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If you want to know how to archive emails in Outlook like an expert, you have arrived at the right place. Here in this post you will discover ways to archive emails in Outlook without any concern of data loss or corruption. In this regard, you just have to go through with this article till the end and all your worries and concerns will fade away just like that. As they say, people either learn from their own mistakes but also by seeing others committing the same. Such is the fate of Outlook users too who deliberately take support of inauthentic free online tools to archive Outlook mailbox data.


Most of the Outlook Mail users try to act smart and take support of free online tools to archive Outlook mails due to the oblivion that they will save time, effort and money. Email backup for no matter which application is required, one must act cautiously because emails are fragile in nature which makes them vulnerable.

Instead of choosing the right step, if you keep relying on free online tools to archive Outlook 2016 mails, you become destined to serve the unpredictable fate which can split your peace of mind into thousand pieces of mind. This is the reason why expert always recommend using professional offline tools to backup and archive Outlook mails successfully without any risk of any kind.


If you are still not sure whether you should invest on professional offline tool because you think you cannot afford them, then you can also choose the inbuilt archive method that Outlook offers to its users without demanding capital of any sort.

Click on the link below to archive Outlook emails manually:

To begin with manual archiving, first you need to be sure of the size of data you want to archive because inbuilt program lacks the ability to archive large size data files in bulk. Apart from being a safe and secure free way to archive Outlook mails, manual archiving is infamous for providing unpredictable results for no reason at all. For this reason, manual archiving is not yet considered as full proof solution to backup and archive mails in Outlook.

Manual archiving does not ensure its users for 100% accurate results and takes too long to complete the task.


To archive Outlook emails the way experts do, one must follow the guidelines that come straight from expert professional’s desk. The most organized and planned way to archive Outlook mails for Mac and Windows both.

The tool that is leaving everyone in awe of its unquestionable performance is none other than Mail Backup X by InventPure. This tool is indeed performance oriented only. It has the potential to give more than you deserve. This tool is built with multiple exclusive features that no other traditional method or tool can achieve for you.

Let’s take a look on the exclusive aspects of Mail Backup X

Backup and Restore Support: This tool comes with the support for augmented backup as soon as they arrive. Its advance features lets you create mirror and primary backup files too. You can backup and archive emails from Apple mail, Outlook Mail, Thunderbird Postbox, Office 365 for Mac, Gmail, Yahoo and all the other major email applications based on IMAP.

Auto Sync to USB:  The tool can automatically detect and notify by synchronising emails with a notification to archive them in the preferred USB of your choice. You just have to set up your preferred USB with the tool once and you will be notified to save archived mails whenever the USB is plugged in.

Inbuilt Mail Viewer: With inbuilt mail viewer you can view or look for emails of different major email clients at once without switching over to client mail boxes every time when they arrive.

Import Stored Archived mails: It allows you to import exported emails of multiple email clients with ease in no time. You can import mails from OLM, PST, AOL, EML, RGE archives and other IMAP based mail archives.

Advanced Fast Lightning Search Module: With its advanced search module you can search for complex details like searching emails by specific sender or person or date or time frame. You can make possible your searches by specific attachments also

Archive Mails as PDF Files: You can also save your archived files as PDF in system. PDF files are most supported sharable files among others. PDF files also preserve the folder structure of your database.

Integrated FTP Client: You can set up a primary and mirror backup for your emails with the help of FTP client server network. This feature is quite useful for firms like SCM and IT.


Mail Backup X is the product that excels in speed and accuracy than any other self-proclaimed “the best email backup tools”.  This tool offers different licence versions for its users to choose accordingly based on their priorities. These versions were launched with intent to give users what they need as an individual. Let’s take go through with different licence version one by one:

  1. Mail backup X for personal home usage: This is the basic standard version of Mail Backup X. It allows you to backup and archive emails up to 5 profiles only and can be installed on 2 systems separately.
  2. Mail backup X for local business:  Just like the name goes, this version is best suitable for those who own their not so big independent business. You can backup, restore and archive outlook mails up to five mail profiles per user. You can install this version on 20 systems.
  3. Mail Backup X for Enterprise:  This version is specifically designed for the giants of corporate organizations. It allows the user to backup and restore Outlook mails for 5 profiles per user and can be installed on 100 systems.

