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IMAP Backup
  To safely backup and restore IMAP emails is a great achievement which ensures the safety of your email database, old or new. If you are searching for an IMAP backup tool on the internet, chances are that you might have found many IMAP backup tools. There are many online and free IMAP backup software online and that is another reason to take caution while choosing the tool you want. Free and online tools are not equipped with the essential safety features which are necessary to backup IMAP emails. So, if you want to backup outlook or backup and restore IMAP, you are going to need a tool that you can trust. You are going to need an IMAP backup tool that works at high speeds and can handle large amounts of data. Such performance can be offered only by professional IMAP backup software. So that is what we have to aim for. Our goal should be to find a certified IMAP backup solution that we can count on even when we don’t have a single day of experience. Wondering how to backup IMAP emails with impressive results? Mail Backup X IMAP backup tool by InventPure is the answer Previously, email users used to be terrified of even thinking about IMAP email backup. This was because there was only a manual method for IMAP backup. You would have needed to hire an expert who would then manually backup IMAP emails for you. This would take long and you would have to pay heftily. It is not a wise decision to pay for something every single time when you can just get a single tool to do it for you. Now here is the confusing part. The internet is flooded with online tools that claim to be an IMAP backup solution but most of them are not reliable to deal with your official data and will only make large claims. This is when you need to take a decision for the safety of your data. Offline tools are well suited because they are professionally created automatic IMAP backup software which are created by professionals to ensure the smoothest backups for all mac users. There are a lot of disadvantages of manual IMAP backup method It is time consumingIt is a one-time processIt is expensiveIt is unsafeIt is unpredictableThere is no room for mistakeYou can lose a few files sometimesYou need a reliable expertYou need to be an expert to get the desired results Which is the best IMAP backup solution for...
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 Today you will find out how to backup IMAP emails in a few steps without needing experience. In this fast moving world with emails as the main source of all official and unofficial communication, it is essential to keep a backup of things. If you want to know how to backup IMAP email on mac, you are right where you need to be. If you are an email user who works with a lot of emails, it is imperative that you cannot afford to lose even a single email file. Here is when you need to learn how to backup IMAP email since these days most email servers are cloud based and there is only a cached copy of your emails in the local folders. So if you want to safeguard your IMAP email account, you need to learn how to backup IMAP email folders in order to keep a copy in your hard drive.  Why learn how to backup IMAP email account? If you know how to backup IMAP email account, you will be able to readily backup your IMAP emails in mac whenever you need. In case you want to create more space in your mailbox, you can backup the old emails in your hard drive and make your email application lighter and more responsive. Let us take a look at some additional benefits of the process. As email users, there are a lot of benefits of backing up IMAP email in mac. You get to safeguard your email databaseYou get a copy of your email data in your local hard driveYou can print the email mailboxes after archiving in PDF formatYou can study all data present in your email databaseYou can set aside your old data in backup foldersYou can protect the folder hierarchy  of your IMAP email databaseYou can be free from the fear of hacking or cybercrimeYou can share your previously inaccessible email database with others How to backup IMAP email on mac? If you are using mac outlook, you can easily backup your outlook email database in your desired location. However, the question is how. There is a manual method and there are automatic methods. The automatic methods seem like a good choice but then there are certain risks associated with them. There are a lot of online and free tools that claim to backup your mac IMAP email account. However, they are not equipped with the necessary safety features which are required to safeguard...
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 With growing email communication in the world, the need to safeguard and backup IMAP emails is increasing. Users want to backup their IMAP emails to ensure that their data stays safe and uncorrupted. There are a lot of tools that offer to backup IMAP emails on mac and you will find them easily on the internet. However, if you wish to backup IMAP mail with absolute safety, the story is different. There are several online tools that take the claim to backup mac IMAP emails but they mostly bring safety threats with them. Online IMAP mail backup tools are not equipped with the necessary safety features which are required to backup an IMAP mailbox effectively. The only safe alternative is the use of professional mac IMAP backup software. We will get in to that later in this article.  Why do users backup their mac IMAP emails? Users backup their IMAP mails in order to keep a safe copy in their hard drives. Since it is suggested to backup IMAP mails before converting the database to a different format, mac users back up their database before email conversion too. So the users who are looking for email conversion also use email backup services to first take a backup and then go ahead with the email conversion process. This ensures that their important email items are kept preserved and out of harm. IMAP mac mail backup is the ideal solution to safeguard your email database for a long time. How do users backup IMAP account on mac? There are manual methods and then there are automatic methods. Manual methods were used before third party tools were invented. They used to be time consuming and very unpredictable. One had to hire a software expert to manually backup IMAP accounts. Sometimes this took a long time and proved to be quite expensive. Wasting time and money is surely something that not most of us enjoy. And that is the reason why modern tools were created. They were created with the hope that IMAP emails will be backed up at high speeds and without the fear of data loss. So if you are someone who wants to safely backup IMAP emails on mac, you are at the right spot. Now let us find out everything else that we need to move forward. What do you need to backup IMAP mail with safety? For safe IMAP mac mail backup, you need to use professional third party tools which are created to...
