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restore outlook emails

There are numerous ways on the internet that have been listed down to restore Outlook; the most common of them all being third party tools. While there is no denying that there is sufficiently enough choice for the users to choose from, this privilege is ultimately a huge burden for the users as they feel confused and lost with such abundance.

A tool that stands out in the crowd is Inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X. This tool has been created with the intent to serve the users’ needs to restore Outlook without any flaws. It is extremely light on the pocket and is therefore a hit amongst majority of the users.

Interestingly, this tool offers a FREE demo version for testing purposes, which allows the users to capitalize on experimenting with most of the major features of this tool to restore Outlook Mac.

Now is the time for you to know the truth about Mail Backup X!

Mail Backup X is a tool that serves not one but three purposes with its unique skill set. Using this tool the users can backup, archive, and convert their email files. This effective way of working upon the files has gained a lot of popularity due to its impeccable performance every step of the way.

Thus, to restore Outlook mails all one has to do is bring home this tool and utilize it to the fullest. There are some basic perks of choosing this tool over the others:

  • It is an offline mode tool and is therefore extremely safe to use. It certainly enhances the privacy for the users too.
  • It comes from a reliable and verified background which increases its credibility manifold. The great line up of happy accounts of users is yet another testimony to how great this tool is to restore Outlook mails.
  • It is a budgeted tool which comes in multiple license keys.
  • It is simple to use as opposed to the complex operations with other tools.

These are just a few reasons that make it preferable over the other tools to restore Outlook database. In order to know why this tool should be the only choice of tool to restore Outlook database, read through the next section!

Do not forget to grab a copy of the tool by clicking on the link!

Learn how Mail Backup X will change your experience to ‘restore Outlook files’!

With Mail Backup X users experience a refreshing way to restore Outlook accounts without any loss of control over the entire process. This is certainly attributable to the impeccable design of the tool. Let us have a look at the best features of this tool before moving forward:

  • Backup options: Mail Backup X offers smart backup options such as incremental backup which allows backup of files as and when they arrive. Users also get to setup mirror backup and distributed backup for their emails. All in all, there is an opportunity to strengthen the security of the data files with such options.
  • Multiple Output options for conversion: For conversion of data file formats, the users have multiple options. The email files can be converted from one email format to the other and this is possible for all the major email client formats like PST, EML, RGE, MBOX, and the like.
  • Archived mails: This tool supports files in the mail archives of all the major email clients. These includes clients of the likes of Outlook Windows (PST archive), Apple mail (MBOX archive), etc. 
  • Inbuilt mail viewer: The users benefit from the professional grade mail viewer that has been embedded onto this tool. This feature essentially makes mail viewing easy for the users. The users can easily access all the archived mails without switching between email clients.  
  • Maintains the folder hierarchy structure: regardless of the job assigned to this tool, it ensures that the mail structure of the files remains intact. This means that the integrity of the files is fully preserved all through the processing.
  • Advanced search module: This tool has a lightning fast search module. The users can make use of search inputs like the kind of attachment, the name of the sender, etc. The users can also enhance the finding by putting in complex query with and/or operators to quickly reach the relevant files.  
  • Saves Storage Space: This tool makes use of ultra high compression algorithms save up to 3 times the space when backing up the data files. This is especially helpful in speeding up the process when the data is uploaded or retrieved at a later stage.
  • Auto USB sync: Auto USB sync is meant for easing up the task to restore Outlook contacts, restore Outlook calendars, or to restore Outlook database in general! This smart tool memorizes the folder names and locations on USB drives. Then it traces back the same when the user plugs-in the USB drive and thus it auto-syncs all the data under the same folder names.
  • Integrated FTP client: The integrated FTP client is particularly meant to enhance the security of the data files. The upload of the data to secure FTP servers on a regular basis enables the users to restore their data as and when needed.  
  • Affordable: The tool comes in 3 license keys all of which are affordable. The users can also utilize top-up options for securing additional accounts to backup. These come with free maintenance updates for 1 year.