In addition to these licence versions, user will get free maintenance and updates regularly.


To be evaluative means one has the right to judge and pass on their comments on it. In order to be at the core of the top notch solution to archive Outlook mails, Mail Backup X offers a free ride for 15 days by allowing you to download its fully functional demo version.

The purpose of this demo version is to ensure customers that this tool is the one they can put their trust on. One thing is sure, if you even once try the demo version, you will not be disappointing of choosing it.

Once you get what you were looking for after convincing yourself during trial period of 15 days, we strongly recommend you to invest on the full offline version of this tool. With full version you will get tons of benefits that you will not find anywhere. So, make your choice wisely.

To get the free trial version right now, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How easy is to operate the tool for a complete beginner?

The Mail Backup Pro supports an intelligent and intuitive design. It makes it easy to operate and use, especially for absolute beginners.

  • Can the tool handle large volumes of data?

The Mail Backup X provides you with exceptional accuracy that helps you backup everything easily. It makes quick and accurate work of your data without any issues.

  • Does the installation of the tool require one to be a technical wizard?

No, it doesn’t. The installation wizard of the tool provides you with simple steps that guide you on installing the tool easily.

  • I had lagging issues with my previous backup solution. Can I archive my Outlook mailbox data with this tool without lagging?

The Mail Backup X provides you with a seamless backup process. The tool provides exceptional performances free of any lags and errors.

  • Is it the safest backup solution for my data?

Yes. The Mail Backup X is the safest solution to archive your Outlook mailbox data. With a 100% assurance of safety of your data, you can proceed with the backup process without any worries.

  • How easy is to contact the support team at the time of need?

The support team is available at 24*7 for your aid.

  • Does the tool focus on the speed of conversion as well?

The tool is one of the quickest backup solutions around. The algorithms that the tool runs on are highly refined. They help you get through the data files accurately and quickly.

  • What are the different email clients that the tool supports?

The Mail Backup X provides you with a number of options with regards to email clients it supports. The tool allows you to archive emails of Postbox, Thunderbird, Outlook mac, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and IMAP based clients.

  • Can I share my archived Outlook Mailbox data with the help of this tool?

The easiest way to share your archive files is in a well-organized PDF files. The tool lets you archive your email data into PDF format. You can even protect these files with a password.

  1. What about storing the archived Outlook mail data on to an USB device?

The Mail Backup X provides you with feature of USB and Sync option. With the help of this feature you can easily set up a USB drive. And when you plug in the device, the tool automatically sync’s your data in it.


The Mail Backup X is a highly recommended and rated tool by the experts. It holds a 5-star rating from most experts around the world.

Client Testimonials

“I am so thankful of the developers of this tool. The tool has made it easier and better to archive Outlook Mailbox data. The tool is a one stop solution for all your backup problems.”


“The tool has worked wonders for my business. With the exceptional features that the tool offers, you can easily archive all your data with ease. You don’t have to pay much to have the best at your service. Highly Recommended.”

Henry Elrich


The multiple packages offered by Mail Backup X include everything for all kinds of users. The different packages address different needs of users.

Professional Edition

  1. This package addresses the needs of single users.
  2. The user can back up to 5 mail profiles per users and can run on two different machines.
  3. With the help of a top up you can upgrade the number of mail profiles you can back up.
  4. Free maintenance and updates for a year are bundled along with the package.

Mail Backup X Team Edition

  1. This package supports up to 5, 10, 20 and 30 users respectively.
  2. All users can back up to 5 mail profiles per user.
  3. Every user can increase the mail profiles with the help of top up packages.
  4. For a full year, you get free updates and maintenance of the tool.