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InventPure Software has invented a brilliant product in the form of Mail Backup X! This tool helps the users backup, archive, and convert their email files. The tool is built on advanced technology which gives it an edge over the rest of its counterparts in this market domain. Of course, its uniqueness is also attributable to an amazing mix of features that can be found on this tool. Let us move forward with the journey to archive Outlook 2011 Mac in an organized manner. This article will help you find details on the following: Perks of using Mail Backup X to archive Outlook 2011 emailsManual method on how to archive Outlook Mac 2011Tutorial on how to archive Outlook Mac 2011Pricing details of the fabulous Mail Backup X 7 ways in which Mail Backup X benefits its users to ‘archive Outlook 2011 email to hard drive’! The tool that has been selling hot on the market is none other than Mail Backup X. This performance oriented tool certainly helps the users in the task to archive Outlook 2011 email to hard drive. Additionally, its brilliant mix of features, enhance the overall user experience to a great extent. Here is a quick briefing of top 7 ways in which this tool will bring great perks to you: Backup, Archive, and Convert the files: Using the services of this tool, the users are enabled to exercise 3 services for email files from all the major client services like  Apple mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, etc.Leave nothing behind: The tool is extremely proficient at its job. When the users archive Outlook 2011 email to hard drive using this tool, they also archive Outlook 2011 calendar, contacts, attachments, etc.Preserves the folder hierarchy structure: The integrity of the data files remains unaffected through all the vigorous processes that this tool undergoes alongside the files. One can expect the folder hierarchy structure of the data files to be in place.Saves storage space: With its ultra-high compression algorithms, this tool saves up to 3 times the storage space when it takes up the task to archive Outlook 2011 Mac.Quick and precise search module: The tool has a super qucik and advanced search module using which the users can make use of complex inputs like subject, ‘and’ and ‘or’ inputs, specific attachment types, etc.Integrated FTP client: This tool has an integrated FTP client in place. The users get instant...
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There is no doubt that the task of Outlook archive 2011 is quite arduous and requires extreme precision to yield results up to the satisfaction of the users. Any deviation in this journey can lead to loss of crucial data files which certainly would not be acceptable under any circumstances. In order to ensure that the journey of Outlook archive 2011 goes uninterruptedly, the users must take it up with the help of inventpure Software’s Mail Backup X. This article basically aims at enlightening the users on 3 different levels with regards to the process of Outlook archive 2011 emails.: Pointing out 7 significant ways in which this tool makes the overall journey of Outlook archive 2011 emails much more refined and rewarding for the users.A tutorial to help the users have smooth journey in building Outlook archive 2011 emails.A surprise for the prospective users 7 ways in which Mail Backup X helps you get better at the task of Outlook 2011 archive folder! With this single tool in hand, the users can backup, archive, and convert their emails. This is possible for all the major email services like Apple mail, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.The users have multiple backup options to choose from. With the use of incremental backup setting, the mails get backed up as and when they arrive. Using distributed and mirror backup settings, the users are able to backup the data files at different locations; thus adding to the safety of the data files.This tool has an inbuilt mail viewer. With this options, without switching between different email clients, the users get to access all their archived mails at one place.There is an advanced search module which is an extremely desired feature by all the users. By putting in inputs such as subject, combination words, etc, the users speedily locate the files within the large databases.This tool also helps the users in saving enormous space as it uses ultra-high compression algorithm to save about 3 times of the storage on the drives.This tool simplifies the complex process of Outlook 2011 archive email to hard drive by Auto USB sync feature. All the users have to do is activate this feature and the job gets done automatically by this smart tool.Last but not the least is the reasonable pricing structure of this tool which beats all its counterparts in the market. There are 3 license keys that the...
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The desire to have safe copies of crucial email data leads the users to take up the task to archive Outlook 2011 to local drive. By successfully executing this task, the users create backups that can be viewed or accessed by them at any given point in time. In addition, they safeguard the data files from threats of the external world of the likes of data theft, data breach, etc. While there is absolute clarity on the intention to build healthy backups of the data files, the path to be chosen to execute the same remains unclear to a lot of users. This task can be taken up in two different manners: (i) Manual method, and (ii) Automated setup. Let us first talk about how one can archive Outlook 2011 to local drive via the manual method. The manual process to ‘archive Outlook 2011 email to hard drive’! Some users resort to taking up the manual path to archiving their data files. Choosing this process would entail the following steps: Open the Outlook 2011 application and add a new category named ‘Outlook Mac Backup‘.Now add a new rule named ’30 days Outlook 2011 Mac Backup’ and choose to add all emails with dates older than 30 days.Press control and click together and apply the ’30 days Outlook 2011 Mac Backup’ rule to the entire Outlook Mac 2011 mailbox.Set up a reminder to for File (Export in Outlook) and choose to export mailing data under the category ‘Outlook Mac Backup’. This method would get the users OLM files of emails older than 30 days which can be imported again locally, if required.The OLM files can be transferred to local drives as and when desired. While the users would get OLM files with this method, there is absolutely no guarantee for the safety of the files. While exporting these files, the users may end up with corrupted data files which will leave the user in a predicament. This leads us to only one conclusion which is that the task to archive Outlook 2011 to local drive is a delicate one as the OLM data files are prone to getting corrupted or lost in the transition itself. The only way out of this dicey situation is to move towards the automated backup process. Certainly, the users must do so with the help of a reliable tool which must have some basic traits such as: Must be safe...
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Well, that is if you have a software tool to archive Outlook 2011 Mac! Manual methods are always available if you don’t want to opt for a particular software tool to archive your Outlook 2011 emails. But why torture yourself to set the archiving rules and waste time doing everything when you can easily use a software tool that archives for you instantly on your very own Mac system? To understand our point of view better, imagine that you have to send a lot of information to someone who is living in another country. Would you rather write all the information then send it to them via post or would you just email everything to them? Of course, the second option is much faster compared to the previous option of sending a letter. In the same way, finding and using a specific software archiving tool is much more efficient to perform archiving rather than performing manual archiving procedures to archive Outlook 2011 emails. Just because manual archiving can be done without spending any money does not make them better than the software tools that have been specially designed to tackle the issue at hand; archiving. Archive all Outlook 2011 emails for Mac Now that we have established the basis let us move forward. One of the initial things that many people wonder about is if they should archive every email from their Outlook 2011 emails. Remember, the whole point of archiving is to keep all the email data safely in one place such as your Mac for an indefinite period. So yes, it would be ideal to archive all emails. That is not to say that you should archive everything including the emails that are not needed. Sometimes, we cannot predict what we might end up needing in the future. So it is up to you. But you should archive all the Inbox and Sent folder emails as well as any other folders where you might have valuable information stored and where important documentation or intellectual property is stored. You can ignore the Spam folders, but that is entirely your choice. Sometimes, a copy of every single email is regularly made so that a replica is stored in elsewhere apart from only the email server. Essentially the most important emails to store would be all that you have sent (with or without attachments) as well as the emails that you received...
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