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Mail Backup X Windows email backup tool that can also be used as an all-mail backup option

windows email backup tool

Get the best results today with Mail backup X Windows Email Backup Tool

You might have come here looking for a Windows email backup tool. You are lucky to be here because here you will find a tool that can backup data from most mail clients. The Mail Backup X converts mailboxes from every email solution provider- it functions offline as well, so it is quite convenient for everyone’s usage. It is not only compatible with all major mail clients; it also provides multiple functions in the form of backup software. Manual backup is unarguably not one of the best ways to backup Windows email. But the automatic way can be quite demanding too, so it is suggested that you try this software out for its luxury features like incremental backup and inbuilt features.

How to backup Windows email regularly without spending any time into it?

Step by step guide to backup Windows emails with Mail backup X Windows email backup tool

If you want to backup windows emails with Mail backup X, you really don’t need any extra skills or knowledge. This windows email backup tool has been developed in such a way that even complete beginners can backup and archive any emails they want from their choice of email services. You are given a wizard-based interface which guides you through the process. The process is self-explanatory and can be understood by the most basic email users.

Let us find out how to backup Windows emails with a professional approach

You need to take these steps in order to successfully setup Windows email backup.

Step 1: For the first step, download and install Mail backup X. It is very easy to do so and can be done in just a few clicks without any issues at all. Once the download is finished, launch the tool. Just double click on the tool icon to launch it.

This software can convert mailboxes from all email solution providers. Also, it is capable not only of backing up data but also of archiving them and converting their format whenever needed. Using it not only relieves you of the responsibility of constantly backing up your data but also of providing you respite from various problems involved in it. One also gets one’s share of free inbuilt features like mail converter, ftp client, mail viewer and other facilities. Below is a description of the step-wise process of mail backup with this Windows email backup tool, which you will find quite easy to follow even if you have no prior experience in it.

backup Windows emails

Step 2: In this window, you will get the chance to setup a new backup profile with a single click. You can click on the “setup new backup profile now” to go forward.

Windows email backup

Step 3: You will find yourself on the next window where you will see the email services supported by this windows email backup tool. You have to choose your preferred windows email service. Here, we will be choosing MS outlook since we want to backup MS windows outlook as it is the default email service for windows. Once you have clicked on this, you will be taken to the next window.

Windows mail backup

Step 4: Once you are at this window, the tool will bring you all the email folders within your outlook windows mailboxes. You will be able to see all the email folders in a clean and organized manner. Your task is just to choose the email folders and items that you want to include in your backup. You can also de select the email folders or items that you don’t want to include in your windows backup. You can even ignore all empty folders with a single click. Once you have chosen the files that you want, you can click on continue.

Windows backup

Step 5: This is the most important part of the windows email backup process. This is where Mail backup X offers you all the great features.

  • You can setup the frequency of the backups on this window. It is recommended to choose the automatically recommended settings for the best results. Incremental backups with Mail backup X ensure that you always have an updated copy of your backup in the location of your choice.
  • This is the window where you get to set up automatic USB snapshot backups. After you have set up a USB device, you just have to plug in the device and the tool will automatically store the latest snapshot copy of your backup in it.
  • You can also set encryption on your backup so that any unauthorized access is avoided. This gives unbreakable security to your mailbox backup.
  • You can also choose where you want to store your windows email backup data. The tool offers you to store your backup on your local device, on an external hard drive or on the cloud service of your choice. Currently, you can store your windows email backup to Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox. This gives you the power to restore your windows outlook email backup to the live mailbox in just a few clicks.

Once you have modified the custom settings according to your preference, you can click on next and the process will begin.

how to backup Windows email

Step 6: Your window email backup process will begin shortly. You can track the progress of the backup under the activities section on the dashboard. You can also see any critical updates or notifications here. You can also switch to any other tasks without interrupting the progress. Once the backup process is done, you can download or view the detailed log report of the process.

This was the step-by-step process of Windows email backup with a certified solution.

The process of windows email backup with Mail backup X is surprisingly simple considering that it is a certified tool which can handle large amounts of data. It has been tested with 100+ GB files and it has not faced any performance issues. Any email user can backup windows emails with this advanced tool. Just follow simple instructions and that is pretty much what you have to do. Additionally, you are not restricted to just backing up a single application or service. You can backup multiple email services across both mac and windows since it is compatible with both. This includes email services like Yahoo Mail, Outlook mac/Windows, Apple mail, Thunderbird, Gmail and Postbox etc.

You can try this process for free with the free demo version.

Features that distinguish this software from any other backup software

When you use this software not only would you be relieved of the question of how to backup Windows email, you will also have access to various features that make your journey to mail backup smooth and steady.

Manage mails from multiple mail clients

As mentioned above, during the backup process you would have the facility of backing up data from all major mail clients. You can choose from thunderbird, Postbox, outlook mac, outlook windows, apple mail, Gmail, Hotmail and yahoo mail. Also, this software supports incremental backup, so you would be able to keep on backing up new files as they arrive.

