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Create legitimate backup profiles to restore Outlook 2010 constructively

restore outlook 2010 mac

The choice of tool in the task to restore Outlook 2010 is instrumental in deciding the fate of the restored files. A full restoration can only be expected if absolute backup profiles are at the core of this entire task. It is for this reason that the output of mediocre tools invariably disheartens the users as these tools fail miserably at developing consequential backup profiles in the first place. To avoid being left in a bizarre situation due to an incompetent choice, the users must act proactively and take help of InventPure’s Mail Backup X to restore Outlook 2010 effectively.

What is the Mail backup X? Why is it special?

Mail Backup X is a tool that has bona fide technology within to cope up with the arduous demands of the task. The users can put their faith into this tool to have complete copies of the files, as and when desired. And the simplicity of the interface empowers even the novices to succeed without any hiccups en route.

To witness the lucidness of this tool’s process to restore Outlook 2010 emails, read through the next segment.

Hindrance free route to ‘restore Outlook 2010 Mac’!

Mail Backup X comes with the best pathway to restore Outlook 2010 Mac. The interface guides the user with its intuitive instructions and thus no one gets stuck anywhere during the process to restore Outlook 2010 Mac.

Here are the steps to setup the best backup profile to restore Outlook 2010 identity:

  1. The first step is to download and install the tool on the system. The setup wizard would entail the under-mentioned steps:
  2. Double click on the downloaded file to push start the setup wizard.
  3. Click on continue to proceed.
  4. Choose a location for installation. Let the installer check disk space (this would take a few moments). Click on continue.
  5. Click on install. Enter the password to continue with the installation process.
  6. After completion, the installation wizard must be closed.
  7. To begin the process to restore Mac Outlook 2010 database.
  • This where is all begins. The interface shows different actions to the users from which they must choose ‘Setup a new backup profile’. The remaining options apply if the backup profile has already been setup.
  • Since the tool caters to a lot many email clients, the users need to carefully select Microsoft Outlook profile from the given set of options.
  • A list of files and folders is shown to the users. Here, they must select or deselect the folders so as to finalize them for the process to restore Mac Outlook 2010 database.
  • These set of options are categorized as advanced settings. The frequency of the mail backup can be set up at this point. A default option would be there but the users can also edit it as per their preferences. They can proceed with the setup of mirror locations for creating additional copies of backups. The auto USB sync can also be activated here.
  • The best backup profile becomes functional from this point on.

With such vivid outline of the process to restore Outlook 2010 data, there is no way that a user misses out on the essence of the task.

Go ahead and grab a copy of the tool to experiment with this process. 

Traits that load up the process to ‘backup and restore Outlook 2010 Mac’ with incredible merits!

Mail Backup X makes the entire journey to backup and restore Outlook 2010 Mac fun for the users. In that, it offers 

  1. One tool, multiple functions: With Mail Backup X, the users can perform three different functions which are generally taken up via different tools. It allows the users to backup, archive, and convert their emails. And this remains possible for all the major email client services like Apple mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.
  • Multiple backup settings: There are different kinds of backup settings that the users can make use of. Incremental backup is meant to backup the mails as and when they arrive. Distributed and mirror backup settings are meant to provide additional locations for saving the data files.  
  • Quick locate options: The tool helps the users in locating their files in a swift manner. With the inbuilt mail viewer, for example, the users can get to all the archived files without having to switch between different email clients. And with the advanced searched module, the users can quickly search their required file by inputting entries such as subject, sender, attachment type, combination words, etc.
  • Saves Space: The tool helps the users in saving enormous space with its ultra-high compression algorithms to save up to 3 times of the storage in the backup process.
  • Auto USB sync: This feature is a great time and effort saver. The users can activate this feature to let the tool automatically sync all the data files to the drive on plug-ins. This is accomplished on the basis of previous interactions of the tool with such drives.  
  • Easy to use: The tool has a user-friendly interface which makes it possible for each and every user to build long lasting results in the process to restore Outlook 2010.
  • Affordable: This tool comes at very genuine prices which don’t burn a hole in the pockets of the users. There are 3 license keys for the users to choose from:
  • Mail Backup X: This is the cheapest license key. It can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on 2 systems.
  • Mail Backup X for Small Business: This is a little dearer and bigger than the previous one. It can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 20 systems and it also protects up to 20 users.
  • Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This is the largest and the most expensive (yet reasonable) out of all. This key can be used to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 100 systems and it also protects up to 100 users.

All of these are accompanied with free maintenance updates for a period of one year. The users can plso purchase 10 more profiles as top-up alongside these license keys.

To access the complete package, it is highly recommended that the users get a copy of the tool for themselves. They can start building copies of their files with Mail Backup X’s fabulous process to backup and restore Outlook 2010 Mac right away!

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No cost to own the ‘best way to restore Outlook 2010 emails’!

The task to restore Outlook 2010 can be accomplished without spending a single penny on the tool. The FREE demo version of the tool is meant for testing purposes only. Once downloaded and installed, it remains fully active for 15 days. During this period, the users get full access to the interface, features, and process of this tool. They can fully test and verify the credibility of this tool with regards to the backup and restore Outlook 2010 Mac process.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I archive windows 10 messages with novice skills?

Yes you can! By using Mail backup X you can archive windows 10 messages without any sweat.

  • Can this tool help me with large databases?

Mail Backup X will help you no matter what the size of your database.

  • Will I face any risk using this tool?

Mail Backup X is especially designed to counter any kind of risk. You won’t be facing any hardships while using this tool.

  • Is there any possibility of occurrence of error?

The advanced algorithms which this tool is working with will prevent any chances of errors as well as lags.

  • Will my data be safe if I use it?

This tool will give 100% assurance that your data will be safe and sound.

  • How do I share my archives with others?

You can save your archives as PDF files and they can be shared as well as protected by a password.

  • Can this be used to backup other application too?

Absolutely! You can backup from multiple mac clients like yahoo mail, mac mail, thunderbird, Gmail and postbox etc. 

  • Is there anything else that this tool can do?

This tool will not only serve you as a mail backup service, it can also be used as a mail converter too.

  • Can this tool do portable backups?

Yes, the auto USB backup feature used in this tool will help you to do quick portable backups in your USB drive.

  1. Do you provide customer service if I get stuck?

You can always call our customer service which will be available for 24*7 to deal with your queries.


Mail Backup X is well-known for its wonderful features and is a 5-star tool which is recommended by businessmen and experts in this field.

Client Testimonials

“I wanted a legit backup tool, I used online backup software but my co-worker said that they can’t be trusted. So, I asked him what should I do and he told me about this tool. Once I installed this tool I can easily browse through everything even though I never used a software for this. Must use software for mail backup.” – Johnathan

“I came to know about this tool when I’m searching for a way to archive windows 10 messages. I first used the demo version and this tool is very good to use. So, I subscribed for the full version and I’m happy to recommend this tool to everyone.” – Patrick


The various packages of Mail Backup X are

Mail Backup X for professional single users

  • 5 mail profiles can be backed up per user and can be installed in 2 PCs
  • Top up packs are available to increase mail profiles
  • Updates and free maintenance is waiting for you – validity 1 year

Mail Backup X for Team users

  • This tool can work up to 30 users and can back up 5 mail profiles per user
  • Additional mail profiles are available with top-ups which are affordable
  • You can boost your mail profile capacity
  • Free support and maintenance for you – validity 1 year

Click here to grab a copy of the demo version of the tool right away!