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Pick up the most shielded route to restore Outlook 2013 with Mail Backup X

restore outlook 2013 emails

The safety of the data files can be fully taken care of in the process to restore Outlook 2013 if it is taken up via InventPure Software’s Mail Backup X! This tool provides the perfect defense against all sorts of threats like data loss, data modification, etc. One can fully rely on the safety arrangements of this tool as it comes from a superbly reliable background.

The tool provides extra protection for the backup profile in the process to restore Outlook 2013 via features like integrated FTP client, mirror backup, and the like. The users can therefore relax in absolute sense with its splendid technology.

Why choose the Mail backup X to restore Outlook 2013

Choosing Mail Backup X to restore Outlook 2013 Mac turns out to be an exemplary choice for every user. Let us illustrate this by way of describing the excessively simple steps that lead to the setting up of backup profile and thus eventual backup and restore Outlook 2013 Mac process.

Precise guidelines on ‘how to restore Outlook 2013 emails’ without any hiccups

Mail Backup X has a very vivid process to restore Outlook 2013 emails. The highly intuitive interface makes it simple for the users to glide through the journey hassle-free. And the 24*7 customer care support can always be approached in the hour of need.

Here are the steps that the users need to follow to impeccably backup and restore Outlook 2013 emails:

Step 1: The journey begins with the download of the tool. The users can setup the tool on theor systems by following the under mentioned steps:

  • Open the setup wizard.
  • Click on continue on the first page of the interface.
  • Choose the location precisely as per the needed disk space.
  • Click on continue.
  • Let the installer check the disk space.
  • Click on install.
  • Enter the system password and complete the process.
  • Launch the tool on the screen to begin the journey to backup and restore Outlook 2013 emails.

Step2: The first page of the interface displays three different pathways for the users. They must carefully choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’.

Step 3: Now the tool displays several names of different mail clients. The user’s job is to carefully choose the Outlook profile.

Step 4: A list of files and folders starts displaying on the screen. This stage is important in order to finalize the list of items that have to be backed up. This can be done by selecting and deselecting the items.

Step 5: This step involves three different activities. First, the users must setup the frequency of the backup. The users can either direct an automatic timeframe or select the days on their own.
Second, the users must adjust the mirror backup settings. In case they wish to have additional security, this option is highly recommended.
Lastly, the users must activate auto USB sync to allow the tool to automatically sync the data onto the plugged in devise.

This is how the users setup the best backup profile to restore Outlook 2013 identity without any flaws. Give it a dry run by clicking on the link below.

Prepare to get mind-blown by the perfect combination of features to ‘restore Outlook 2013 identity’!

Mail Backup X is filled with features that are meant to make the journey worthwhile for the users. Every single trait embedded onto it has a reason so vivid that the users are bound to be impressed at first sight. Here is a straight line up of the best features of this tool:

  • Backup of email files: The users can backup their emailing data for all the major email clients like Apple mail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and the like.
  • Import archived emails: The archived mails can be imported for client services such as Outlook Windows (PST archive), Apple mail (MBOX archive), etc. 
  • Conversion of emails: The users can also convert their mailing data from one format to the other such as OLM, PST, RGE, MBOX, etc.
  • Inbuilt mail viewer option: This option provides a simple solution to the file location problem. All the archived files can be viewed from a single location without switching between different email clients.
  • Multiple Backup options: Integrated backup settings allow backup of files as and when they arrive. Mirror and distributed backup can be taken up as well.
  • Folder hierarchy: The folder hierarchy structure of the mails gets fully preserved. It comes in handy for easy printing of the archived PDF files.
  • Advanced search options: The location of the files from within the large bulk of data can be done with absolute ease as this tool allows complex searches with inputs like names of sender, attachment types (PDF, excel, word, etc), etc.
  • Saves space: The ultra high compression algorithms help in saving about 3 times the storage space in the backup process. It helps in easier retrieval and upload process at later stages.
  • Auto USB sync: This feature is helpful in automatically syncing the data to the plugged in devises. This is done by way of copying the path of previous interactions with such devices. This is the simplest way to restore Outlook 2013 to hard drives.
  • Integrated FTP client: The data gets constantly uploaded to secure FTP servers. Therefore, the users can feel secure with added security for the data files. This also gives them complete access to the files as and when needed.