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Do you want to backup Mac OS X IMAP emails but are reluctant to do so? Many mac users are afraid of IMAP mail backup in Mac OS because of the risks associated with it. There have been many instances of data loss and file modifications with several clients. This is one of the main reasons why mac users are reluctant to backup IMAP on OS X. It is absolutely necessary to be sure before you go on with the process because safety is going to be our first priority. If you are someone who wants to backup IMAP in Mac OS, you are at the right place. Here you will find the most authentic information about backing up your IMAP emails on mac with 100% precision. So let us get started and find out how to backup IMAP on Mac OS X with safety and absolute accuracy. Want to backup IMAP Mac emails? Here is everything you should know Let us find out how everything works. Before Outlook 2013 and 2016, it was relatively easy to back up Mac OS emails since you could export the backup in two separate PST files. However, there were a few changes in the later versions with the IMAP backup process. IMAP process makes a local copy of the files in the server and keeps maintaining it. However, there are a few folders which are not synced with your local directory and that is where the loophole lies. If by any chance there is an error or accident with the mail server, you have the chance of losing your important email files. This is where the process of IMAP mac backup comes in. By creating a safe archived copy of the database in your hard drive, you have 100% assurance that your data is safe in case anything goes wrong with your mac application. How to backup Mac IMAP emails manually? The first method we are going to try is the manual method which is used by many users who are searching for a solution. In this manual process, the user converts OST file to PST format with the help of the inbuilt Import/Export feature. Here is how to manually backup IMAP email on Mac Open Outlook and select File -> Open & Export -> Import/Export from the top menuA wizard will opens up in the next window, select Export to a fileClick Outlook Data File (.PST), and then click on the Next buttonSelect the name of...
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We know that making a backup of Outlook IMAP mail is a good idea even if Outlook configures your profile with an IMAP mailing server. It maintains a local copy of the mailbox on the server. On one hand this is a great thing since this copy is an OST file so that you can work offline. However, some folders in your outlook profile are connected to the system only. They are not anywhere on the mail server. So if by any accident anything happens to your Outlook profile, you must be aware that your data in such folders may be lost. The best way to safeguard your PST files is to backup IMAP mails in Outlook regularly. Let us find the best solution to backup IMAP mail in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016. Does IMAP sync delete messages from server?  When you look for mail with your PC or other devices, those devices do not sync the deleted messages, but may download latest ones — which then get removed from the server, making your mailboxes out of sync. This is where the need to have a proper backup of Outlook IMAP mail to keep detailed records of your mailbox arises. Backup IMAP mail in Outlook 2013 & Backup IMAP mail in Outlook 2016 In the earlier versions of outlook till Outlook 2010, it was relatively easier to backup IMAP mail. The back up was created in two PST files where one PST file had emails stored and the other would store contacts and calendars. Thus in Outlook 2010, it was easier to maintain the PST backup. However, with the new Outlook versions of Outlook 2013 and 2016, things changed. In the newer versions of outlook, a single OST file was used instead of PST files. Unfortunately this has a drawback since when Outlook 2013 IMAP mail is backed up automatically, the calendars or contacts are left out. These files are there only on your system. This makes your data vulnerable to data loss or file corruption due to several reasons ranging from viruses to hard drive failures. So if your goal is to backup IMAP mail in Outlook 2013 or to backup IMAP mail in Outlook 2016, you can try manually backing up these local folders. In the next part of the article, you will find out how to backup IMAP mail in Outlook 2013 and 2016. Here is the manual process to backup Outlook IMAP mail with the inbuilt export option You will have...
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