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Most trustworthy way to restore Yahoo emails without mistakes while augmenting comfort

restore yahoo emails

When you google how to restore Yahoo emails you will find various entries on how to do it by yourself, all of them being third-party tools. The presence of such abundance can easily overwhelm and confuse someone who is going to do the task for the first time ever. The best way to choose your software is to choose the one which is not effective only in the first time but also remains relevant in the long run. That is what makes Mail Backup X different than its competitors.

Why choose this software over any other?

This software is to be preferred over any other method to restore Yahoo emails as it is not only an automatic way to restore your mails but also to backup and convert mail formats. In brief, purchasing this one software will resolve every other task related to it. It comes with various features that simplify mail backup and restoring facility. As it can be used in the offline mode as well, it is quite convenient to use as well. Let us have a look at its special features in detail.

Compatible with various mail clients

This software can be used to restore yahoo mailbox as well as to backup data from various mail clients. It might be used to backup data from such mail clients as thunderbird, Postbox, outlook windows, apple windows, Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo mail- basically every famous and relevant mail client out there.

Multiple output options over conversion

As mentioned earlier, this software functions as a mail converter too. So it can be used to change the format of the mail files quite reliably. For instance, one can use it to convert the input mail file into the output mail file format of their choice- OLM, PST, EML, RGE, MBOX etc. The mail converter engine in here is of the highest quality and can be used reliably for various formats.

Incremental backup for smart backup

Thanks to the incremental backup facility one can backup files as and when they arrive. The facility of mirror backup allows one to backup and distribute backup to their emails. These options mean better security of one’s files.

Inbuilt mail viewer for comfortable viewing

You do not have to struggle to work with multiple mail files at once. You get a better organization as this software comes with an inbuilt mail viewer. The viewer is of professional grade and lets the users access all the archived mails from different mail clients without having to switch between the mail clients. This makes mailing effortless and comfortable.

Intact folder hierarchy after backup

If you use this software to backup yahoo emails multiple files or entire database at once, you do not have to be expecting a mess. This software takes responsibility of keeping the data files safe and well-maintained. You will not have to be confusedly looking for your files, this software arranges the folders and subfolders in a proper hierarchical order. You will always instinctively know where to find the folder you are looking for. All through the processing your files are kept preserved, so there is no mess waiting for you after the conversion.

Ultra-fast search module

To look for a data you would not have to scourge the entire database, the search module of this software makes sure of that. It can be used to search various types of data, from attachments, name of senders etc. One can find out the file they have been looking for instantly. It can be used for complex queries as well, one just has to make use of the and/or operators for that function and the relevant file would be produced immediately.

Save three times storage space

Saving storage space comes easy with this software. It will restore Yahoo email account and simultaneously also ensure that the users have extra storage space at their disposal. This is possible because of its ultra-high compression algorithm. It functions by compressing the files before storing them. Not only does this help save storage space but also speed up the process of uploading and retrieval of your data.

Auto-USB sync

This feature is quite helpful when it comes to restore Yahoo emails, restore yahoo contacts, restore yahoo account. In brief, it is quite useful when backing up a yahoo database. It comes with the smart ability to recognize and remember names of folders and their location on USB drives. When the USB cable is introduced a second time, this software auto-syncs the data under the same folder names. This facility makes the functioning of mail backup much easier.

Integrated FTP client

This software comes with a free FTP client which is integrated with it. It is quite useful in increasing the security of the files. Its presence means that one can upload new data to secure FTP servers on a regular basis. It makes it easier to backup data whenever needed.

Support for archived mails

This software can support files in the mail archives of all major mail clients. These might include outlook windows (PST archive), apple mail (MBOX archive) etc.

Free demo version

You can check these features out while you understand how to restore Yahoo emails without spending any money. That’s true! You can try these features by getting yourself a free demo version made specially for testing purposes. You can get it yourself by clicking on the link here.

Step-wise tutorial to restore Yahoo emails

There is not any essential learning curve involved to use this software. All you have to do is to carry a few steps in a particular order and you would be able to restore Yahoo emails almost instantly. Below we have described the conversion process one step at a time, it mostly includes a few simple instructions.

Step 1: The first step, of course, is to download this software. Then you are supposed to install it in your device. After these actions you can launch this software in the system. Get ready for the action!

Step 2: The second step is to choose the option “setup a new backup profile” from the four options being displayed on your screen. The other options include “import data from an existing file”, “import mail backup profile”, and “open mail backup archive”.

restore yahoo emails

Step 3: In the third step you have to choose from the list of mail clients. Here you will see apple mail, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft outlook mac, thunderbird, Postbox, Gmail, yahoo mail. You have to select the mail client you are using, i.e. Yahoo mail. By choosing yahoo mail you would be able to proceed to restore Yahoo email.

restore yahoo emails account

Step 4: In this step a list of files and folders would be displayed on the screen. As per your discretion you can choose those which ones you would like to proceed with the process.

restore yahoo emails contacts

Step 5: This is the step at which advanced settings pops up. In this step the user can finalize the frequency at which they would like the backup profile to be set up. The users would also have the option of mirror backup here.

best way to restore yahoo emailis

Step 6: This is the step in which the user can finalize the restore process.

For any guidance you can contact us at the client support.

The Mail backup X is the ideal way to restore Yahoo mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does your customer help group is prepared to do?

Our help group will be accessible to clear our client’s questions 24*7.

2. Will there be any risk utilizing this tool?

This tool is 100% safe to utilize and you can tell that by witnessing our surveys and evaluations.

3. What amount of time will it take to install this device?

This tool is very easy to install, even a child can install this tool. And it can be done in seconds.

4. Will this tool be useful for enormous databases?

It will be helpful to you even though your database is large.

5. Am I qualified to utilize this tool while being a novice?

Skills and experience doesn’t make a difference while utilizing this tool, it’s easy to understand and easy to use.

6. What kind of UI does this tool have?

User-friendly interface of this device will provide you a comfortable environment for you to use.

7. How can I share my files using this tool?

You can share your files by converting them into PDF formats.

8. Is this tool compatible with windows?

Completely! It’s intended for both Macintosh and windows.

9. Can I utilize this device as a converter?

Truly! You’re ready to utilize this tool as a converter and you will be able to convert your files from and to any format you desire.

10. Will I experience any errors in this tool?

Positively no! The amazing interface of this tool will give you smooth outcomes and there will be no conceivable route to the event of errors.


This tool has 5 star evaluations that is given by critics and specialists and you can decide on buying this tool after seeing our reviews and ratings.

Clients Testimonial

“I came to think about this tool through my companion. He utilizes this tool a ton for his business reason and he suggested it to me. This tool is inconceivably simple to utilize and I am suggesting this to everybody – Mary

“I generally needed a simple method to backup windows 10 messages and I came to know this valuable tool through an ad. I’m saving a ton of time by utilizing this tool now.”- Harry


The Mail Backup X is offering you with two variety of packages

For single clients – Professional version is suggested by us

– You can do backup up to five mail profiles per client

– This device can be utilized on two PCs

– You can purchase top up packs to broaden you mail profiles

– 1 year legitimacy with the expectation of complimentary maintenance and updates

For a partnership – Mail Backup X Team version is suggested by us

– This device works for 5, 10, 20 and 30 clients in this bundle

– You can to backup up to five mail profiles per client

– You can purchase top up packs to expand mail profiles

– 1 year legitimacy with the expectation of complimentary maintenance and support

To download the free trial, click here.