Mail viewer for smooth functioning with various mail clients

Using this software lets you not only backup data from multiple mail clients but also provides you the facility of handling them all at once. In a situation where you have to look at data from various mail clients, you would not have shift between various platforms. This software has a mail viewer, so you would be able to look at them all at once at a single platform. So, easy of functioning with multiple data from various sources is guaranteed.

Inbuilt mail converter engine of expert-grade

This software is quite useful when it comes to changing the format of your data files. You would be able to change the format of your files as per your convenience. The mail converter that comes integrated with this software is of expert-grade. The user can change the format of their data to and from OLM, EML, RGE, MBOX and PST. You do not have to purchase another tool and to shift to another tool when the need of changing data format to share them across different platforms arises.

Automatic conversion into pdf format

People often prefer to save their archived data in the pdf form. They would have that facility, free of any additional effort. The files would be converted into pdf and thus would be quite shareable as well. Another amazing fact about this is that keeping the files in pdf format also keeps them in the proper hierarchical sequence. The users thus would not have to spend any time arranging the files into the proper sequence.

Ultra-fast data search facility

It can be quite a demanding task to find a file in a database, not to mention quite time-consuming too. That is why the facility of automatic ultra-fast data search facility has been introduced. You would be able to find out the files you need immediately using it. You can enter details like the sender’s name or even the attachment’s name to find out the file you are looking for. To find out complex files you can also make use of the and/or algorithm.

Data compression to save storage space

Saving storage space comes easily to the users of this software, without any additional hassles. Using it you would be able to save on almost three times more storage space than usual. It functions by compressing the files after backing them up. Note that this does not affect the security of your data, it remains as safe and as approachable as ever.

Integrated FTP client for added security

As this software comes with a FTP client integrated with it, one can carry primary backup and mirror backup with ease. This adds an extra layer of security to the backup plan as the new files keep on being backup up continuously. This feature is quite useful when it comes to backing up large amounts of data on a regular basis in places like IT firms.

Automatically detects USB data

This software smartly detects the USB drive and can recognize the files and their location in there. You can introduce it when the backup begins. This software supports incremental backup too.

Free trial version

You can test these features before you buy the software. A free demo version of the software is available in the link below. You can use it as a Windows backup tool until you are satisfied. Then you can get the full version by making payment. It is available in three versions- for your personal usage, for office and for trade purposes. You can choose the one you want based on your specific requirements.

You can contact us on the helpline for any enquiries you might have regarding the software or the backup process. There will always be an expert to help you out with your enquiries.

Frequently asked questions

1. Tell me about the UI of this tool?

The user-friendly interface of this tool is incredibly easy to use and is designed to make you feel comfortable while using this tool.

2. What kind of customer care do you have?

Our support team are available for each and every single user to clear their queries 24*7.

3. How can I counter any risk while using this tool?

There aren’t any risks in any respect, this tool is 100% safe to use and you may be ready to tell that by reading our reviews and ratings.

4. What should I do after buying this tool?

This tool is incredibly easy to install in and it will take only seconds. Select the package and click on install, it’s that much easy. And then you are ready to use this tool.

5. What will happen if I have a large database?

It doesn’t matter if your database is large or not. This tool will be helpful to you by working along with your large database in a better manner.

6. I’ve got zero experience in this field, can I to use this tool?

Experience doesn’t matter while using this tool, you can control this tool freely by utilizing its user-friendly interface.

7. What’s the most effective and easiest method to share my archives?

The simplest way is to convert your archives into PDF format and then your files will be ready to share.

8. Is this tool compatible with mac?

Yes! It’s designed for both mac and windows and you’ll be ready to use this tool for various email clients too.

9. Can this tool really be used as a converter?

Yes! You will be ready to use this tool as a converter once you installed and this tool allows you to convert email items to and from different formats.

10. What about the possibility of errors and lags?

There will be no errors or lags while you are using this tool, since it runs on advanced algorithms.

User Rating

The Mail Backup X has 5 star ratings that’s given by critics and experts. If you want to buy this tool you can go on see our ratings and reviews.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been using this tool for almost a year and a half. And not even once I felt any discomfort while using it.” – Charles

“I always wanted an easy way to archive windows 10 emails then I came to know about this convenient tool through my friend. I’m saving a lot of time by using this tool now.”- Kristian


The Mail backup X is offering you two kind of packages

For single users – Professional version is usually recommended
– A user can backup up to five mail profiles in this package
– Can be installed in two computers at a time
– It is compatible with both mac and windows
– 1 year worth of free maintenance updates

For a corporation – Mail backup X Team edition is usually recommended
– Team edition is obtainable for 5, 10, 20 and 30 users
– It is compatible with both mac and windows
– Top ups are available to extend the amount of mail profiles
– 1 year worth of free support and maintenance

Free version of Windows email backup tool

The free demo version gives you the freedom to fully test this tool for a period of 15 days. This 15-day trial gives you access to all the features of this tool. You can upgrade to the full version whenever you are satisfied.

The paid version of this tool is available in multiple packages

The paid version of this tool is offered in packages for 5, 10, 20, 30 users or more. If you want an enterprise version, it can be customized according to your wish. You get to backup up to 5 mail profiles per user with this version. The team version offers remote backup facility to the admin of this version.

You should certainly check out the free demo of this tool.

Get the free trial of the tool to find out more.