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Restore outlook 2016 backup automatically with no risk (macOS and windows)

If you want to learn how to restore outlook 2016 backup, you are right where you should be. Outlook email backup and archiving is considered one of the most important processes in email management. It ensures data continuity. It acts as a backup plan for any disaster recovery in case of accident or unforeseen application crashing. Here we are going to find the best way to restore outlook backups 2016 with a solution which is perfect for you.

Mail backup X to Restore Outlook backup 2016 whenever you need

  • Set up automatic incremental backups to ensure that you have the latest and most updated backup in your desired locations
  • Easily restore Outlook 2016 backup to live Outlook mailbox in few steps
  • No need for previous experience to backup and restore outlook emails
  • Guided step by step process with wizard-based interface
  • Backup and restore Outlook 2016 and all other versions including older versions
  • Successfully backup and restore multiple email services without compatibility issues
  • Import different email archives from several email formats and view the contents with an inbuilt email viewer
  • With the inbuilt data compression feature, you get to save up to 3X more space in your hard drive while storing the backed-up data
  • You can easily choose where you want to store the outlook 2016 backup according to the space in hand
  • Archive Outlook 2016 email data directly to PDF files for higher portability
  • Inbuilt mail export feature allows you to export emails from one format/platform to another in simple steps
  • You can map a particular USB drive and use it as a destination for portable backups. You just plug in the device and the tool automatically stores the latest snapshot copy of your local backup in it
  • Remote backups for team version admins

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Why do we need a tool like Mail backup X?

You should be able to restore data from any email service that you want whenever you want. However, this is not the case in reality. Most email users still don’t know how to restore their backups because they don’t even know where their backup files are. However, if you have created backups using an expert third party solution like Mail backup X, you don’t have to worry about following complex steps since the developers of the tool have made the entire process very easy even for first time users. The tool is expressly developed to fill any pot holes you might face while trying to backup or restore your important email files. The tool is designed in a way that the process is simplified enough so that you don’t have to think twice about it.

What makes this Outlook email backup tool the best option to make quick backups and recovery?

The features designed by the expert team at InventPure make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to backup or archive outlook and other emails. There are not many tools which can offer you to backup, archive, restore and even convert email files as effectively as this one. More than 40,000 users have worked with Mail backup X so far and they are completely satisfied with the way it works and performs.

Top experts from all around the world have given this tool a 5-star rating. However, nothing beats getting the free live demo and testing it yourself to see how it works for you.

Here are the top features which make it an indispensable solution for all users

  • Automatic backups (Incremental and recurring)

You can use Mail backup X to set up automatic incremental backups so that your chosen emails can get backed up automatically even while you are doing other things. You can set up backups according to various criteria set up by you. Incremental backups work in a way that the entire mailbox is backed up once. Following that, each email that arrives is automatically backed up in the location you choose.

  • Customize Outlook backup and restore process

Mail backup X offers the greatest customization features out there. You can set up different types of backups according to your backup requirements. You can set up mirror backups, recurring backups, scheduled backups and more. You can select the items you want and choose where you want to store them.

  • Backup and restore many email services

Mail backup X does not only backup outlook 2016 emails. It can be used to backup and archive other email services like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook mac and other IMAP email services. This means that with just a single solution, you will be able to control your emails in any way you want.

  • Smart backup and resume feature to seamlessly restore and backup

The smart backup and resume feature is extremely unique and useful for users who suffer poor internet connectivity. The tool automatically pauses the backup process when it senses poor connections and holds the progress of the backup right there. When the tool regains connectivity, the backup process is resumed on its own. This ensures that no progress is lost due to poor network.

  • Filter item facility to restore and backup

You can choose items that you wish to backup and restore. In the backup process, you are shown all your email folders in a clear and organized manner. You just have to select or de select the folders that you want. You can include or exclude subfolders or empty folders if you want. This choice of items gives you immense flexibility and you get selective email backups whenever you want.

