way that whenever you plug in your USB drive, the tool can auto detect and sync the backup in the USB. This is the perfect way to create portable outlook backups without much effort.

Advanced compression engine

Do you want to store more data in lesser space? The advanced compression algorithm of the tool allows you to save your Outlook backup in 3X lesser space. You can store more files in your email database with this feature. If you have several mailboxes to backup, this is the best choice to make. For the users who are unburdening their mail database, this feature is enough to go.

Get a free trial

You can test the free demo of this Outlook backup tool. The free trial works for a limited time and ensures that you understand the working and performance of this tool. Once you are sure that this is the Outlook backup software that you are looking for, you can upgrade to the full version at an economical price. The full edition of the tool offers free support and free updates for life. You can also pick a package that suits your needs according to your budget. The support team of InventPure is also very helpful for 24*7 support.

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