Do not forget to take home a copy of the tool to experience the wonder of all these features on a single tool to restore Mac Outlook 2013 database.

The ‘best way to restore Outlook 2013 emails’ is also light on the pocket!

The cost that the users have to bear to secure a copy of this tool is extremely nominal. There is no hidden cost either. There are three license keys which differentiate on the basis of usage and price details. Here is a brief introduction to all of them:

  • Mail Backup X: This key allows the backup of up to 5 mail profiles. It can be installed on 2 systems.
  • Mail Backup X for Small Business: This key allows the backup of up to 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 20 systems and it protects up to 20 users.
  • Mail Backup X for Enterprise: This keys allows the backup of up to 5 mail profiles per user. It can be installed on 100 systems and it protects up to 100 users.

In addition to the above mentioned keys, the users have the option to purchase 10 additional profiles as top-up. The license keys come accompanied with free maintenance updates for 1 year as well as absolute access to all the features of the tool.

Besides these options, the users can decide to restore Outlook 2013 data by procuring the FREE demo version of this tool. It gives full access to the interface, features, and process of this amazing software. A 15-day window lets users fully satiate themselves with regards to the performance abilities of this tool.

Frequently asked questions

1. Am I able to archive windows 10 messages with my novice skills?

Definitely! The Mail backup X is the best way to archive windows 10 emails for novice, amateurs and even experts.

2. I got an outsized database. Can this tool help me?

The Mail backup X will be your best pick to archive windows 10 messages, it can handle large databases easily and will provide you with accurate results.

3. Is there any chance of taking risk?

Fortunately, there are no risks at all while using the Mail backup X. The tool is totally safe.

4. Is this tool liable to make errors?

Since the tool works on advanced algorithms, it will not have any performance issues. It never causes lags or errors.

5. Will my data be in danger while they are being backed up?

The reason why this tool is the common choice is because it guarantees 100% data safety.

6. How am I able to share my archives?

The tool enables you to save your archives as PDF files and PDF files are password protected and shared.

7. Am I able to use this to backup applications aside from windows outlook?

Yes, Mail Backup X works with multiple mac clients like yahoo mail, mac mail, thunderbird, Gmail and postbox etc.

8. Is this tool capable of doing anything else?

This tool can act as a mail converter where you can convert your mail formats easily.

9. Am I able to get portable backups with this tool?

Absolutely, the tool offers an auto USB backup feature. With this, you’ll make quick portable backups in your own USB drive.

10. What will happen if I get stuck?

You can visit our support experts who are available 24*7 just in case if you need any help.


The Mail backup X enjoys 5 star ratings from critics and experts in this field. You can make your choice based on the reviews and ratings that this tool gets.

Client Testimonials

“I found the Mail backup X after I was almost near to give up. I wanted to archive windows 10 messages but didn’t understand how to archive windows 10 emails. So choosing this tool allowed me to backup all emails with no risk of data loss. The tool is straightforward to use and provides 100% data safety.”- Mark

“Whenever someone asks me my favorite method to archive windows 10 mails, I’d say that it’s the Mail backup X. This windows 10 email archive tool works on any platform. It’s super easy to use and guess what? It’s also affordable! 100% recommended.”- Jessica


The Mail backup X consists of variety of packages

The Professional version is available for single users
– It can backup up to five mail profiles per user and works on two systems
– you’ll get top up packs to extend your mail profiles
– Free maintenance and updates available for 1 year

The Mail backup X Team edition offers you even more benefits
– It works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users at a time
– you’ll be able to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user
– you’ll be able to buy top up packs to extend mail profile capacity
– Free support and maintenance for a whole year

Begin your journey to restore Mac Outlook 2013 database by clicking on the link below.