  • Export outlook 2016 to other formats

The tool comes embedded with an inbuilt export feature through which you can export email archives from one format to another. You don’t have to install another tool or buy another solution in order to convert emails anymore. You are going to save a lot of time, effort and money with this feature since this tool serves as a dual-purpose solution. This feature really enhances the worth of the tool and gives you a single way to backup, restore, archive and convert any emails that you want.

  • Directly restore outlook emails to live mailbox

Most users find it difficult to restore outlook emails back to their email service. This is because users believe that restoring emails is harder than backing them up. However, with Mail backup X, your backups are automatically scanned and produced before you so that you can restore the entire backup or choose what you want to restore to your live mailbox. This streamlines the process of backup and recovery and you get a comprehensive solution.

  • Automatically archive Outlook to PDF archives

You can now use another feature of this tool to make shareable, portable and easily accessible archives. PDF archives are easy to access through any PDF viewer. These are also useful to preserve the folder hierarchy of your archives. They can be printed as well. PDF backups are an innovation brought by the designers behind Mail backup X. Make sure you make good use of this whenever you need offline access to your email archives.

  • Preserve up to 3X more space

The inbuilt compression feature of Mail backup X tool is extremely helpful for email users who are short on space and cannot afford to buy more space. There are also users who delay the backup process due to lack of space. With data automatic data compression, you get to store your backup data in 3X lesser space than usual. This saves a lot of valuable space.

  • Backup to multiple storage formats/destinations

You can store your backup to multiple locations with this tool. This can be done even simultaneously or when you want. You can choose to store the outlook 2016 backup either on your PC or to an external hard drive. If you have enough cloud storage space available, you can also store the backup directly to your chosen cloud service. Currently, you can backup and restore to Google drive, OneDrive and DropBox.

  • Auto USB backup and sync

With this feature, you can set up a portable USB drive as the destination for instant snapshot backups. You just need to set up a particular USB with the tool and assign it as the destination for your instant backup. Whenever you plug in this device, the tool automatically detects this and stores the latest snapshot copy of your local backup to the USB drive.

  • Multiple editions to choose from

Mail backup X is truly meant to be used by all types of email users regardless of their skill or budget. This is why we offer multiple full versions to choose from.

If you are a single user, you can use the single user edition of the tool which allows you to set up 5 mail profiles. This version can be installed on two computers since everyone has a work computer and a home computer these days. This is compatible with both MacOS and windows and you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues too. You can get an additional top up which adds 10 more mail profiles for you.

If you are a team user, there are packages tailored for 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 users and more. You don’t have to worry about anything in this package since it offers 5 mail profiles per user and is compatible with MacOS and windows. You can also get your own customized package for your enterprise. You can get a top up package which will give you 10 more mail profiles which can be assigned to any user you want as the admin. Moreover, the team version also offers remote access to the admin.

Client Testimonials

I wanted to restore my old outlook 2016 backup but I didn’t know any tool which could handle such a large database. Mail backup X gave me an assurance that no matter how big my files were, it would handle them neatly. I trusted it and I have never looked back since then. I use it for everything. I make portable backups and more. I can backup other email services with it as well. I once used it to backup my outlook emails as Apple mail with its export feature. I would surely recommend this tool based on my personal experience with it. – Carla newman

Get the free trial of Mail backup X to find out more!

The free live demo of Mail backup X tool has been intended to offer you the real experience of using this outlook backup and recovery tool for free. You don’t have to spend even a penny to use all the features of this tool. The free trial is valid for 15 days and you can backup/restore 10 items from each folder as a trial run. If you feel that the features and performance of this tool are up to the mark, you can upgrade directly to the full version in the package of your choosing according to the number of users and your budget.

The full version of the tool is available in several packages. If you are a single user, the single user edition will be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you are a team user, you can choose your desired package from a variety of options designed according to the number of users. The team version also gives remote control usage rights to the admin of the team version.

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