All in all, this tool is a great way to restore Outlook database flawlessly.

To gain more insight into the tool, click on the download link for its FREE demo version which has been rolled out for testing purposes.

A quick tutorial on ‘how to restore Outlook backup’ using Mail Backup X’!

Mail Backup X is probably the easiest way to learn how to restore Outlook backup as it comes with simple interface and straightforward process. The step-by-step guide on how to restore Outlook emails has still been included herein:

Step 1: The first step is to download, install, and launch the tool on the system.

Step 2: The next step is to choose ‘Setup a New Backup Profile’ from the 4 options being displayed on the screen.

restore outlook

Step 3: From the list of mail clients, choose the Outlook profile to proceed with the process to restore Outlook files.

restore outlook mac

Step 4: Now a list of files and folders will be displayed on the screen. The users must select/deselect the items as per their preferences to restore Outlook files.

restore outlook emails

Step 5: Advanced settings will pop up at this stage. The users must firstly finalize the frequency at which they would like to setup the backup profile. The users can also add mirror locations for added security. Last but not the least, the users have the option to setup Auto USB sync to smartly backup and sync the data to the USB drive as and when connected.

how to restore outlook emails

Step 6: Backup is in place and the users can successfully restore Outlook accounts from here on.

best to backup restore outlook emails

As is quite evident from this step by step guide, this tool is indeed the best to backup restore Outlook emails. Take this opportunity to grab the best tool to restore Outlook files in a jiffy. Simply click on the link below to grab a copy of the tool!

Frequently asked questions

1. Is this tool compatible with all kind of OS?

Yes! It is compatible with both mac and windows.

2. I kind of like this tool, what package should I buy this?

If you are a single user buy profession version or if you are an organization buy team edition.

3. Is this tool user-friendly to everyone?

The user-friendly interface of this tool is incredibly easy to use and can be used by anyone.

4. Will your customer service be available to clear my queries?

Our customer support team will be available for every user to clear their queries 24*7 at any time.

5. What if I get stuck in the middle?

The chances of you getting stuck in the middle is zero.

6. Will this tool work with large database?

It can work with any size of database, this tool will help you with your database no matter the size.

7. I’m a novice, how am I able to use this tool for myself?

Anyone can use this tool with easiness in their mind, it’s 100% user-friendly.

8. What is the easiest way to share my archives, Can I use this tool to try and do that?

Yes! You’ll be able to use this tool to convert your archives into PDF format then your files are able to share.

9. Am I able to use this tool as a converter apart from a backup tool?

Yes! You’ll be able to use this tool as a converter once you installed, this tool allows you to convert email items to and from different formats you like.

10. What about the likelihood of errors?

There will be no errors or lags or any malfunction on our watch, since this tool runs on advanced algorithms.


The Mail Backup X has 5 star ratings that’s given by critics and experts, if you wish to buy this tool you should consider making your choice after seeing our ratings and reviews.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been using this tool for just about a year, and not even a single time I felt any discomfort while using it and I’m recommending this to you.” – Kobe

“I always wanted to archive windows 10 emails then I came to understand about this convenient tool through a commercial. I’m saving my valuable time by using this tool now and I’m recommending this to everyone.”- Bryan


The Mail backup X is offering you two various packages

For single users – Professional version is usually recommended
– A user can backup up to 5 mail profiles within the professional package
– Basically this package can be utilized in two computers at a time
– It’s compatible with both mac and windows platforms
– Maintenance updates are free for a full year

For a corporation – Mail backup X Team edition is usually recommended
– Team edition is obtainable for five, 10, 20 and 30 users within the team package
– It’s compatible with both mac and windows platforms
– Affordable top ups are available to increase the number of mail profiles
– Support and maintenance are free for a full year

Simply click on the link below to grab a copy of the tool!