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How to restore IMAP emails in easy steps – Automatic solution

Mail backup X – Best tool to restore IMAP emails (Works on both macOS and windows)

Do you want to restore IMAP emails but don’t have the right solution for it? Here you are going to find the best solution to restore IMAP emails with a tool that you can definitely trust. There was a lot of confusion about which are the best methods to backup and restore IMAP emails. This is why a lot of email users can be found searching for the ideal way to backup and restore different email services. Let us help you avoid the struggle of finding the right backup and restore tool.

Mail backup X by InventPure – Perfect solution to backup and restore IMAP mailboxes

  • Setup automatic incremental backups whenever you want
  • Store IMAP backups in desired location (cloud service or hard drive)
  • Step by step instructions to restore IMAP emails to live mailbox
  • Search for desired items within the email archives
  • You can preserve all email data with assurance of no corruption
  • The tool comes with an inbuilt compression algorithm which saves up to 3X space in your hard drive
  • Set up automatic USB backups in few clicks
  • Restore IMAP mailboxes directly to PDF format
  • Filter items and choose what you want to restore from IMAP mailbox
  • Backup and restore multiple IMAP email services without incompatibility issues
  • Compatible with both macOS and windows

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Why choose professional tools like Mail backup X?

There are a lot of benefits of choosing professional tools to backup emails. These tools are developed in accordance with the latest cyber security and data regulatory guidelines. You don’t have to worry about your email data getting hacked or uploaded to unknown servers. Mail backup X too, has been developed after a long process of research and development about the latest needs of modern email users who deal with huge volumes of email data. This tool has been developed with a set of advanced features that are specifically developed to ensure the most accurate and secure results without affecting the originality of the data that is being dealt with. Certified tools are also better equipped to deal with a larger volume of email data. The goal behind the development of tools like Mail backup X is to simplify and streamline the Email/IMAP backup and restore process for all users regardless of how much they know about this process.

Here we are going to find out how to restore IMAP emails in easy steps with Mail backup X

How to restore emails to IMAP service – Easy step by step guide

  1. Launch Mail backup X application by double clicking on the tool icon
  2. Open Mail backup X viewer by clicking on “View data” option location on your dashboard
  3. This will open the inbuilt Mail viewer which enables you to view the contents of your selected email mailbox. It is from this arrangement that you can select the folders that you want to restore.
restore imap emails
  • In order to select the emails that you want to restore, right click on the emails. You will find various options. Click on “Select all” if you want to select all emails. Additionally, if you wish to selectively restore particular emails from a particular folder, you just have to hold the “command” key and select the emails that you want to restore to IMAP.
restore imap mailboxes
  • After you are done selecting the emails that you wish to successfully restore, click on “Export selected”. This will bring you to the next step where the selected emails will be exported
how to restore imap email
  • Clicking on the previous option will open a new window where you can find the “restore” option. You have to click on “restore” in order to restore emails to the offered email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or IMAP accounts.
best way to restore IMAP email
  • After clicking on “Restore”, you will arrive at a new window where you are given the chance to select the email service to which you want to restore your emails. In this case, we will click on “Other email account”
restore imap email account
  • Now you will see different email services to which you can directly restore your emails. For example, if you want to restore to Gmail, then you will select the first option “Google mail”. Similarly, if you want to restore emails to Office 365, then click on “Office 365”. Clicking on them will take you to their login process and then you can restore the chosen emails directly to these email services. If you want to restore to any other email service not listed here, click on “IMAP server”. You just have to enter your email credentials to pull up your emails automatically. If that doesn’t work, try the manual configuration and click on login to continue.
restore imap folders
  • You will see the selected destination email ID along with the location of the restored folder. You can click on “Change folder” if you wish to restore your emails to a particular email folder. Once you make all the necessary changes, you can click on continue to start the process. Doing this will start the restore process and will restore your selected emails to the email service of your choice. This process is smooth and does not take much time. Once it is finished, you can find your newly restored emails in your chosen email folder.

This was the process to restore emails to IMAP service. With these steps, you can restore emails from any email service to your chosen IMAP email service automatically in just a few easy steps. If these steps are followed carefully, there is no chance of data modification or file loss.

Enjoy Mail backup X service along with the innovative features it provides for the best results possible.

Here are the top features of Mail backup X which make it an ideal choice for all users

  • Automatic incremental backup and restore

You don’t have to worry about setting up backups from time to time. By setting up incremental backups, you get to backup all your emails once completely. Post the completion of the first backup, each email will be backed up immediately as it arrives. It will be stored in the location of your choice.

  • Restore IMAP email mailbox directly to mailbox

A lot of users find it difficult to backup and restore IMAP email mailboxes. More than backing up, users find it difficult to restore emails back to the mailbox. This tool makes it possible for regular email users to easily restore emails whenever they want according to their choice.

  • Restore IMAP emails with user friendly interface

Restoring IMAP emails is not a complex process anymore with the guided method provided by the user-friendly wizard-based interface. The whole process is divided into simple and easy steps so that even first-time users are able to restore and backup IMAP and other email services.

  • Smart backup and resume feature

The smart backup and resume feature allows the tool to pause and hold the progress of the process if the internet connection is unstable. When connectivity is lost, the tool automatically pauses the backup process and then holds the backup right there till the network connectivity is regained. On the other hand, other tools are not able to do this as they stop the process completely and the process has to be restarted from the very beginning.

  • Automatic USB backup and sync

The automatic USB backup and sync feature of the tool allows you to set up a USB drive which is used as the destination for the instant portable snapshot backups. You just have to follow simple instructions to set up the USB drive. Just plug in the device and your emails get automatically backed up.

  • Archive IMAP mailbox to PDF format

This is one of the most exciting features of the tool is its ability to archive IMAP mailboxes to PDF format. You can export the archive to PDF files. This gives you the advantage of portability and easy accessibility. You don’t even need an internet connection to access these backups. Just install any PDF viewer and your job is done. You can also print these archives for later use.

  • Automatic 3X data compression

Mail backup X allows you to save up to 3X space in your hard drive. You don’t have to worry about space anymore with this method. The tool automatically stores your IMAP backup in up to 3X lesser space than usual. Now, make best use of the space that you have.

  • Restore IMAP emails to other email formats

You can use the export feature to convert one email mailbox to another format so that it is compatible with a different email service. You can then restore these email archives to the compatible email service. You can use the export feature to convert email archives from one format to another. Ultimately, you are getting an email converter built-in with this tool.

Client testimonials

“I did not know how to restore IMAP mailboxes so I tried to find a tool that would do it for me. Mail backup X has been the most successful tool in doing this so far. It is easy to use and it works well with multiple formats. I use it to backup and restore outlook and other apps too.” – Cillian Ryan

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The free trial of Mail backup X is now available for download. The free trial has been developed specifically to ensure that anyone can backup and restore IMAP and other email services flawlessly and securely without needing to spend or risk any money. Once you are sure that it works for you, upgrade to the full version in the package of your choice. These full packages are also designed to ensure that you get the best results according to your usage and budget.

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