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Gmail Backup
If you want to save emails to Google drive, you need to find a better way than the default method. Even though Google Takeout does offer you to save emails, but it is an email archiving method rather than just a backup tool. It does not give any priority to emails but just gives you a large MBOX file that you can download and keep. Compared to Google takeout, there are many tools that offer to specifically backup and restore different email services including Google mail. If you don’t know how to save Gmail emails to hard drive or Google drive, you should make sure that you read this till the end. Get Mail backup X software Mail backup X is the best solution to backup, restore, archive and also export any emails you want. You can use this to set up a cloud service as the destination for email backups. If you want, you can completely modify your email backup according to your preference. This tool is designed to perfectly streamline the process of email backup and recovery. If you want, you can choose each email item that you want to backup or restore. Moreover, you can also use this tool to restore your email backup data back to your live mailbox. However, the benefits of the tool don’t end here. You can also use this tool as your email converter. This inbuilt email converter gives you the chance to export your backed up emails to another format. You don’t have to buy another tool for email conversion. Apart from this, Mail backup X also lets you archive your emails directly as PDF files. These PDF files can be protected by a strong password and then shared with anyone. If you want you can check out all these features with the free trial. To get the free trial of the tool, click here – www.mailbackupx.com/download-mailbackupx/ This is the step by step process to save Gmail emails to Google drive To begin the process, you have to launch the tool. You will see that you are on the main dashboard. Here you will find a direct option to “setup a new storage space”. Click on this. Set up a new storage space (this is on the dashboard). Click on this option to get started with the process. Click on Google drive. This will finalize Google drive as the cloud service...
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Backup emails from Gmail automatically in few steps (For macOS and Windows) Gmail is an inseparable part of everyone’s digital life. Billions of people use Google services and Gmail is at the centre of it. Your Gmail account might hold a huge part of your professional business information which cannot be compromised. Furthermore, it cannot be denied that email services are not 100% hack proof. There have been lots of instances of email data being held by ransomware. Cyber criminals are after Gmail data all the time since they know that most users work with it because it is just so simple and convenient. Almost 3 billion people use Android and most of them use Google and Gmail services to link all apps they use. Thus, it is clear that protecting your Gmail email account is important. Now, the best way to do so is by creating local Gmail backups on your computer and keeping your data off the web. If your email data is on the internet, it can be accessed by someone even if there is a remote possibility. How to backup email from Gmail It is true that there are many ways to backup emails from Gmail but most email users don’t know anything about email backups or how to get them done. Here you are going to find out the best way to backup email from Gmail. First, we are going to explore the manual method of archiving Gmail using Google takeout service. Google takeout is a service which gives you a copy of your entire Google account which also includes your Gmail email data. So many users use Google takeout to backup emails from Gmail client. How to backup email from Gmail manually using Google takeout This service just takes all of your Google data and gives it to you in the form of a ZIP file. You just need to have enough time on your hands and you can use this. You can take the following steps and backup Gmail emails with it. Step 1: Go to takeout.google.com/settings/takeout on your browser. Before you launch Google takeout, make sure that you are logged in to your Google account. After your signed in, you can go and launch Google takeout. Step 2: You can view the type of data that you can backup with this tool.  You have to find Gmail. Step 3: Turn on the...
