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Backup Outlook 2019
If you have received important emails in Outlook 2019 , you should make a backup of them so that you can access them if necessary. We show you here how to create outlook email backup 2019. It is the best way to backup outlook 2019 files on an external hard drive or USB stick so that you can restore your data if your computer breaks. If you use the PST format, Outlook saves all your emails in a single PST file. We show you how to create such a PST file here. Microsoft Outlook: Create email backup as a PST file A PST file contains all of your emails. Here’s how you can create outlook backup 2019: Step 1: Click the ” File ” menu in Outlook. 2nd step: Click on the ” Open and Export ” menu item and then on the ” Import / Export ” button ” . 3rd step: In the new window, select the entry ” Export to file ” in the list and click on the ” Next ” button. 4th step: Now select the entry ” Outlook data file (.pst) ” from the list and confirm with ” Next “. 5th step: Now select your Outlook folder that you want to make outlook backpup 2019. Check the box below “Include subfolders ” so that all emails and data from the selected folder are backed up. We recommend selecting your email address from the list at the top so that the entire account is secured. Click on ” Next “. 6th step: In this window, you click on the “Browse” button at the top to specify the location of the PST backup file. We recommend using an external hard drive or a USB stick. If you regularly make backups to the same location, you can select the option ” Replace duplicates with exported items “. This overwrites older backup files. Finally, click on the ” Finish ” button. 7th step: Optionally, you can also set a password for your PST file. You will need this password later if you want to restore your emails from the PST file. Otherwise, just click on ” OK “. Know about the Best Tool to backup outlook 2019 How to create or make outlook backpup 2010 is one of the Most Frequently Asked Questions of Mac Outlook users. Because many Mac users want to keep their emails preserved in a backup where it cannot be corrupted due to technical errors. However, backing up Outlook data files has not been easy. Fortunately, here you...
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