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Restore Windows 8.1 Emails
It is not necessary to say that one must  backup and archive mail data on a regular basis to keep it safe, we are here to guide you to the best method for it. Mail Backup X is the universal solution to the task to restore Windows 8 messages on its own. It is automated and applicable over a large number of mail clients. Adding to its universal appeal is the presence of several inbuilt features within the software. It is extremely easy to use and convenient for both beginners and regulars; the presence of a user-friendly interface makes things even smoother. How to restore Windows 8 emails the most satisfying way? This software is good not only to restore Windows 8.1 email but also in making it regular. Thanks to it one never has to worry about mail backup and archiving again. It would not leave the backup incomplete as it is compatible with various types of data. Its features have been designed around the demands of clients and provide to each of them promptly. The inbuilt tools it comes with justify its price; you always remain updated with the latest technology. Mail backup and archiving from several mail clients This software is useful to restore Windows 8.1 email as well as for other mail clients. It is applicable for backup and archiving over several mail accounts, the list includes mac mail, outlook mac, office 365 mac, postbox, gmail, thunderbird, yahoo mail etc. This is quite an amazing quality as it means you have a one-stop platform for all of your mail backup needs. Also, it is great from economic point of view too; you end up saving the money you would have to spend to backup files from other mail clients when you needed to. Support for mail archive files from Windows and all major mail clients Along with compatibility with several mail clients, this software also has compatibility with their mail file formats. It can be used to import and export easily mail archive files like MBOX archive (apple mail), .RGE files (thunderbird, postbox), PST (outlook Windows) EML, olm etc. Mail viewer to view mails from multiple mail platforms easily The mail viewer that has been packed with this software is perfect to work with data from multiple mail clients at once. It can be used to view data from a variety of platforms and not skip...
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