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Backup Outlook 2013
Now you can backup Outlook 2013 automatically with Mail backup X, a certified solution that really works. Backup Outlook 2013 emails with step-by-step instructionsSet up automatic incremental backupsAvailable for both Mac and windows in different versionsPreserves entire Outlook 2013 mailboxRestore Outlook 2013 to live mailbox in few clicksSave up to 3 times space in hard drive with compression featureBackup Outlook 2013 Mac emails on the cloudSet up scheduled backups and mirror backupsBackup and archive outlook 2013 mac in the form of PDF filesFilter items that you want to backup in Outlook 2013 It is suggested to test this tool for free with the trial version. Get it here. Backup Outlook 2013 emails with a set of amazing features You can now fearlessly backup Outlook 2013 emails without any fear of data loss or file modification. All you need is a certified solution like Mail backup X. Available for both macOS and windows users, this tool comes out to be the most comprehensive and complete solution for all users, regardless of their experience. These features make it the best way to backup outlook 2013 Easily backup outlook 2013 files in few steps Unlike the other complex Outlook 2013 backup methods which are available out there, Mail backup X offers you a step-by-step method for email backup and recovery. You don’t need to follow a complex set of instructions in order to securely backup your emails. All you need to do is install the tool and the rest will be self-explanatory. This saves a lot of time and precious effort for you. Search within Outlook 2013 archives You get a search box embedded within this Outlook 2013 email backup solution which offers you to search for your desired email items within your backed up archives. If you use this tool, you can easily scan and find emails which are stored in your backup or hard drive since a long time. This gives you absolute control over your Outlook 2013 mail backup and makes it possible for all users to manage their emails whenever they want. Save more space in storage This Outlook 2013 backup tool can also prove to be ideal for those users who refrain from backing up their emails because of lack of space. You get an inbuilt compression feature which compresses your backup data up to 3 times. You can save up to 3 times space in your storage...
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Few people today do not have an email address. Many surely use it in spite of being a means of communication widely used for years, however, for many others, it is one of the most important work tools. There are many email services, but if you are one of those who use email daily, you probably use Microsoft Outlook. The fact that email is such an important tool means that if we lose the messages or stored data one day, it will be a big problem. Outlook saves all the mail data in a PST file that contains all the mail messages, calendar events, and contact data from which we can manually backup from time to time. Create backup outlook 2010 automatically with Safe PST Backup However, this means that on many occasions we forget to back up this file, so if one day we have a problem, we will not be able to recover all the lost data. To avoid these unpleasant situations, we are going to show below a tool that allows us to perform backup outlook 2013 automatically. The application in question is called Safe PST Backup and as its name suggests, it is capable of automatically backing up Outlook mail. In this way, we will not have to be aware of making backup copies of our PST file by hand, since Safe PST Backup will take care of everything. To start enjoying this tool, the first thing we have to do is download it and install it on the computer. As soon as we do this, an icon will appear in the Safe PST Backup system tray that when double-clicking on it will show us a window in which we will be able to configure our backup copies of Outlook mail. There we will be able to indicate the path of our computer where we want to save the email backups and we will also find the button to perform a backup manually at that time. But the interesting thing about Safe PST Backup is that from the Options, we are going to be able to program when we want the Outlook email backups to be made automatically. We will be able to indicate if we want to make backups every certain hours, on a daily basis, once or several times a week, monthly, choose which folders we want to make the backup outlook automatically and under what conditions...
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Knowing how to create outlook backup 2013 is basic. If we have had the bad luck of being one of those attacked by the Wannacry virus, and we did not have copies of our files, we must be clear from now on that one of the computer pillars of a company is backup copies. The large department is usually in charge of the systems department but your personal files and mail, if you use Outlook, you can do them very easily. In this article, we are going to show you how to copy the outlook. As there are not a large number of programs on the market that automate this task, even so, and taking into account that we are talking about backup copies, we are going to explain it to you in the most “let’s say” artisanal way, so that you learn what it is what these programs do below and that you understand how the mail works. What is a pst file? The pst file is where Outlook stores all your email, contacts, notes, and calendars of your email, so if you want to make a backup the easiest way is to copy that file directly to a USB stick and copy made. How to create backup in outlook 2013 To locate the pst file in an Outlook 2013 like this we go to Menu -> File -> Data file management. In the box that appears we must first point out the pst file that interests us (in the case that we have more than one, in this example only one appears) and then clicks on the “open folder” icon. It will open the exact location of the PST file that we must copy. To be able to copy them before we must close the Outook because otherwise copying it will give us an error. By copying this file we will make outlook backpup 2013. Backup in partial Outlook When we refer to partial it is that we make only a backup copy of the Contacts or a folder only of our inbox, in this case, we will do a data export. As before, click on Menu -> File -> Import and export and select the option “Export to a file” We select “personal folders file (.pst)”Click on the “+” that appears to the right of Personal folders so that the full tree is displayed and select what we want...
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