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Gmail is the most popular cloud email service worldwide, being used by millions of individuals and businesses every day. However, and although the Google service claims to be one of the safest on the planet, the truth is that our messages and attachments face a multitude of threats simply because they exist. Among them, and beyond the hacking of our account, we can always suffer a blockage by Google from our profile, for different reasons, in addition to having our account deleted by mistake. Not forgetting that Gmail may crash due to service failure or that some email is deleted due to a hypothetical programming error or virus. In short, fears are not lacking (some more justified than others) to have backup data from gmail account. However, there are many users who do not make a frequent backup of their Google account, as well as many others who want to do it but do not know the tools to get their security file.  How to backup Gmail emails to another Gmail account  Mail Backup X option is the simplest and fastest to backup all Gmail emails. This is a freeware program that synchronizes with our Gmail account to back up our messages directly to the hard disk or to any other destination that we indicate. How to backup Gmail emails with attachments By Using Mail Backup X Software? Which app can help me back up Mails from Gmail / Yahoo / POP / IMAP on Mac?Is there a disaster recovery app for Mails from Gmail / Yahoo / POP / IMAP on Mac? How do I export Mails from Gmail / Yahoo / POP / IMAP on Mac? Have your ever lost your mails from  Gmail / Yahoo / POP / IMAP on Mac and looking for a solution to avoid  such a situation again?  Did you arrive on this page looking for these questions, then you have found the right solution for your questions. Nothing is forever, not even emails! We have tried to get closer to our “forever” concept by developing what is known today as the: Mail Backup X. For personal or professional reasons, having a backup, in general, is for most people a way of life, so why not try it for your emails? You can be an Gmail or Yahoo user or have an POP / IMAP Based Email service provider, either one, you can start backing up important emails to avoid any awkward situation in future!...
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How to backup Gmail account? This question is probably one of the best questions you might have ever asked yourself. Backing up Gmail is a great way of ensuring retention of data for both short term and long term. Email archiving is a procedure that every industry and business should perform. It ensures that Gmail data is retained without any loss. There is a lot of business data that is stored in emails and attachments which is why it is vital to store all data. Archiving and backing up provides you with a way of storing all Gmail data with ease and the ability to access it when required. One of the main uses of archived data is when there are audits going on; whether internal or external. In addition, archives help you access the data without a connection to the Internet. When you archive your Gmail account data, you can analyze the mail data with ease. Archived data provides a better way of data analysis that would otherwise not be possible. This analysis results can help your business grow and do better. If communication is improved then you can improve your business drastically and this will help you do better in the future. Archived Gmail data analysis helps you to see where you are falling behind and where you are spot on. The archiving software tool enables your data to be secure without any loss. If your Gmail account was hacked or that of your business, then the hacker may delete all emails. However, if you have the Gmail data archived somewhere, you will still have the mail data secure. Smart Gmail backup with a smart archiving solution Mail Backup X provides you with a smart way of archiving your emails with simplicity. This archiving tool by InventPure ensures you are able to archive Gmail mailbox data along with your contacts. It is a powerful tool that provides you with a complete way of archiving your business’s received and sent emails. The following five powerful features of this archiver make it one of the top archiving software tools for Mac that let you save. Data retention Mail Backup X is the master of retention. It has the ability to preserve your Gmail data completely with accuracy that is superior to other tools and manual methods. The preservation ensures that all your email content from Gmail is precisely archived. There are...
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Due to an increase in data loss threats in the past few years, backing up your mail data is the best way of ensuring you are able to retain all mail data. In fact, it is the only surefire way of retaining all your Gmail data for future reference purposes. When you perform Gmail backup, it does not always equate to extra effort. Although the process of archiving Gmail data is one that must be done accurately, there is one tool that ensures you can be productive while doing it. The name of the archiving solution is Mail Backup X. It has been developed by InventPure which has some of the world’s most trusted clients. This solution is available worldwide. It is a Gmail backup software application that makes it easy for you to back up with ease and less effort. Be productive when you backup Gmail account How does being productive connect with backing up your Gmail account? See, with other archiving tools, you spend way too much time and effort archiving your mail data. Setting time aside for archiving your mail data is a fantastic thing. However, when you overdo it then it becomes a burden which is not good. Moreover, it makes you unproductive as you are unable to spend as much time as you would like on other things. If you did not have to spend so much time archiving your data then you will be able to do other important tasks as well. Isn’t it? This is where Mail Backup X helps you out being productive. It provides an easy and effortless way of archiving and backing up your Gmail data with ease. The entire process of archiving your Gmail data is simple with Mail Backup X. This tool is probably the easiest software for archiving your Gmail folders in your mailbox. It provides you with a layout that is effortless to understand and does not require for you to do any prep work in advance. In fact, you do not need to read up on anything in order to fully comprehend the archiving software and how it works. You will be able to use it for the first time like a true archiving professional because it is so easy! You do not need even the help of experts. So all you beginners out there can effortlessly perform the archiving of your Gmail data with utmost ease...
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