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Backup Mailbox Emails
Here you are going to find the best way to backup mac mailbox emails with an expert solution that you can trust. There are a lot of mac mail users who want to backup mac mailbox emails but don’t have access to a reliable solution that they can really trust. It is for such users, that this article will prove to be essential. Let us get our basics right before we are able to find the best way to backup mailbox emails in mac. What is mailbox backup and how do users get it done? Email backup and archiving is an essential practice which enhances your overall email management experience. In the current scenario where we face cyber threats regularly, email backup and recovery is something which allows us to be at peace. An email backup is a copy of your email mailboxes which is generally stored on your computer or a local hard drive. This gives you all your emails in a single secure location where it cannot be accessed without your authority. Many users backup their emails to free the space on their email application and it is a great practice to keep your emails organized and your email application free from unnecessary burden. Before the advent of automatic methods, Apple mail users had the option of creating manual archives of their mac mail mailboxes. This process is doable but comes with its own set of restrictions or setbacks. We will explore all the ways through which you can backup mac email mailboxes. How to backup mailbox mac? Let us find out. Manual method to export Mac mail to hard drive Step 1: Launch your Mac mail application Step 2: Choose the Mailbox that you want to export (select it from the top or the left bar) Step 3: Click on the Mailbox option on the top bar and click on Export Mailbox Step 4: After you click on the Export Mailbox option, you will be asked to choose the location where you want to store your mac mail backup. It is suggested to choose a safe directory and your data will be exported in the form of an MBOX file. This was the manual process using the default export option in Apple mail. However, this method has its own limitations. You have to repeat this process for each mailbox.If you have a large mailbox, the process might...
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