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Restore Gmail Emails
Gmail is the most widely used email service in much of the world. An online service that allows us to access email from any site and device connected to the Internet. In addition, it has its app to manage your email messages from the mobile comfortably. But if there is something that worries most users, that is to lose all their messages at some point due to a failure or virus. Next, we are going to show you how to Gmail backup restore emails. The truth is that although it is a function that is missed in the Gmail settings, Google does offer us a tool that allows us to make a backup of your Gmail account in a single file with all your email messages. Steps to follow to create a backup of your Gmail emails To do this, the first thing we have to do is go to my Google account page and identify ourselves with our Gmail email address and password. Once inside, we must go to the Personal information and privacy section and click on the Control your content option. Then a new page will be shown where we find the option Download or transfer your content. Right there we can see how a link appears with the Create file option, which is the one that offers us the possibility of creating a file with a backup of your data from Google products. Therefore, we click on Create File and on the next screen we will see a list of all Google services. Once the option you want is chosen, click on next and then you will be given the option to customize the file format of the backup copy of your Gmail emails. We can choose between creating a. ZIP or a .tgz, specify the maximum file size , if it exceeds it, they will be divided into several files and the delivery method, or through a download link that we will receive by email or indicate that we want it to be uploaded directly to Google Drive , Dropbox or OneDrive . Finally, we click on Create File and it will automatically start the backup process of your Gmail emails. By the time it ends, we will already have our file available to download and save wherever we want. The Manual method is a very time-consuming process and maybe it does not restore your all deleted mails, so for better results, you can download the Mail Backup X tool.  How to backup Gmail...
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Gmail is Google’s email service, used by millions and millions of users. If you are a user who usually receives and sends many emails, you will see how your email inbox will increase due to the accumulation of emails received. At this point you should know that Gmail has a free storage limit of 15 GB. This storage capacity is shared with other Google services and although a larger capacity can be purchased, the truth is that 15 GB can be easily consumed. In this case, in order to continue storing emails, we will not be forced to delete previously received emails in order to free up storage space in Gmail. However, you may not want to delete your old emails due to their importance or the information they contain, such as their attachments. In this case, the only viable solution would be to make a backup copy of our Gmail emails that would allow us to access those emails from our computer without the need for an internet connection. In this way, once we restore Gmail emails and create a backup, we will have our Gmail emails safe and we can proceed to delete them in our Gmail account. In this way we do not lose the information of our old emails and we can also free up Gmail storage space to continue receiving emails. If you want to know how to restore Gmail account and back up your Gmail emails, pay attention because below we will show you how to do it step by step: The first thing we will have to do is customize the settings of our Gmail account. For this, we must access Gmail and provide the login credentials. Once inside, click on the gear icon for the line, followed by clicking on the Configuration option in the drop-down menu. Once inside the Configuration, you will have to access the tab Forwarding and POP / IMAP mail this will expose a series of configurations. Among these settings, you will find the IMAP Access section in which you must activate the Enable IMAP option. Finally, don’t forget to click on the Save Changes option located at the bottom of the screen. This option will give email programs and clients permission to access and download old and current emails. Once your Gmail account is configured we must proceed to download the Gmail Backup program which will be the one we use...
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